The world of great struggle

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Uncle Sun Shaoguang remembered the methods he had discussed with Li Han last night. He was so bold that he refused to accept them and said, "How could my father believe that I would lose?"? Hum! Not only do I want to win, but I want to win beautifully! Uncle Sun Yu glared at her and said, "How can Qing Ji be famous?"? Although his companions are all mud that can't hold up the wall, they must not be careless, hum! You're gonna get me in trouble. Go. Take my bodyguard away. How can you match the martial arts skills of those people you picked? His four bodyguards. Have a good kungfu, although they are not famous, but an amazing art industry, if they help, then to win Qingji can be a few more sure. As soon as Uncle Sun Yu heard this, he hugged his father's arm excitedly, stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, Father," he said. Uncle Sun Yu laughed and gave his daughter an intimate tap on the head. He laughed and scolded, "Ghost, don't you know your scheming?"? To tell you the truth, Ji Shi has sent a message. If Ji Shi wins the championship in the boat race, Ji Shi will control the sea salt business and hand it over to his exclusive manager for three years. There must be a brave man under the heavy profit. I don't know how many people in Ji Shi want to win this battle. I heard that Mrs. Cheng Bi is also recruiting the capable people in the boat race. She is also a woman. Don't lose to her and lose the face of your father. "I know, I know," said Uncle Sun Shaoguang, and ran out quickly. For a moment, all his thoughts were occupied by the idea of winning Qingji. Uncle Sun Shaoguang couldn't help but run out. As soon as he came out of the hall,empty lotion tubes, he saw Meng Sun Ziyuan coming with a calm face. The wind was blowing at his feet, and his two big sleeves were whirring. Uncle Sun Shaoguang quickly stopped and saluted: "Uncle Meng Sun.." Meng Sunzi yuan snorted, and without rolling his eyes, he rushed into the hall. Uncle Sun Shaoguang asked in surprise, "Eh?"? Early in the morning, who made the little old man unhappy? What a great anger! By the time Qingji returned to Yayuan at night, there were already several fires in the city. Because the houses of the three Huan families occupied one place in Qufu City, they were distributed in the shape of Pin,cosmetic plastic tube, and there was a long distance between them. The people on Ji's side turned upside down, but his side was quiet and silent. Returning to Yayuan, he climbed over the wall and entered. Hearing that all the people had successfully completed the task, Qingji could not help but be overjoyed. Everything was over. Then he returned to his door. First, he loosened his arms and leggings outside the door, hid his sword in his sleeve, took off his shoes and quietly entered the room. On the broad soft couch, a group of young girls were lying there, with their jade bodies showing their beauty. Qingji smiled, put down his dagger, took off his robe, and carefully removed this man's thigh and that man's arm, just like a soldier crawling under the barbed wire. It took a lot of effort to get in and lie down. It was only a moment. His body was entangled like a spider by several jade arms and pink legs. Qingji lay in the middle of the warm and fragrant nephrite. Although he had not slept all night, he was very excited because of the experience of that night. He was not tired at all. He pillowed his arm and looked at the dark roof with his eyes open. After a long time, he was tired and fell asleep. Whoops! Cock crows three times. Qingji wakes up first. He hasn't slept long, but since last night. Everything I do is full of excitement and excitement. When I wake up early in the morning, eye cream packing tube ,custom cosmetic packing, I feel energetic and not tired. On the flowers and trees outside the window, the clear and melodious cry of the oriole came faintly, and the bright sunshine sprinkled on the beautiful place with ivory luster. Beauty spring sleep, delicate and charming to drop, the side is horizontal seven vertical eight jade arm powder bend, horizontal in front of the chest is a pink light, without defects. From the thigh to the calf, and then to the ankle, the curve is graceful, and the tight and smooth lines show what kind of youthful vitality is contained in the body. Touching the tender, smooth and elastic skin, as if he had never left, only the scene of a one-night stand was still fresh in his memory. Smiling, Qingji leaned over and kissed the skin of his thighs, which was as tender as congealed fat. Then he took another bite, and the owner woke up with a groan. She rubbed her eyes, saw Qingji at a glance, then retracted her thighs, wriggled her whole body to his side, and gently threw herself into his arms, her soft and light body half lying on his body. "You woke up so early, sir," she said in a charming voice. Qingji stroked her smooth and round shoulder with a smile and asked softly, "Last night … …" Did you sleep well? Small elegant docile ground nods, there still is hazy sleepiness in star eye: "Hum, childe Shen Yong.". Others They were killed by you, and they were sleepy all night. Xiaoya said and smiled shyly. Begonia is sleeping in spring. This is more amorous feelings, not to mention this kind of habitual romantic battle of women, charming natural color, Qingji looked at the heart unceasingly, Xiaoya's soft and flat abdomen suddenly touched a hot and hard thing, her face blushed even more, her eyes rippled with the same luster as water. Suddenly he said in a whisper, "Childe.". People will leave Yayuan soon, Childe doesn't want to. Have a good time with Xiaoya again? Qingji couldn't help being teased by her. "It's all right to have a try," said the heart. "If that kick of the smelly girl really leaves me with future trouble, I can find a doctor earlier." Having found a high-sounding reason to indulge in sex, Qingji gladly patted Xiaoya's pink buttocks, which were as shiny as boiled egg white and had a heavy texture. He said with a low smile, "Well, come on to me and give full play to your abilities. Let my son see your romantic means!" Xiaoya giggled and pecked his earlobe without any hint. The tip of her tongue got into his ear like a small snake. Her body wriggled on his body like a beautiful snake. When she could not help herself, she smiled proudly, pressed his lower abdomen as hard as steel with both hands, lightly divided, stepped on his body, and sat down gently with her plump and round buttocks.. "Ah, ah," the other women all woke up and enjoyed themselves. The sweaty Xiaoya lay in Qingji's arms and said coquettishly, "By the way,polyfoil tube, where did you go at night? "I never saw you in my midnight dream. I waited for a long time, but you didn't come back. I fell asleep again unconsciously." "Yes, where did the Childe go? He didn't see you when he woke up." Mo Li also said with a charming smile.
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