I am the only immortal

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Guanyin Bodhisattva picked up a willow branch, took it out of the clean bottle and sprinkled it gently. Where the light flashed, a few drops of water fell. Manjusri and Samantabhadra sang the mantra at the same time. The water drops turned into a light mist and drifted down to Jupiter Ping. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 181 Mengyun, here I come. Even the ginseng fruit trees of Zhenyuan Daxian can be reborn under the moisture of this jade dew, not to mention these more common plants? In the Buddhist Dharma of the three Bodhisattvas, Jupiter Ping, which was destroyed by the sea dragon and Nezha, was rejuvenated, the ground was restored to be flat, and the immortal grass full of spring broke through the soil one by one. In just a short time, everything had returned to normal. The green Jupiter Ping has restored its calm beauty, and the waterfall is surging, splashing and emitting a tinkling sound. In the state of practice, the sea dragon could not calm down all the time, and his mind was constantly flashing with one after another beautiful shadows that made him worried. Finally, the image stopped on a cold face, and the cold and proud temperament deeply touched his heart. As if to return to the demon world, as if to see the light and shadow flashing "love silk", subconsciously, the sea dragon opened his eyes, he did not look at Jupiter Ping,eye cream packaging tube, as if he did not notice the changes on it, looked up at the white clouds overhead, he said lightly: "I want to continue." As soon as the voice fell, the wings behind him spread out and clapped down forcefully, and the figure turned into a virtual shadow and rose into a higher sky in the blink of an eye. What should be faced will be faced sooner or later. On the first day of Jinxingping, the first thing Hailong felt was the cold. It was a world of snow, and the whole Jinxingping was shrouded in snow and fog. The wind blew gently,plastic packaging tube, blowing up some tiny snowflakes, which melted instantly on the chaotic gas of the sea dragon's body. I don't know why, but the sea dragon seems to be reluctant to destroy these snowflakes. With a sigh, he stood up straight. The sea dragon looked at the misty snow and fog in front of him and whispered, "Mengyun, I'm coming." As if hearing his cry, the snowflakes in front of him suddenly spread to both sides, revealing a long corridor. The sea dragon took a deep breath and took back his Longxiang Tianji armor into his body, staring at the scattered cold in front of him. At the end of the cold, a graceful and blurred figure appeared, as if all the cold was coming from her. In the snow, she is like a fairy in the snow, full of mysterious beauty. The sea dragon walked forward step by step, and a fine layer of frost had congealed outside his blue robe. He did not use magic to protect his body, so he felt the cold and walked forward. Mengyun is so deep in his memory. He just wanted to see her, pump tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, as if he had forgotten the purpose of coming to Jinxingping. The pace of the sea dragon gradually quickened, but he was still walking, not flying. The temperature around her dropped a little bit, and the figure in front of her became clearer and clearer. Everything remained unchanged. Mengyun was still so "cold". A long white dress fitted her very well. Her long waterfall hair was the only different color in the world of ice and snow except the sea dragon. Looking at the cold face, the sea dragon stopped. You already know I'm coming. Otherwise, you wouldn't have greeted me like this, would you? The sea dragon was very painful when he refused the sisters of Zhishui and Yuhua. It is impossible to say that their true feelings can not move him all the time. But after all, still want to leave, the sea dragon really do not want a few more people because of waiting for their own pain, so he decided to completely break the relationship with the three women, although hurt them, but the sea dragon hope that time can dilute everything. But for Mengyun, he has a completely different feeling. The sea dragon never forgot the process of going through life and death. Meng Yun's voice was colder than the air around him. "Yes, I know you're coming.". Shifu and the real Guanghan Palace have moved to Sanqing Temple. I came here with Martial Uncle. I understand that only you can walk to this place. So I'll wait for you. There was a wry smile at the mouth of the sea dragon. "Actually, the road before I came here was not so smooth.". Twice, I almost couldn't get up. Meng Yun's expression remained unchanged. He stared at the sea dragon with burning eyes and said, "But you still came up." The sea dragon laughed at himself, "and I can only stop here.". The title of Muyao Xingjun is also very good. Mengyun frowned slightly. At the crackling sound, "Love Silk" appeared on her hand. "Why, do you look down on me?" The sea dragon shook his head and said, "No, how could it be?"? You are still you. In my heart, you are a friend of life and death. I can't do anything to you, and I don't want the name of Xingjun any more. Although the look of the dream cloud is always cold, but looking at her, the sea dragon has a trace of warmth in his heart. When he lifted the defense, he had already decided that in any case, he would not fight with Mengyun. The red light shone on the silk of love, and a fine net of whips was interwoven in front of the sea dragon, tightly wrapped around him, so that he could not move. Meng Yun's beautiful eyes revealed a complex expression and said, "Why?"? Why do you always hate me so much and make me hate you so much? Friend I'm not your friend, and I never will be. The sea dragon smiled, looking at Mengyun's somewhat exasperated appearance and smiling. Mengyun, it is very cold in the world of ice and snow. But the moment I saw you, I was already warm. I really want to go back to the demon world, and I will never forget that experience. Mengyun looked at the sea dragon in a daze, yes! Can you forget that experience? If you can forget it, why do you do it today? Love net, if the love net can really catch the heart of the man in front of you. But his heart had already been divided into several pieces and given to his wives. Suddenly raising his head, the snow around Mengyun fluctuated violently. "If I kill you, won't you fight back?" The murderous look of the front filled the air, and the "love silk" in Mengyun's hands was already stretched straight. "Are you going to kill me?" Asked the sea dragon with a smile? Ok! You once said that I am useless, I am really useless, in front of you, I have no idea of doing anything. Your murderous spirit is stronger than before,pump tube, but in front of me, you have lost the intention to kill. If you can really do it, then you can do it. It's nothing for me to die under your love. 。 emptycosmetictubes.com
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