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Then, at the beginning of this year, there was a once-in-a-century flood in the south of the Yangtze River. It began to rain heavily in April for more than a month. The water potential of Lanpo River suddenly increased sharply, and several dams along its branches Qingjiang River, Nade River and Tulun River burst, flooding the south of the Yangtze River. The flood even approached Zhumaguan, leaving Yang Tuo in a hurry. As a result, the conflict in the Lanpojiang war suddenly eased down, from the present situation, Yang Tuo did not have a year, it is difficult to have the slightest threat to him! As a result, Yueqing River began to deploy his troops in the Central Plains region, according to the current deployment, Yueqing River optimistically estimates that at this time next year, his troops in the Central Plains region can reach one million! At that time, no matter the eight kings of Anxi or Yang Tuo of Jiangnan, I'm afraid they can't stop him from moving forward. However, everything is not as smooth as he imagined. There were at least a few things that bothered him. First of all, the eight kings of Anxi, after Wei Heng ascended the throne,euro plastic pallet, showed great unity. Wei Yi of Xiling County wiped out all the bandits of Kanglong Mountain who had been suffering for many years, and used them for his own use. It was for this reason that Wei Yi's power among the eight kings increased greatly, even surpassing the three kings Wei Cheng, and became the leader of Anxi. This Wei Yi's threat is much bigger than Wei Cheng, who is just a warrior. According to his current momentum, it won't be long before he becomes a major threat to the Yueqing River in the Central Plains! However, it happened that the eight people are the royal family, there is not enough reason,plastic trash bins, he can not easily make a move to Wei Yi and others. But the existence of these eight people has become an obstacle for him in the Central Plains! Yang Ling of the military forces in the north is now greatly reduced in strength. Without the assistance of the capital, Yang Ling once again practiced the method of opening up wasteland in his early years, and began to recuperate in the area south of Tongzhou. In this way, it would be difficult for him to recover his early vitality without ten years. This would have been a good thing, but everything is one advantage and one disadvantage, it is because of the power of Yang Ling greatly reduced, also let after two years of repair of the flash clan began to stir, several times and Tongzhou military forces conflict, the intention is very obvious. Yueqing River is also very worried about this. Is it help, or not? Yueqing River is also very contradictory. Although the threat of Yang Ling is great, the threat of the Sumerians is greater than that of Yang Ling! But if he helped Yang Ling, he might set up an opponent for himself for no reason, and he would not do such a thing. After several thoughts, Yueqing River finally decided to gather troops in Jeju. On the one hand, plastic pallet supplier ,mobile garbage bin, it could give the Semites a certain deterrent. On the other hand, once the Semites broke through the Tongzhou defense line of Yangling, he could rely on Jeju as the last barrier to block the southward advance of the Semites. After he has removed the threat from the rear, it will be much easier to deal with the Semites in turn! After solving this problem, Yueqing River's mood is much better. The rest is to wait, wait for the time to be ripe. So, now Yueqing River is not in a hurry, he will focus all his eyes on Anxi. Holding the file in hand, Yueqing River frowned and kept thinking in his heart! Just then, a rush of footsteps came from outside the hall, Yueqing River could not help but raise his head and look out. Almost everyone in the Military Department knows his habit of never allowing anyone to disturb him at noon, because at this time, most of the Yueqing River is resting or thinking about problems. But someone actually came at this time, is what happened? Yueqing River thought in his heart. A middle-aged scholar, about forty years old, came in quickly from outside the hall. His face was covered with sweat, his Confucian shirt was somewhat messy, and he was obviously in a hurry on the road. As soon as the Yueqing River looked at the people, it immediately smiled. He stood up and strode up to meet him. "What's the wind blowing you here, Mr. Yan?" He said with a soft smile. The bearer is the think tank of Yueqing River, the staff of the Military Department, Yan Wei. He strode to the front of the Yueqing River, bowed slightly, and said respectfully, "Wang Ye!" Yueqing River hurriedly lifted Yan Wei up and looked at the sweat all over his face. He asked doubtfully in his heart, "Mr. Yan, you are so sweaty. Why are you so anxious?"? Come on, don't worry, sit down and drink some water! With these words, he loudly ordered the servants outside the hall to serve tea. Yan Wei sat down and took two breaths. At this time QinBing tea, YanWei tea, a drink, and then a wipe mouth, a long breath out. In that way, there is no hint of the elegant demeanor of the past. Yueqing River was even more strange. He frowned slightly and looked at Yan Wei and asked in a deep voice, "Mr. Yan, what's wrong with you?"? I've never seen you so flustered? What the hell happened? Chapter 14 The Danger of the Semites (2) Yan Wei took a breath and steadied his mind. He looked at the Yueqing River with a sense of reproach in his tone. He said in a low voice, "Wang Ye, why didn't you make such a decision without discussing it with me?"? It's too trifling to make such a decision. Yueqing River was even more confused. He looked at Yan Wei for a long time before he said with a smile, "Mr. Yan, what are you talking about?"? What has been trifled with Qinghe? "Wang Ye, are you still hiding it from me?" Yan Wei's tone was even more discontented. He frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "It has spread all over the streets and alleys!" Gawking at Yan Wei, Yueqing River was really a little confused. For a long time he gave a wry smile. "Mr. Yan, what on earth are you talking about?"? Ben Wang really doesn't understand at all! There was a strange look on Yan Wei's face. He stared straight at the face of Yueqing River and looked at the innocent look on Yueqing River's face. For a long time,plastic pallet supplier, he couldn't help asking in a confused tone: "Didn't Wang Ye agree to the emperor's invitation to fight and decide to fight a decisive battle in the imperial city the day after tomorrow in order to complete the agreement that had not been completed a year and a half ago?" Hearing Yan Wei's words, Yueqing River was stupefied. He didn't react for a long time. It took him a long time to ask doubtfully, "This king and the emperor compete in martial arts?"? Who did you hear that from? 。
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