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Posted by Mimochichikushi from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:08:56 am.
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In their invisible corner, the people of the border town exchanged in a low voice: "How can there be such a good thing?"! You can get it without doing anything? That's a good thing! You see how dry those two little girls are. Oh, why are you pinching me? The woman who pinched the man smiled and said, "I think you have taken a fancy to someone else's beautiful girl." "I really think it's a good thing to talk about it." "Then you go and get it?" Others asked. The man hesitated and shook his head. "Farewell …" So, didn't Miss yuan say she wanted to be self-reliant? I guess it's good to be like this. It's better to forget this kind of cheap thing. It's not that there's no food at home. Who knows what the women who just came to the border town and kept saying free food are thinking? The most difficult thing in the world is the favor. The heart is good, but we can't do this cheap thing. "Oh, yes, yes!" The man's wife rolled her eyes. Come on, it was Miss yuan who exploded at the first sight of the white fairy. If she hadn't been stopped by the soldier next to her, she almost didn't lift her skirt and the carriage of the other side. See a lot of onlookers, an hour of time the whole border town will know Miss yuan and what big place from the white fairy do not deal with. As soon as the common people pondered, hey, this grain is not worried now, but they are all used to changing water from Miss yuan according to hard work. They also saw that although Miss yuan looked more gorgeous, behaved more unruly, and dressed more strangely,wholesale plastic pallet, she was still a good and kind girl at heart. One side is a person who has been together for a long time, the other side is just here, not to mention that Bai Yuyuan's charming appearance makes the old women in the border town who have been blown by the wind and snow for many years look down on her. In contrast, the gorgeous but cheerful yuan Sijiao is more favorable to them. Look at these three young ladies from the capital, who rinse their mouths and wash their faces with clean water every other hour, eat carefully,plastic pallet box, and even gather ice in the carriage and hold big umbrellas outside. Even so, from time to time, the two maids who shouted in their thin and soft voices covered their faces and voices with a look that they could not endure, and the dislike in their eyes was simply not too obvious. The two maids shouted again for a while, only to feel their throats on fire. Finally, from the carriage in the shade behind them came a voice as sweet as an oriole's, flat and caring: "Green, green, come back and have a rest first." The green son and the green son answered, gathered the sign together, and went to the carriage. The slight silhouette revealed when the curtain is lifted seems to be enough to make people daydream. Sitting in the fragrant and cool car, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet manufacturer, a woman in white looked at their sunburned faces with natural pity in her eyes. She took out a bottle of plaster from the small box behind her: "You are really hard. Come on, I'll wipe it for you." Qing'er and Lu'er said with great trepidation that they dared not, and the host said that if they really dared to let Bai Yuyuan do it, they would disappear here tomorrow. Green son says: "Young Lady, we are not laborious, just commissariat still does not have a person to get." Bai Yuyuan looked out of the car window and sighed: "Forget it, the people have something to eat, and I am also very happy." The eyes of the low-lying Qing'er flashed obscurity and a sneer. I don't know who was so angry that he cut three pieces of veil yesterday. Now to put it nicely, came to the border town to see general qi was refused directly, want to save the child was treated as a human trafficker's eyes, now no one to get the food, if there are people who know here, Bai Yuyuan is really face is gone! There really is one! yuan Sijiao grabbed a handful of charcoal-fried melon seeds and took Yang Xiaoxiao to the vendors in the corner. She looked at Bai Yuyuan's servant girl who was angry with the people. Her eyes were smiling and squinting: "This fake fairy still has today!" The Yang Xiaoxiao that Yu Guangzheng looks around listened, raise one's head to ask: "What is' false fairy '?" "It's a person who looks like a fairy on the surface but actually isn't like that at all!" yuan Sijiao smiled and taught the bad baby, "If you meet such a duplicitous person, just say that about her!" Yang Xiaoxiao nodded in a daze. She pulled yuan Sijiao's sleeve and pulled her down and said, "Sister yuan, have we finished reading it?"? Are there any other interesting places? 'Sister yuan, I want to go to the North Gate! ' yuan Sijiao took a meaningful look at the well-behaved girl doll and realized that she was avoiding the person who was watching her: "Yes!"! I'll take you there! yuan Sijiao took Yang Xiaoxiao all the way crazily, because most of the people in the border town knew them and had a good time. The dragons and the brothers and sisters of Changning Zong Tianlian were watching in the dark. Looking at Yang Xiaoxiao's big eyes full of tiny points of light and the dimples when he smiled with his lips pursed and his head tilted, he was softhearted. One is not careful, two people arrived at the north gate. Under the sudden alert eyes of the elder brothers and sisters, the dragons who had followed them all turned into human forms and sent representatives Ao Shuang and Ao Song out. yuan Sijiao stared at Ao Shuang's cold and handsome face, and the other side's attention was on Yang Xiaoxiao. After Yang Xiaoxiao gave a brief introduction to the two parties, because of the delay of a lot of time, he was not sure what was going on inside the ghost gate. After telling Ao Shuang and Ao Song the specific location, he agreed to contact her with dragon scales and watched them go worriedly. So you came here to meet them? yuan Sijiao only saw Ao Shuang and Ao Song, thinking that they were all Yang's little friends, "the people you know are not bad!" They are all handsome men and beautiful women. The people I know are very nice. Yang Xiaoxiao gazed at the departing dragons in a quiet voice. When she was sure she really couldn't see their shadows, she turned around. She heard Ao Ze and Qi Ling say that the small ghost gate is not to be feared, and the big ghost gate is also open at random, randomly together with a place in the ghost land, if there are only some floating little ghosts near that place, then don't worry, if you happen to meet a ferocious ghost, come out one will be enough to suffer in the world! The gate of death will appear and then open,spill plastic pallet, but few ghosts will be attracted here before the sacrifice is used. And Elder Martial Brother Yun came here, probably using the method of cultivating immortals to find a way to seal the ghost gate before attracting it with blood gas, while the Dragon Clan intended to watch the ghosts who might slip out. cnplasticpallet.com
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