A scientific and technological power in the mountain nest

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Although this kind of play is very shameless, but it is quite effective, now do not take advantage of the other side has not fully assembled to form the greatest strength to destroy the other side is to consume a little strength of the other side. The ultimate goal of the war is to destroy the other side's armed forces, any means and tactics can be tried to use, the local troops in the Shanxi-Shaanxi-Gansu region is to use this method bit by bit to wear down the Japanese troops, puppet troops, the Central Army and other warlords who encircled and suppressed them in those years, although many people in the country questioned them. But after the Long March, there were less than 30,000 people, and when they were reorganized, they were reorganized. Twenty read the latest children's day on the washing stream, the book, the sun, see Shan, "said Qi umbrella" flow for the regular military armed forces, as well as a large number of local armed forces and civilian "Gong Zhi" quantity. Don't tell everyone that the weapons in the hands of these people are given to them by the Japanese devils and their opponents. Peng Chuanshi's tactics were immediately responded by Lv Wanyang. Although there are still some practical problems to be solved,turmeric extract powder, such as camouflage at sea, speed difference, radar detection and so on, in fighting guerrilla warfare at sea, which has been quite mature on land, it has to be said that this is indeed a breakthrough in thinking. So far, the submarine force is the best illustration of this guerrilla warfare,lutein eye complex, needless to say, which is based on the fact that submarines have their own hidden innate advantages. However, the use of this tactic on surface ships is indeed quite bold. Lv Wanyang and Peng Chuanshi had quite a long discussion and simulation deduction on this technical issue alone. Until the end, Lv Wanyang was no longer entangled with this issue. Truth emerged from practice. He was only a theoretical commander. Is there such a possibility. Give it to the naval staff and front-line officers and men to sum up with the results of practice and factual experience. A big reason why Lv Wanyang is no longer entangled in that issue is that the next bait thrown out by Peng Chuanshi, MacArthur, is a person with very good qualifications and enough capital to be proud of himself. One of the most obvious weaknesses of proud people is irritability. It's just that this irritability is not easy to stir up the anger in the other person's heart, it must be in the most sensitive and fragile place or the place where the other person's self-esteem is the strongest. This is like a person who is defeated or taken advantage of by the person he despises most in his heart. Everyone has his own self-esteem and despised people. Everyone can't control his emotions when he is humiliated by the person he once despised. People who can control their emotional fluctuations and magnanimously recognize each other are definitely not ordinary people. It was a man of God like the present foreign minister of the country. There are few such people in the whole world. MacArthur is a. An officer with a serious sense of arrogance, he could not bear his defeat. Especially the opponent he despised in his heart. At present, China, in his impression, is precisely such an opponent, because in his eyes, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, there is no opponent in the yellow-skinned race that he can look up to, precisely because of this, when the Japanese devils use crazy bayonets and suicide attacks by death squads to drive them into the sea, they will not be able to do so. He left the famous saying "I will come back" with the angry mentality of a gentleman who does not avenge himself! The reason why Peng Chuanshi intends to use this tactic is to provoke the other side, regardless of the success of the tactics, from the current characteristics of this tactic, it will not be his own loss. If the other side does not fall into the trap, then they can continue to do so piecemeal, although killing the other side's four or five ships a day seems to be very successful, but over time, there are more than a hundred ships a month. And if the other side is enraged, as long as the other side's main fleet leaves the present area and enters the combat radius of our Chinese shore-based aircraft, a large number of anti-ship weapons will let MacArthur know why the flowers are so red! The contents of this conversation were quickly compiled into a book and directly escorted by a special plane to the highest headquarters of the General Staff Department in the country. After more careful and serious discussion and simulation deduction, the General Staff Department believed that this tactic was highly feasible, but in order to ensure sufficient self-protection to avoid being hurt by the opponent, not only the navy, but also the naval air force needed to be involved. At the same time, reconnaissance equipment such as satellites and high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft are also needed for long-range early warning and monitoring. If necessary, a long-range early warning aircraft from Jakarta is even needed to provide support to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the attack. However, after Huang Lin sent the final report to Duan Guoxue, Duan Guoxue signed the order with a stroke of his pen after reading the report in detail. However, after he signed his name, Duan Guoxue thought for a few minutes and added a few more words to the annotation: At present, there is a shortage of sophisticated weapons and equipment such as early warning aircraft, long-range bombers, and anti-ship missiles in the Third Theater. If it is determined that the focus of the US attack is in Southeast Asia, we can take the risk of transferring some equipment from the east coast of China to reinforce it. Although this is very risky, the Japanese navy does not have much strength at present, and its weapons are idle. It's better to take the initiative! It is believed that after the order was issued, Lv Wanyang and Peng Chuanshi would be very happy to see the approval of Duan Guoxue, but no one knew that when Huang Lin left, Duan Guoxue looked at the big map behind the office in a trance, and kept thinking about one thing in his mind: "Peng always uses MacArthur, which is really a fatalistic confrontation with enemies.". If you want to know what happened, please log in muscle, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! The powerful country of science and technology in the mountain nest Chapter 537 of the main text. Updated: August 8, 2010 9:56:36 Words in this Chapter: 2895 Commander, for the second time,ghana seed extract, he deployed troops to reinforce the battle in the South China Sea. Are you sure you're going to join up? The deputy commander of the fleet looked at Wen Shuxiang, commander of the Yellow Sea Fleet, who was sitting in front of a pile of letters of invitation. prius-biotech.com
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