The glory of Germany

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Will come in with a long stretch. This is his rest for a few days. At present, his troops have broken through the position of the other side, and the Chinese army is tottering under the combined attack of his artillery and armored forces. According to the map and the report of the reconnaissance force, there is only one last line of defense left for the Chinese army on the other side. If we break through this line, there will be a flat land without any defense. And when the time comes, all you have to do is to spread out the troops and then pull them apart to attack. When the time comes, Shanghai, Suzhou and even Nanjing will be within the attack range of our mobile troops. The star on his epaulet might be added, and his heart was filled with pride and pride at the thought of it. So he turned his head and asked his chief of staff, Tian Jiulixiong Daisuke, "How is the speed of my army at present?"? And did the recon unit we sent out come back? How about the establishment of the other side's defense system near Yanghang Town? Fujita said as he took the towel from his orderly, wiped his face and looked at his chief of staff. Your Excellency! Hearing his officer's question, Tian Jiu immediately bowed slightly to Fujita Jin, and then opened his mouth and said,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, "According to the communication with the division commanders of several divisions just now, I have roughly grasped the specific situation of our army.". Now our army has captured Yang Dong and three Tinggou, Yang Xingcheng west is still in the hands of the Chinese army, but this does not prevent us from carrying out the next attack smoothly. Because the front of the other side has been opened. Now the 11th and 9th Divisions are in Yangdong. They directly face the front line of the Chinese garrison. And our third division is in Sandinggou. According to the information from our reconnaissance troops, a second-rate division of the Chinese army was stationed there. In addition, the 114 was responsible for monitoring the remnants of the West China Army. In addition,stainless steel squatting pan, our armored forces were ready. For this attack, in addition to a total of five chariot battalions belonging to each of our divisions (the 114th Regiment had no armored force), General Matsui also allocated the 5th chariot team and the 8th Independent Light Armored Squadron to us. We now have a total of 36 Type 89 medium combat vehicles and 48 Type 95 light combat vehicles. The formation of the armored units of the Japanese divisions has always been a headache for Taibao. 。 Some sources said that each division of the Japanese army had a chariot group divided by the number of the main divisions of the Japanese army at that time, but it turned out to be a negative number. So Taibao thinks. Most of the troops were probably equipped with only one or two squadrons of tanks. A squadron of 68 tanks and the rest armored cars. Now all the chariots have been checked, all the soldiers are determined to win, now just wait for your final order, let our troops go all out to take the other side's defense line! At this point he glanced at the other side. Uh! This problem still needs to be considered. After listening to his chief of staff, Fujita did not say anything. He just nodded slightly. Then he said, "How is the other side's defense system now?"? Is the terrain suitable for our armored attack? And did the Chinese army have any special defenses, did they build a lot of anti-tank positions and anti-tank trenches? "No!" After listening to Fujita's question, Urinal Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Tap, Tian Jiulixiong immediately replied, "According to the information brought back by the reconnaissance troops we sent, it may be due to the urgency of time, so many positions of the Chinese army have not been fully completed. In addition, we have captured several soldiers and migrant workers from China.". According to the information provided by them, they did not set up enough anti-tank firepower points, and the anti-tank trench originally dug six meters wide and three meters deep was forced to stop because of the rapid progress of our imperial army. According to the information we have, the deepest depth of their anti-tank trench is less than two meters. In addition, only a few segments have reached the predetermined width. Other places are less than three meters, and there are many places where there are no anti-tank trenches. Just based on intelligence. In front of the positions of the Chinese army, dense barbed wire was set up, as if it was specially used to defend our infantry. As for landmines, we have not seen much. But the other side should set up a lot! At this point, Tian Jiulixiong bowed slightly to the other side. How interesting! The Shina Man is the Shina Man! General Matsui is right that the tactics of the Shina people are still in the Russo-Japanese War. You see, they think they can defend against our attack with machine guns and barbed wire. They really look down on us. You know, we have more than a hundred chariots, and these chariots are specially used to deal with the barbed wire and machine guns of the Chinese army. At this point, he couldn't help laughing loudly again. But, sir, why don't we concentrate our chariot troops near Bali Bridge? So the breakthrough will be bigger? "No!" Fujita shook his head. Then he said, "The terrain of Bali Bridge is not good.". The terrain is too narrow. It is not suitable for our army to deploy, while Yang Dong is just the opposite. Except for a stream, there is flat land behind it. So as long as we cross the stream, our army will be able to deploy. No one can stop us at that time. After all, the Chinese army is a tactically backward army, even with the help of the independent people. At this point he shook his head heavily again. After a pause, he continued, "Give me an order that all troops be ready to fight at once and attack at seven o'clock on time!" "Yes!"! Your Excellency! Then Fujita's orderly came in with a plate in his hand, in which there were several rice balls and a bowl of black things. Ba-ga! Why is it miso soup again? How can I, a respectable Imperial Lieutenant General, eat what an ordinary soldier eats? Get these things away from me! Fujita shouted at his men. But, sir, this is the best we can eat so far. Since all our supplies are used to supply weapons and ammunition,Self-closing Faucet, we have a little problem with our food supply, so this is the only way. Your Excellency should know that some troops do not even have rice balls to eat, and now they are looking around for something to eat! 。
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