Tibetan Code 10 (Sacred Finale) _ He Ma

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The other man's ears, but his eyes were glancing in the other direction, while the listener smiled with understanding. Another man, pointing to the ground with one hand, seemed to be pointing at the group of thieves, while the other hand was pulling the clothes of the listener. Sleeve, lips slightly open, as if to tell the man that a stranger has come. This group of statues is by no means a statue of Buddha. The giants are lifelike in shape and natural in action, like a group of people rehearsing a drama. Giant actors, dressed in wide robes and costumes, are indeed similar to ordinary Tibetans, saying that they are heroes. Ok, these giants are both men and women, neither like warriors, nor like civil servants, say they are gods and Buddhas, in Lu Jingnan. "There are no gods and Buddhas like this in my impression." Is it the hero of the Goba people? Lu Jingnan thought so, Asked out. Master Yala smiled indifferently and said, "These are gods." "God?" Lv Jingnan frowned. "Yes," said Master Yala, "it's not a God in Buddhism, nor a God in Bon, but a native of Tibet. Long gods, but in Buddhism and Bon,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, there are records of them, but they are different, if I did not do it. Wrong, these five statues are the five mountain gods, but which five are they? Because there are many mountain gods in Tibet, too. The descriptions of many gods are similar. Without mounts and instruments, it's hard for me to confirm. Lu Jingnan was awestruck and said, "These,Flush valve price, big and small, are all gods."? Why do I look at them, like Is it an ordinary person? Dharma Master Yala said, "The generalization of the gods is just in line with the equality of all Buddhas in our holy religion. I am the mystery of the Buddha." Righteous. "What do you think these gods are doing?" Interjected the young man. Listening to the young man's reminder, Lu Jingnan enlarged his vision and no longer only paid attention to one or two statues, or one or two groups. Instead, I tried to see all the statues in the whole huge space, only to see the gods in groups of three or five, one in the east. Most of them are talking to each other, and there are also those who are thinking hard and frowning. And a little further, unexpectedly There are also Tibetan Buddhist statues, but they are too far apart to be seen very clearly, but the largest Buddha statues Lu Jingnan can still be sure that those Buddha statues are much more dignified than these gods, although they are also talking, but Look slightly sideways, turn your head, unlike these gods, Concealed Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, or squat or sit, posture at will. Master Yala's eyesight was better, and he saw the Buddha statue further back, and in the western position were some other unusual and unique statues, like Man is like a demon, with a single horn and a single eye. The Dharma Master's heart was like lightning, and he suddenly understood the scale of the hall. Magnificent, unexpectedly accommodated several powers, the gods in ancient Tibetan myths and folklore occupied one side, and the former Hongzang passed on the Buddha. The Buddha in the religion occupies one side, and the demons, years and praises in the ancient Bon religion also occupy one side, as well as some other statues. Even Master Yala couldn't tell us where he came from. In ancient Tibet, all kinds of deities and Buddhas gathered together. What people know, they don't know. Yes, all gathered in this hall, the scale of the large, the number of complete, on this hall, what is the complaint? How many shocking secrets and knowledge it contains! The base can let experts and scholars to research, I do not know from these statues. How many things of great historical and cultural value have been found! "Like a seminar?" At this time, Lu Jingnan had already answered the young man's question. Not at all Wrong, those gods and Buddhas are whispering to each other in small groups, and they really seem to be having a discussion. The ancient Goba people used Huge underground, carved out numerous giant stone carvings, and then in the form of mandala mandala city will be full of gods and Buddhas. In the same room, so they can have a discussion? What did the ancients want to tell us through these Buddha statues? This These gods and Buddhas are in different camps. What are they discussing? The young man also asked Lu Jingnan: "Yes, we are having a seminar. Do you know where they are?" What are we talking about? Lu Jingnan can't answer this question. How can mortals know what the gods are discussing? Tao. Here is the answer. The young man straightened his arm and pointed into the distance. Lu Jingnan looked along the young man's arm, and there seemed to be a huge sculpture in the distance, twenty or thirty meters. The giant is less than a third as tall as the sculpture. That thing should be the biggest sculpture in the whole hall. But they are far away from each other, and they are blocked by many huge idols, which are not easy to detect. From a distance, it looks like one. A peach-shaped, but the top is not sharp, and some like an apple, Lu Jingnan shook his head, I'm afraid to go there. It takes a long time, and only when you get closer and turn to a bright place can you see it clearly. Although Master Yala did not say a word, he wanted to find out what was going on. The young man suggested, "Go and have a look. It's all right." Open up the mystery in your mind. Listening to the tone of voice, it seems that there is no fear that they will escape, Master Yala. Don't sigh in your heart: "What a strong confidence." ww w . Xia oshu ot xt. Co m "txt" novel paradise Chapter 75 Tibetan Gods 3. Part 10 3 The Meaning of Existence Lu Jingnan took Master Yala with him, and the two of them walked toward the huge sculpture. Along the way, there are all kinds of giant gods and Buddhas. Some important gods and Buddhas have huge stone tables in front of them. Sutra can not be called offering, all kinds of shiny jewelry, piled up into a mountain, the mercenary soldiers will climb up and down on a mountain. They often struggle to climb up one. Table, eyeful of jewels make people eyes red and shiny, desperate to throw down in all kinds of instruments and pearls and jade jungle, there are always bumps and no pain. But when they climbed to the top of Baoshan Mountain, they looked at the other side. On the first table, they found that the pile of treasures on the table in the distance was bigger than this one,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, with more treasures and more exquisite, so they climbed down one after another and rushed to another table. When they got to the top, they found something new. So they rushed to another place in unison. The mercenary soldiers jumped like apes and charged like wolves. Their pockets were stuffed with all kinds of gold and silver ornaments. Some pockets were so full that they could not hold their fists. They simply held them in their mouths and held them on their heads. It's more about using. cnkexin.com
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