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"Well, go ahead." Mowgli knew it wasn't that simple. The captain is smart not to shoot. Money is really nothing to him. It's much more difficult to ask for a Quanzhen Sect than to make money. Seeing that Mowgli was so happy to agree, the captain said happily, "Can you Quanzhen Sect do us a favor?" "Murder, arson or swindling?" Wang Yu from one side came over and asked. Neither. "" Captain, don't shoot, shake your head. Then what do you want with us? Wang Yu's expression is very puzzling. Captain, don't shoot: "…" "Don't listen to him." Mowgli quickly took over the conversation and said, "What are you doing?" "Next copy!" Captain, don't shoot. The next copy, "Mowgli wondered:" Do you have your own professional team to use us? " "Rebirth" this game has been open for so long, we basically know how to play, the overall is not as difficult as the beginning, like some difficult copies of what, as long as the quality of players is excellent, or can pass. Sword to the sky has a team of professional establishment, if the Quanzhen religion does not have Wang Yu, these professional players are only higher than the people of the Quanzhen religion, there is absolutely no need to spend money to ask outsiders to do things, is there any fraud? "Hey." Captain don't shoot wry smile: "The professional league is about to start,Time Delay Tap, they are not inconvenient..." "No wonder." Mowgli suddenly. Professional teams generally rarely participate in things between guilds, even Lian Ji, they are also their own group of people to practice together, as for the brush BOSS play equipment and other tedious things, professional players in addition to the necessary practice, generally will not make a move. After all, they are professional experts hired with high salaries,Manual Flush Valve, with tens of millions of salaries a year, but they have no time to compete with a group of low-end players for resources. On the contrary, the meaning of the existence of the big guild is to try their best to arm this group of masters. If these professional masters do all the big things themselves, they will spend so much money to cultivate thousands of useless people who eat dry rice. Especially now is an extraordinary period, professional masters are trying to score, even if the captain does not shoot the boss, there is no reason for people to put down their work and come here to work overtime. A professional master's annual salary is tens of millions, and the overtime pay of ten masters in the critical period is definitely more than twenty thousand gold coins. Who says the captain doesn't shoot? He's stupid and rich. He's the smartest president on the table. The captain, the boss. Mowgli thought for a moment and pointed at Wang Yu, saying, "Your masters don't have time, and we don't necessarily have time. Look at our old cow. It's very hard to cut people everywhere day by day." "Ah.." Captain, don't shoot. You think Mowgli is threatening you. You're so scared that your face changes. How interesting Wang Yu smiled disdainfully at Mowgli, who was full of lies. Seeing Wang Yu's strange smile, Flushometer valve ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, the captain, who had personally experienced Wang Yu's terror, was even more afraid not to shoot. He almost cried: "Two bosses, don't help me if you don't help me. Don't scare me.." Mowgli appeased the captain and said, "I didn't scare you. You can see that Lao Niu's appearance fee is certainly not low." Your three or five professional masters are not necessarily Lao Niu's. "That's, that's." Captain don't shoot and nod repeatedly, captain don't shoot is to see, although the strongest Quanzhen religion is not Mowgli, but the most ruthless absolutely do not want to be the second person, it seems that it is not feasible to imagine fooling Mowgli like fooling others. You have to give the right price for this appearance fee. The rest of us are used to being looked down upon, but don't look down on our old cow. He's crazy enough to kill his own people. Mowgli said with a smile. "That's enough," Wang Yu said to Mowgli with black lines all over his head. "If you're talking nonsense, I'll chop you up!" "Well.." When the captain heard this, he shrank his neck and said hurriedly, "Boss Mowgli, please make an offer. As long as the price is right, money is not a problem." Chapter 858 realm. Mowgli waved his hand and said, "Our Quanzhen Sect is not a person who loses money. Is your copy a task book?" "Well, the task book can be cleared." Captain, don't shoot. That's good. "Mowgli laughed and said:" We do not want money, as long as the copy of the proceeds of how. Since the captain's copy of don't shoot is a task book, it must be a hidden book that has not been cleared yet. The hidden reward is rich, not to mention the first kill. Any good thing can be sold for a sum of money, which is definitely more cost-effective than the marked price. This. "" Hearing Mowgli's words, the captain's face was somewhat embarrassed when he didn't shoot: "As long as it's profitable?" 'What's The matter? If the captain doesn't want to, be my guest. Mowgli said lightly and was about to leave. Quanzhen can never do business at a loss, since now is a seller's market, should talk about the conditions, Mowgli will never say nothing. You should know that the Quanzhen Sect has just made a windfall, and it is not enough to bow down for a mere twenty thousand gold. Captain don't shoot to see Mowgli get up to go, hurriedly ran over to pull Mowgli way, "no, no, no." Since you don't have to ask for it, it's up to you. I don't care. "That's right." Seeing that the captain did not shoot and compromise, Mowgli beamed: "It's settled. It's not too late. Let's go there now." "Not yet," said the captain. "This copy has only one chance a week. We just failed once a few days ago. We have to do it tomorrow, Monday." "Well, that's tomorrow. Remember to let us know." Then Mowgli stood up, said hello to everyone, and took a group of Quanzhen people out of the pub. Just out of the pub, Wang Yu said to the crowd: "You play first, I have to get off the line." "***, you just got off the line at noon, and you didn't play much on the big weekend?"? There are weekend activities for two days in the afternoon. Seeing that Wang Yu was not doing his job properly,Service Sink Faucets, Quanzhen people expressed their dissatisfaction one after another. Weekend is the time for double experience and all kinds of activities and tasks. This kind of welfare is only once a week. Wang Yu usually plays until six o'clock in the afternoon. Today, he will slip away before twelve o'clock. It's really a bit unkind. "It's something personal," said Wang Yu with a smile. "Activities." Everyone tried to keep him. cnkexin.com
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