Bone-eroding danger

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Posted by Mimochichikushi from the Agriculture category at 17 Nov 2022 12:07:35 am.
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Miss Wei Ming is so nice, soft and weak, compared to Miss Wei Ming, if there is a problem, it is also the woman who has more problems. Shen turned out of the study, his heart is holding a breath, boss to check things three years ago, but also to check things in prison, in fact, in the heart of the boss, perhaps already think Miss Wei Ming has a problem. Wait, wait for him to find out the things in prison together, put the naked truth, all in front of the boss, the boss can no longer be partial to that woman! In the study Shen Xiujin looked at the document again, with complications hidden in her eyebrows. When he got the investigation report and saw the results of the investigation, he was both dignified and had to admit that he was relieved to know that he had not wronged her, and he would feel more comfortable. But such a comfortable, but can not let him selfishly ignore, this whole thing is contrary to the place. The result of Shen Yi's investigation is not wrong, but perhaps, this matter has been wrong from the beginning? Shen Er has been standing beside Shen Xiujin, like an invisible man. But at the moment "Shen Er, you've seen everything just now, so you must have seen something, right?" His eagle-like eyes sat on Shen Er's face. When the latter heard this, his eyes suddenly shrank. After a long time, he nodded helplessly: Yes,Prison toilet for sale, he understood. I also understood that the emperor-like man in front of me meant that Shen Yi had selfishness from the very beginning, so there was something wrong with the investigation report. Boss, Shen Yi has followed you since he was a child. He may have some small selfishness, but he will never betray you on major issues of right and wrong. Before he had finished speaking, Shen Xiujin raised his hand to stop Shen Er from going on: "He will not falsify this report.". But he will be taken advantage of because he can't see clearly at the beginning. He will not falsify the report, but it is hard to say whether the result of the report is true or false. Shen Xiujin pushed the report in front of Shen Er: Listen, what I want you to do is to secretly check what happened three years ago. But this matter must be kept secret, even Shen Yi can not say. Selfishly, he hoped that Shen Yi had not been used by others, and that the authenticity of the report was reliable,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, so that he would not have wronged the woman about what happened three years ago, but the woman told him with her own character that she could not do such a vicious thing as three years ago! Three years ago, he could be calm and ignore the truth. Now, for her, it is difficult to return to the indifferent state of mind of the past. Naturally, I noticed the details that I had never cared about before, and the tiny doubts that I had never paid attention to. If you want to check, you have to check. Her spine is bent by him. He should give her an explanation. Shen Er was ordered to be in danger, but at this time, the mobile phone on the table rang. Long fingers pressed the connect button, the man's face, for a moment, dark clouds. If there is a trace of guilt just now, but at this time, that handsome face is not like a mortal, black clouds are overcast! Whoosh! Suddenly stood up, slender body, condensation out of an explosive force! “boss? What happened? Shen two look is also a change, such Shen Xiujin, rarely seen! "Unexpectedly, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Time Delay Faucet, that woman never gave up the idea of running away from me!" The man gnashed his teeth, as if every word jumped out of the back socket! On the handsome face, the frost is everywhere! Even Shen Er, a big man who had been following him for a long time, could not stop trembling! When hearing Shen Xiujin's words, Shen Er felt a heavy "stomp" in his heart! Heart way "not good", have not had time to say a word, before the body, has been a whirlwind, roaring out. Shen Er hurriedly followed out, he had to run, to be able to barely catch up with the front of the huge figure! "Boss, joy and anger, maybe it's a misunderstanding!" Shen two catch up, see Shen Xiujin at the moment look, as if to kill people in general, he is in Shen Xiujin side, is to see Shen Xiu Jin to Jane Tong's friendship, if the boss once emotional, Shen two really afraid of Shen Xiu Jin so do things to regret! In that case, what can I do! Shen Xiujin's thunderbolt attack simply ignored Shen Er. Since opening the door to get on the bus, a series of movements like clouds and flowing water, the car sped out, Shen Er had no time to get on the bus, can only immediately go around to another car, open the door, sit on it, quickly catch up with the car in front. But in front of the car, but speeding out, the speed is almost as fast as the racing driver, Shen Erxin frightened to watch his own BSS on the elevated, staged a scene after scene of flying car fright. He could only reluctantly follow the car in front of him, but he could not catch up with it. Can only be far behind! The car gets off the elevated road, drives to the left, suddenly a sudden brake, breaks the air to ring! It's a thorn It was not easy for Shen Er to catch up with him. As soon as he looked up, he was surprised to live in the police station? What are you doing here? Too late to think, Shen Er quickly got out of the car and chased him in. Miss, put it away. This is your new ID card. "Thank you." Before the words were finished, a hand suddenly snatched the ID card from the hands of the service window staff. You took the wrong, this is my body, "Jane Tong turned his head, instant, rigid, pale lips trembling up:" You, you how, come, come? " "You want to run away from me?" The man's face was filled with coldness and did not answer the rhetorical question. No, no. "No?" The slender finger shook the ID card in his hand forcefully: "What is that?"? Can you explain? Her ID card, has long been put away by him, and this woman, but ran to apply for a new ID card, all of this, in addition to the explanation, she wanted to escape from him, what else can explain? "I" What can she say? Shen Xiujin is not a fool! "Jane Tong, you are really awesome ah, such a long time, cleverly stay by my side, paralyze my nerves, let me relax my vigilance,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, and then while I relax my vigilance, you are not wary of you, you ran to apply for a new ID card?"? "Oh".
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