Three palaces, six courtyards and seventy-two imperial concubines

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Tang Mei said in a low voice, "You'd better stop him as soon as possible. Otherwise, with this man's consistent temperament, he will surely kill innocent people indiscriminately." I nodded, Yue Jingchi had ignored hundreds of thousands of Qin troops. Not to mention the thousands of people. But I did not stop the idea of Yue Jingchi, the thousands of victims are all holding torches, once the situation can not be controlled, the consequences are unimaginable. From my position, I could clearly see the change of Yue Jingchi's expression. He hesitated a lot and did not dare to give the order to shoot the people. The people shouted more and more crazily. Several of them tried to break through the wall of officers and soldiers. If the situation continues to develop, the situation will become irremediable. I walked slowly in the direction of Yue Jingchi. When Yue Jingchi saw me, he hurriedly greeted me. "Your Highness, why didn't you stay in the inn to rest? Why did you come here?" A Dong said coldly, "How can the prince sleep when things are like this here?" Yue Jingchi said with a wry smile, "Your Royal Highness, these obstinate people are really abominable.". In an attempt to rob the granary of Daqin. With an expressionless face, I said, "According to the law of the Qin Dynasty,push button toilet flush valve, what is the crime of robbing the national granary?" "Be beheaded!" When Yue Jingchi finished, the expression on his face looked extremely helpless: "Your Royal Highness doesn't know anything. These obstinate people don't know where to get the kerosene. Now these things are smeared on the wall of the granary and on their bodies. If there is a conflict, these obstinate people are bound to rush into the granary regardless of everything.". Their lives are small. If the granary of Daqin is burned down because of this, Xiaoguan will not be able to atone for his sins even if he loses his life. No wonder Yue Jingchi is still afraid to give the order to shoot. It turned out that he was throwing rats to avoid weapons. They are afraid that the victims will cause a fire. One of the people shouted, "These corrupt officials are all breathing out of the same nostril. They are talking about opening granaries for disaster relief. Even the people living next to the granaries are starving to death, not to mention the others."? We don't care today. We're going to die anyway. It's better to be a full ghost! This sentence finished, immediately aroused the resonance of the crowd,Self-closing Shower Valve, the crowd became more and more indignant, several people rushed to the door of the granary first. Yue Jingchi had lost his composure and said in a low voice, "If anyone dares to approach the granary, shoot him to death!" Be that as it may, but once the people lit the kerosene, it was difficult for them to retreat with the arrows in their hands. I also saw that Yue Jingchi had no ability to control the situation in front of him. He walked slowly to a high place and shouted, "Fellow villagers!"! Please listen to me! I sneaked the internal force, and the sound spread far away, echoing clearly in the night sky. The victims turned their eyes to me, and someone shouted, "Who are you?" I smiled and said, "I am Long Yinkong, stainless steel toilet ,Flush Retrofit Kit, Prince of Dakang." There was a burst of exclamation in the crowd. Some of them had already heard that I had come to the State of Qin. More people did not believe that I would come here. Someone shouted, "You are the prince of Dakang. Why should you meddle in the affairs of Daqin?" Yue Jingchi was about to lose his temper when I waved my hand to stop him and said, "Although I am the crown prince of Dakang, this matter has something to do with me. As we all know, Kang and Qin are allies. Half of the grain in the granary of Luan Yang was borrowed by Qin from Dakang. Now you want to fight for the grain, which not only harms the interests of Qin, but also harms the interests of Dakang." "We don't care who you are," shouted a middle-aged man in a green shirt. "We must get the grain tonight, or we will starve to death before we can open the granary to release the grain." "Luan Yang Granary is the national granary of the State of Qin," I shouted. "Do you know why the imperial court set up the national granary here? Considering the simplicity of the local people, the people put the country first in their hearts, understand the general situation and take the overall situation into account. Now there is a drought in Qin, and it is not only you who suffer from hunger, but also the people in other places. "I gazed at the middle-aged man who took the lead and said," Do you have any relatives living in other places? " The middle-aged man whispered, "My elder brother and younger brother both live in Yingchuan." I nodded my head and said in a loud voice, "Tomorrow, the grain from the granaries at No.7 and No.8 of the North Gate will be transported to Yingchuan and other places in the northwest of the State of Qin. If you rob here or burn the granaries, your brother and brother will not be rescued. You are full alone, but your brother will face the dilemma of being starved to death. Are you very selfish?" In fact, I don't know if there is a No.7 and No.8 granary here at all. I'm just talking nonsense. Fortunately, no one delves into this matter and listens to me attentively. The middle-aged man hung his head with a shy face. I sighed and said, "I know it's not easy for each of you. You have to endure hunger while guarding the largest granary in the state of Qin. But you should also think that the people who endure hunger in the state of Qin are not only you, but also the people in other places. There is only so much food, but there are thousands of hungry people. Although I am not your king, I can understand the difficulties of your court." What you see is your own surroundings, but your court has to take into account the overall situation of the whole state of Qin, and they have to take the lead in distributing grain to those who need it most. I turned to Yue Jingchi and said, "General Yue, is there already a plan for the food allocated here?" Yue Kuangchi nodded, then lowered his voice and said, "Luan Yang is not a disaster area. This is not taken into account in the distribution." I winked at him and then said to the crowd, "The food in Luanyang has been distributed, but it's not the time to distribute it. General Yue can only distribute part of it to women and children first, and the others need to wait." I added, "I will immediately ask Dakang to deliver as much grain as possible to help Qin tide over this difficulty." "Why should we believe you?" Someone in the crowd shouted. I looked majestically across the crowd and said word by word, "With my three words, Long Yin Kong!"! With the brotherly alliance between Dakang and Daqin! The crowd was suddenly silent, and many people had retreated from the north gate. Yue Jingchi immediately understood what I meant and shouted,stainless steel shower tray, "Do you understand? I will choose to distribute some food tonight. Don't continue to make trouble. Hurry up and disperse!" Suddenly a man rushed out of the crowd and threw his torch at the fence. "Don't listen to his heresy," he shouted. "If we wait any longer, we'll starve to death!" 。
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