Ten thousand of me [1v1, with CP, wear quickly]

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Posted by Mimochichikushi from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:09:26 am.
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"You speak as if you were sixteen years old." “…… Yeah, how can I give myself a year by accident? Alas! ╮( ̄ ̄”)╭” Several people talked and laughed and went back to the classroom. Xue Yan waved goodbye to Xue Mengze at the stairway entrance. Xue Mengze nodded calmly and was about to go, but once again Xue Yan pulled his sleeve. This is the third time he was pulled today, but he did not have a little impatient expression, standing on the stairs looking down at Xue Yan below the stairs. Xue Yan reached out and pinched his chin, stood on tiptoe and put his face close to him. Xue Mengze was a little nervous, thinking that Xue Yan was going to kiss him. He looked around hesitantly and found that there was no one in the stairway at this time. It was a good time to kiss! But as soon as he wanted to bow his head and kiss, Xue Yan stood back. He hasn't kissed yet. Xue Mengze looked at Xue Yan with a question mark on his face, and then saw Xue Yan nodding her head and murmuring: "You really have a lot of acne scars and freckles on your face." He was a little unhappy and felt that he was rejected, but Xue Yan coaxed him with the next sentence. Xue Yan said: "Although I think a little freckle is also very cute." So what are you going to say to me? Xue Mengze looked at Xue Yan and suppressed the expectation in his eyes. Actually, it's nothing. Xue Yan smiled and said to him, "Yes, although I think you are very cute now, I am a little unhappy to hear them say you are ugly.". You go back with me today, I give you medicine, you take back to eat, even with half a month package you reborn, a new life, white face. Xi Shui is tender It can be broken by blowing bullets. Xue Mengze looked at her and asked, "Do you value me very much?" "Of course not." Xue Yan smiled with a sly face, "I said, men can't look at the face, to see." Her line of sight in his next three road focus on a few circles, the tongue gently licked the lips and nibbled,collapsible pallet box, and in her teeth loosened the lower lip, pink lips trembled that moment, Xue Mengze felt a nerve in his brain also trembled, felt his throat tight, Adam's apple sliding up and down, originally wanted to satirize Xue Yan's words can not be said. At this time, Xue Yan suddenly quickly leaned over and kissed him on the mouth, and sucked his lower lip when she left. Xue Mengze felt that he had been hit hard by a heavy hammer, his head buzzed,plastic wheelie bins, his eyes were a little confused, and his thoughts were a little confused. His line of sight followed Xue Yan's body, saw Xue Yan jump back with a smile, said to him with a smile: "See you so look forward to, I am so kind and so good, even if this is a reward to you, do not quickly thank the Lord Long's grace!" She winked at him playfully. Xue Mengze could not help laughing, suddenly jumped down from the stairs, raised his hand to press the surprised Xue Yan's shoulder, put her defenseless against the wall of the stairwell, and then leaned over to kiss her lips. At first, it was a tentative kiss. After finding that Xue Yan did not refuse him, Xue Mengze took another step forward, put one hand on her waist, put her body on it, squeezed her into the small gap between herself and the wall, and pried her tongue open to reach in flexibly, wholesale plastic pallet ,drum spill containment, entangled her tongue to chase and play, deepening the kiss. Xue Yan's hand around his back, can not help but lift a leg against his calf, then the thigh, slowly up, and finally encircle his waist to tie him tightly, so that the two overlapping bodies more closely. At this time, several boys came up from the bottom of the stairs, talking and laughing. When they saw them hugging and kissing, they immediately whistled. Xue Yan eyelid also does not lift, raise a hand to drive a person to put two times, a few boys also do not know interesting son, walk quickly. Two people kissed a few minutes, a little emotional, know to continue to be afraid to be unable to clean up, Xue Mengze took the initiative to let go of Xue Yan's lips, with her forehead against her forehead, breathing unsteadily, but the eyes have been looking at her, eyes like spring water. And Xue Yan is not much better, chest ups and downs, canthus with three points, three points pink, charming eyes, can not stop kissing Xue Mengze's lips a few times, reluctant to let go. Xue Mengze used reason to suppress his emotions and stepped back to release Xue Yan. Xue Yan leaned against the wall and gasped as if she had lost her strength. Xue Mengze pushed up his slippery glasses and said to her, "I'm going back to the classroom." After a pause, he added, "This time …" I'll wait for you at the door of the classroom after school. "Mmm." Xue Yan waved at him. Xue Mengze took two steps up the stairs, but suddenly hesitated to stop. He bowed his head and said to Xue Yan, "Will you take care of your relatives?" Xue Yan looked at him and asked, "Do you think my relatives are not picky? Do you think I will kiss one when I see one?" Xue Mengze's expression changed again and again, and finally he nodded, but he left without saying anything. Xue Yan, who was left behind, was confused: "What do you mean? What did he nod? What happened?"? Chapter 142 Love Brain and Technology Nerd 15. Just when everyone thought Xue Yan was angry, Xue Yan suddenly "poof" a laugh out, lying on the desk laughing shoulders shrug, laughing can not stop. Jarvis: … What the hell is she thinking? Σ(っ°Д°;)っ Meng Jialing's eyes twitched, "it seems that she is not angry, but she is convulsing again, right?" Ji Chun covered his face helplessly. After school, Xue Yan went to the door of Xue Mengze's classroom. Xue Mengze picked up his schoolbag and stood up to leave. He saw Xue Yan waiting for him. He smiled slightly in his eyes, and just as he was about to walk over, he saw Xue Yan grab a boy's collar, and when the boy was surprised to think he was going to be found fault, he stood on tiptoe and kissed the boy. The boy was stunned and looked at Xue Yan in disbelief, but then Xue Yan pushed the boy, grabbed another male classmate next to the boy and kissed him, then continued to push him away. Two schoolboys were stupefied: "Alas, this is to be kissed forcibly by the schoolgirl, how to still feel a bit small happy?"? Xue Mengze's face suddenly turned black, but Xue Yan pointed to the next boy with a smile, pointed twice with her finger,foldable bulk container, and then hooked her finger and said, "Would you like to come over and kiss him?" "Hey, all right." The boy went over with a smile and felt that he was a fool if he didn't take advantage of it. Xue Yan kissed the boy again. cnplasticpallet.com
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