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Posted by Chikirinmochirifu from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:17:33 am.
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The eighth step is the final exploitation after the completion of the project. After the completion of the project, you will give at least 3% of the total cost to all aspects of management! Through so many layers of layers of spending, the project to the final profit, some can be profitable is already good! Although the country's anti-corruption efforts have been intensified, there are still one or two people who continue to do this! I can't help it! By the way, there is also a very important issue I did not say, that is, the "security fees" charged by gangs with the nature of the underworld in various places. This is also very important,plastic laminted tube, if not to even the workers are hit, when there are no workers, how to work ah, we also give ah! Where there is no underworld organization,cosmetic tube, the neighborhood committees of those districts will also ask you for money to generate income! You may be surprised to hear it, but it used to be like this in the architectural circle! I can only build this skill and have no other skills, so I deal with those individuals every day, and the development of the group will certainly slow down, and I have long been used to it. Later, I met a man who introduced me to Century Group. Since then, aluminium laminated tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, my group has really developed, and then I set up branches in many provincial capitals. If you want to say that my ability to make heaven and earth so prosperous, it is better to say that Century Group has brought prosperity to heaven and earth group. I am very self-aware! How about Zhou Tezhu? Is what I said helpful to you? Guan Zhengkai, while thinking, told Zhou Xiaoya about the inside story he knew in the construction circle. No wonder my father's performance has been very unsatisfactory since he founded the vast construction group? So there are so many inside stories? Our group's development company, the development and construction of the project is a lot of people want to get, according to what you say, plus we give him a low profit, then how do they profit? One thing I don't understand is that since the project is not profitable, why are there so many people trying to squeeze in and get the project? Zhou Xiaoya has been studying real estate and construction industries that he does not understand, since it is not easy to meet a senior who knows the inside story, of course, to ask a clear. Because if you can't get the project, you can't make money and pay back the arrears owed by the previous project. If you have the project, even if you have the living money, no matter whether you can make a profit or not, you can first take the money from this project to deal with the arrears of the previous or larger project. This is also a very common phenomenon in the construction circle. Guan Zhengkai saw Zhou Xiaoya listening and recording what he said, very cooperative to slow down the speed of speaking, so that Zhou Xiaoya can keep up with it. I'm glad that Chairman Guan told me so many inside stories. Thank you, Xiaoya. If Tiandi Construction Group needs any help from our vast group in the future, Chairman Guan can come to me. Zhou Xiaoya knew that she was still in the construction industry for a period of time,plastic cosmetic tubes, and certainly needed the guidance of an insider, and hurriedly drew Guan Zhengkai to say. I hope we will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future! Guan Zhengkai said with a smile. It's the weekend again. Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new week. Of course, the recommended votes should start from the beginning. I hope you can vote for the Wizards. One more chapter was uploaded around 1am!) Yunxuange novel net mobile phone asked:
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