You are the most delicious food in the world (elite food in the industry)

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Posted by Chikirinmochirifu from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:17:59 am.
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Cheng Yu in the driver's seat looked back at the soup dumplings with resentment: "Not so old." Indeed, these years, Cheng Yu is against the growth, more young, the success of his career, but also let him more high-spirited. In the back seat of the car, if you don't pay attention, you really can't find that there is a quiet little boy sitting there, as big as a soup dumpling, with nine points of similarity between his eyes and eyebrows. Brother, is the doll Uncle Cheng gave me nice? The soup dumpling asked the little boy beside him. The little boy was resting with his eyes closed. Hearing this, he opened his eyes and looked at the Barbie doll in the hands of the soup dumplings. The clothes were gorgeous and complicated. The genuine goods cost a lot of money. Ugly. The boy said coldly, then looked away and looked out of the window. A Shi, don't bully your sister! Ye Jia in the co-driver's seat told him to fasten his seat belt. Cheng Yu took out a remote control plane from the trunk and handed it to the little boy: "Ah Shi also has it. It's remote control. It can fly to the sky. It's authentic American goods." Fu Shi just glanced at it lightly, and although there was light in his eyes, it was just a flash. Don't like it. He pouted gently and turned his face away. Fu Shi is impolite. Ye Jia looked back and looked at him sternly. Fu Shi took the big box and saw the shape of the plane on the box. His face was a little moved, but he still held the box awkwardly on the side. What should I say? Ye Jia asked again. Thank you Uncle Cheng. Fu Shi deliberately bit the last few words. Cheng Yu knew that he had such a temper,plastic laminated tube, and he didn't care. He started the engine and drove the car out. How is it going to the United States this time? "OK, Zhiweixuan Chain will be listed in New York Stock Exchange in two months." Ye Jia nodded: "It's hard for you to run in person." "You, the landlady, don't care about the company's affairs. Of course, you can only make me work a little harder." Cheng Yu said with a smile. Are you kidding me? Ye Jia looked serious and looked sideways at the two children behind him. The two children were very attentive in playing with toys and did not notice Cheng Yu's words. I was wrong. Cheng Yu immediately changed his tune: "Vice General Manager, Vice General Manager Ye, it's OK." Ye Jia stopped talking and looked up at the scenery outside the window. Soon,tube lip gloss, the car stopped in front of a small villa. Ye Jia asked Fu Shi to take the soup dumplings home first. In the carriage, only she and Cheng Yu were left. That thing. She couldn't wait to open her mouth. Cheng Yu lit a cigarette and lightly took over the conversation: "It's already the third time. I used a lot of connections, managed all sides, and even spent a lot of money to invite a civilian salvage team, but the result.." "No result is the best result!" Ye Jia added hurriedly, "Really?" Cheng Yu looked out of the window at the dim light of night. After a long time, he finally gritted his teeth and said, "The Luoyan River is vast and turbulent, with three bends and nine bends. How many cliffs and waterfalls have fallen into the river? I'm afraid there are really no bones left.." Ye Jia stared at him, clenched his teeth, and said in a deep voice, "I forbid you …" Use that word! "How long are you going to lie to yourself?" Cheng Yu became emotional and said, cosmetic tube packaging ,empty cosmetic tubes, "Don't say he fell into the Luoyan River, and he fell down from such a high cliff with his car. Ye Jia, think about it with your brain. Have you ever seen a car fall down a 100-meter cliff and people can still live?" "Alive!"! The car fell into the river and was still alive! Holding the bag in his hand, Ye Jia kept trembling and murmured, "If you can't find the body, it means he's still alive!" "When the remains of the car were found, they were completely twisted and deformed." "With the rapid flow of the Luoyan River, the body flows into the Yangtze River. How can it be found?" Ye Jia could not listen to Cheng Yu's words. If he's still alive, why hasn't he been heard from for more than a year? Doesn't he miss you and your children? "Don't say any more!" Ye Jia covered his ears and broke down and shouted, "I forbid you to say any more!" "Ye Jia!" Ye Jia had already pushed open the car door and ran out. Cheng Yu chased her out and took her by the hand: "Ye Jia, let him go!"! And spare yourself. Ye Jia gasped, trying to calm the ups and downs of his chest, and slowly closed his eyes: "I don't cry. I know brother Yan is still alive. I don't cry.". She broke away from Cheng Yu's hand and ran into the villa without looking back. He slammed the door, turned his back to the wall, and tried to hold back the tears in his eyes. Fu Shi and Tang Bao, two little guys, were sitting on the chinchilla blanket in the living room watching TV. Fu Shi noticed the movement. He turned around first and looked at Ye Jia. Then he got up trembling and ran over and took her hand: "Ye Zi, your eyes are so red. Did that man surnamed Cheng bully you?" He looked out of the French window. Before Cheng Yu's car left, Fu Shi immediately said, "I'll get even with him!" Ye Jia pulled Fu Shi, crouched down, held him in his arms, rubbed his little head with his hands, the soup dumplings were dull, looked back at the two men, turned around again, paused for a few seconds before reacting, and then ran trembling to drill into Ye Jia's arms. In a few days, Mommy will take you.. How about going to Nancheng to find Dad? "Good." "Not good." Soup dumplings a face clever, Fu Shi is a small eyebrows, a face of depression. Ye Jia led the two children to sit down on the chinchilla blanket and looked at Fu Shi. "Ah Shi, what's wrong?" "Nothing!" Fu Shi stood up with a grunt, ran upstairs, went back to his room and closed the door heavily. Ye Jia was a little surprised and looked at the unknown soup dumplings: "Your brother's temper has grown up recently!" Soup dumplings blinked their eyes and stared blankly at Ye Jia. - Late at night, thunder and lightning roared and the wind blew. Soup dumplings, holding Barbie dolls, crept into Fu Shi's room, climbed into his small bed, and got into his brother's bed. Fu Shi was woken up by her and was thinking about whether to kick her down. Soup dumplings have hugged his brother's waist, scared to shiver: "Brother,plastic packing tube, I am afraid." "Go to your mother." Fu Shi muttered impatiently. Mummy Mmm. Not in the room. The soup dumplings trembled. Fu Shi opened his eyes, and in the dark night, it was as bright as the stars. Not in the room? 。
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