North Korea uses ground-based GPS jammers to affect planes, ships

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 16 Nov 2022 01:36:28 am.
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Jammers usually cause UAVs to perform a vertical control landing or return to the starting point, which is the default action for most UAVs to lose communication, to assist in the investigation and determination of pilots.
It shows the existence of Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopters in Crimea, equipped with Rychag-AV jamming stations, making these aircraft powerful weapons for electronic warfare operations. One of the main ways for Russia to adopt these systems is to deal with air defense systems and complexes by reducing the silence of its radio signals and the efficiency of drone jammer.
The radar jammer forces the UAV to land or return to the UAV operator immediately, which means it can protect people and infrastructure assets from UAV attacks.
7W Device
The weapons or arsenals being developed by China, Russia and the United States are engaged in various space arms races. Space weapons include satellite jammers, lasers and high-power microwave gun systems.
The biggest threat we see today is non-kinetic threats, such as jamming satellite-based capabilities such as GPS and communications. And the threat is not limited to aerospace countries, because satellite jamming technology is relatively cheap.
North Korea used ground GPS jammers to affect military and civilian aircraft and ships in the past. There is evidence that insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq have also intervened.
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The technology developed by the Russian military can suppress the opponent's aircraft, ships and missiles within a 5000 km radius. Vesti News reported for the first time on April 14 that a Russian fighter had successfully tested the electronic jamming device on the American warship, the Black Sea destroyer Donald Cook.
The multifunctional jammer adopts a new ultra-fast intelligent response jamming technology, which can greatly improve the protection level. The system detects and classifies radio signals used to ignite roadside bombs. Then it transmits interference signals in real-time, which is completely applicable to harsh frequency bands. Thanks to new digital receivers and signal processing technologies, response times far below milliseconds can be achieved.
The new jamming device also uses an extension to provide signal intelligence in battle space images - this task can only be completed by relatively complex systems, which are difficult to deploy and consume a lot of energy. The new instruments can obtain the "electronic warfare" of the radio communication threat situation in a shorter time. This new feature helps users gain power protection and intelligence that are critical to further operational planning.
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Lessons learned from recent conflicts demonstrate that the enemy often changes the type of radio transmission used to trigger signals in asymmetric situations, explained the head of the EW forces. Therefore, the continuous analysis of threats and the consequent adjustment of countermeasures are essential. Multifunctional frequency jammers are required to accomplish these two tasks faster and easier.
Many prisoners continue to organize illegal drug trafficking within the prison walls. Mobile phones are an important way for prisoners to maintain the operation and strict control of drug trafficking organizations. By communicating with visitors before their arrival, prisoners can arrange for the transfer of drugs and drug paraphernalia so that they can continue to commit the same illegal habits that led to their detention. Often, families are harassed by their imprisoned parents, and they ask for bail when they realize that their parents are better served and still in detention.
An important issue is the ability of detainees to contact witnesses before an upcoming hearing, trial or appeal. By matching the alibi or correcting the conflict in the testimony, the defendant can mitigate or completely dismiss the charges. The correctional authorities claim that the most feared problem is that prisoners use undetected mobile phones to warn other prisoners before raids that may confiscate mobile phones, knives, drugs, syringes and other contraband. Such contraband may pose a threat to the lives of correctional and medical personnel working in one of the worst and most dangerous workplaces.
To sum up, it is imperative to equip the prison with a mobile phone shield, which can prevent prisoners from using their mobile phone jammer to conduct illegal transactions or contact the outside world and endanger their mobile phones. Public order and irreversible harm.
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