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In the world, he seems to be a ghost. It's just, he's a God king, how can he feel this pain? Poof! Chu Feng rushed out, see the situation, this is underground, magma boiling, at the same time there is a strange fire here, burning stone pots and him. There is no doubt that when the stone pot flew over the earth, it finally crashed into the depths of the earth. He suddenly understood, there is a group of inexplicable fire, this is in the world, coupled with the strange flame, he can not want not to suffer. Whoosh! Chu Feng took the stone pot and ran decisively to the surface. If there is the eye of heaven, you can see a small white fat man running underground, all the way out of the underground, appeared on the land of flood and famine. As soon as he emerged from the surface of the earth, before Chu Feng could feel the vastness of the world and the magnificence of the earth, his scalp tingled, a flash of blazing light in the void, and with a bang, a flash of thunder and lightning fell down, blackening his whole body, and even the corners of his mouth twitched. Is the fat man so unpopular?! He was furious. Only then did he manifest in the world, and he got a "sucker punch", which was too painful and made him very uncomfortable. With a whoosh, he caught fire all over and was ignited by the lightning,collapsible bulk container, because thunder is the most masculine substance, more terrible than the Yang Qi that travels between heaven and earth. Chu Feng head is big, this is simply the most painful torture. He looked up at the sky, there was no rain, the sky was clear, and there was thunder! Boom! Another flash of lightning fell, blackening his eyes, spasming all over, and arcing everywhere, which was not a good memory and experience. He immediately realized that this was not thunder and lightning for no reason,heavy duty plastic pallet, but a punishment from heaven! As a visitor from the underworld, he escaped from the end of reincarnation, and his whole body was full of Yin Qi. He was sensed by the rules of this prehistoric land and punished. For the world, he is a demon, just came from the underworld, must be struck by lightning. Just like some old beasts in the mountains, if you want to evolve successfully, you have to cross the thunder first. This is discrimination. It is said that all living beings are equal and all realms are the same? That's how I got my first lesson. Although the mouth so called, but his heart like a mirror, he escaped from the depths of the underworld, if not struck by lightning is not normal. Poof! A black and white lightning fell, so that Chu Feng's face changed, turned around and rushed to the ground, but he was still split, exploded in the depths of the stratum. It is Yin and Yang, thunder and lightning, blend together, very terrible, even if Chu Feng has the body of the God King, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet bin, or can not stand, almost killed. It took a long time for Chu Feng to reorganize his body and soul. He had a lingering fear. It was really dangerous not to be recognized by this prehistoric land when he first entered the world. This is not as simple as a robbery, but a kind of inexplicable flow of debris from the road, to kill him, a creature that escaped from reincarnation. He thought that he should get rid of Yin Qi in his body as soon as possible, so that he could be no different from the creatures in this world and accept the baptism of rolling Yang Qi. Or on the strongest road, you can also be fearless of the corresponding disaster. Strange, there is no creature to cross the plunder, is it the earth dragon turning over? Someone on the ground opened his mouth. It was two hunters, passing through the mountains, who came to watch. Chu Feng surprised, the hunters of the world are not weak evolution, much stronger than ordinary people, it is not simple. He needs to have a good understanding of this prehistoric land, which is a very strange and magnificent world for him. It's a little strange. Is the terrain of these mountains and rivers amazing? Or is the earth in the world extraordinary enough to shelter me and not continue to be struck by lightning? Chu Feng was surprised and waited for a long time without lightning falling. This is good, so as not to be noticed by the outside world and discovered. However, he did need to cross the robbery, but not in such a clear sky, but should choose a thunderstorm to cover up. Chu Feng thought about it, and ran into the depths of the earth, want to use that group of special fire to temper their own Yin Qi, not necessarily to thunder baptism, to the sun fire can also be. Deep underground magma is shining red, containing hot Yang Qi, and there is a group of bright red fire, blooming like orchids, blooming there. Nearby, all the walls and rocks are black, with a faint black light. It's torture. ” Chu Feng took the initiative to burn himself, grinning his teeth, and for a moment his flesh and blood were on fire, and the light of his soul made a sound, refining a large area of fog. He thought it was self-abuse, but he had to do it! This is not an overnight thing, want to proceed slowly, otherwise Chu Feng must be burned into coke, this group of fire is obviously unusual. In this way, Chu Feng burned himself for a period of time every day, and Yin Qi gradually decreased. Well, did I lose weight in disguise? He was shocked to find that it was only a dozen days, and he had already lost weight and was no longer a little fat. Re-smelt, re-burn! A few days later, Chu Feng was about to cry, not only thinner, but also smaller, from six or seven years old to four or five years old. The natural substances in his body, such as the residual medicinal properties of the thirty-three Amakusa, are still working and have not completely disappeared. This kind of rejuvenation is somewhat terrible. A month later, Chu Feng's face was green, and he had become about two years old, hobbling, not naive and pure, but he wanted to say that this gesture. It's so ***ing shameful! "I don't believe in evil. Can you bring me back to my youth?"? I'd like to see what it will be like and what kind of state it will be in the end! Chu Feng's stubbornness came up. He didn't believe in evil. He wanted to see what would happen. Please remember the first domain name of this book:. Three Headmasters Mobile Version Reading Website: m. Chapter 1021 Fairy Niang. More than twenty days later, Chu Feng was going to cry, and he was really shrinking, becoming a one-year-old baby with obvious baby fat characteristics and collagen all over his face. I am the devil of Chu! He raised his arms vigorously, but his fierce appearance actually looked ridiculous. He sat down on the ground with a sad look on his face. What could he do? Could it be that in the end of rejuvenation, you really want to disappear? Do you still want to gamble? This baby's face is full of baby collagen, meat toot toot,plastic bulk containers, here is clearly worried, but it seems to be distracted, can not see a little melancholy. cnplasticpallet.com
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