How to Organize Seasonal Clothes?

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Posted by FolomieStorageBins from the Agriculture category at 15 Nov 2022 07:55:42 am.
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Now Living in Cities, Most Houses Are Relatively Compact, Especially for Those Who Rent or Have a Small Room, They Often Have No Place to Put Their Clothes. Now That the Seasons Change, You Can Put All the Clothes from the Previous Season.

Use the Clothes Storage Box to Organize, and Hang the Commonly Used Clothes in the Commonly Used Positions Outside, So That It Will Be More Convenient to Change Clothes Every Day, and the Whole Room Will Become More Neat and Clean.The Season is About to Change, and I've Done a Big Tidying Up of My Wardrobe. Although the Four Words of Wardrobe Organization Sound Like a Big Head, You Don't Want to Do It, but in Fact, It is Not As Difficult As You Think After You Actually Do It.If You Want to Tidy Up Your Home, in Fact, It is Meaningless to Look at the Theory, You Must Do It Yourself.This is a Practical Article That Can Be Directly Operated. Follow Me to Tidy Up the Messy Wardrobe.1. to Throw AwayRemember, As Long As It's Tidying, the First Step is Always Throwing Things Away.Those Deformed Loose T-shirts, Pants That You Think You Can Wear After Losing Weight, and Clothes That You Bought on Impulse but Obviously Don’t Match Your Style, Let’s Take Advantage of the Changing Season and Dispose of Them Decisively. , You Will Find That the Closet is Much Empty, and the Storage Task Will Be Reduced a Lot. if You Are Really Struggling, You Can Think About How Long It Has Been Since You Have Worn This Dress, One Year, Two Years, or Even More, So Long, Don't Fool Yourself, You Won't Wear It, and You Won't Wear It in the Future Of2. CleaningWhen You've Decided What Clothes to Leave Behind, Treat Them with Care.If You Don't Want to Take out Your Baby Clothes Next Year and Find Moldy Spots or Old Stains That Can't Be Cleaned, Find a Sunny Day to Wash and Dry Them Before Storage. Wash Clothes That Are Only Worn Once, Even Large Coats.In Order to Prolong the Service Life of Clothes, in Addition to Proper Cleaning, Dehumidification and Pest Control Measures Should Also Be Taken. You Can Choose a Sealed, Clean, Sun-dried Storage Box to Store Seasonal Clothes.When the Seasons Change, Do Not Do a Good Job of Cleaning and Put the Clothes Directly into the Wardrobe. After a Period of Time, the Clothes Will Be Contaminated with Dust or Even Viruses, Which Will Cause Mildew. Don't Be Lazy if You Should Send It to Dry Cleaning. Treat Your Favorite Clothes Carefully to Make Them Last Longer.3. ClassificationTo Make It Easier to Find in the Future, You Need to Organize Your Clothes by Color, Type (tops, Sweaters, Coats, Pants, Underwear) or Functions (such As Casual or Formal Wear). Depending on the Material of the Clothes (such As Wool and Synthetic Clothing Must Be Stored Separately), It Should Be Hung or Folded for Storage.4. Vacuum Storage BagFor Fluffy Down Jackets, Quilts, Blankets or Some Seasonal Clothes Folded to Take Up Space, So I Thought of Buying a Vacuum Compression Bag to Seal the Coat, Which Can Free Up a Lot of Space.5. Choose a Storage BoxAlthough It is Best to Put Clothes in a Ventilated and Dry Place, After All, There is Only So Much Space in the Home, and It is Not Realistic to Hang Clothes All Year Round in the Closet (it is Ok if the Space is Large). Therefore, It is a Good Way to Put Seasonal Clothes in the Storage Box, and the Lid Can Basically Eliminate Dust, Mosquitoes and Cockroaches. the Important Thing is That Stacking Them Can Save a Lot of Space.What I Choose is Folomie Closet Storage with Lids Which is Made of High Quality Non-woven + PVC Material, the Black Lantern Print is Beautiful and Simple, Strong and Durable Enough for Long-term Use. Stackable Design for Easy Storage when Not in Use, Helping You Save Space. Built-in Handles on Both Sides for Easy Pick Up/down or Move. the Removable Cover Design Protects the Contents from Dust. There is Also a Viewing Window for Easy Access, if You Need It, Visit</article>
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