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His divinity was so powerful that he had reached the peak of Nirvana after looking at the portraits in the Blood Pool Cave, so that he was not afraid to be known by the nirvana monks who were more advanced than himself, and he could still find their traces. Three nirvana monks have appeared in the Peach Blossom Valley, one in the middle of nirvana, and the other two in the early stage of nirvana. But it is these three people, even any one of them, Buqingyun can not deal with. In addition to the three nirvana monks, there are about ten strong royal air, the weakest are the late royal air, this force can not be belittled, if there is no magic Dan to help, step by step will certainly be difficult to cope with The three days came as scheduled, and Buqingyun, who received today's gift bag in dreamland, got a king level Shenli Dan, which was not bad. In addition to the usual gift bag and the special gift box, there are now as many as ten. The next day, just after dawn, Buqingyun got up early and spread some fog bombs while inquiring about the news. No matter how sure the devil is, he will keep releasing fog bombs, not to confuse the world, only to make Szeto Yishan have the intention to quit, but unfortunately it is futile to do so. Szeto Yishan will definitely not change his mind, if at this time it is step by step, he will not change his mind, even if he knows there is a tiger in the mountains, but he will go without hesitation. Because the person you love may be trapped there. Bu Qingyun opens the divine consciousness and the supernatural power of the heavenly eye to constantly observe the people coming and going and the monks within a radius of several miles. "Eh?"? Why did the ten Imperial Air Friars get together? He suddenly found that the ten monks of the Demon Way had gathered together, as if they were discussing something. Buqingyun doubts,S Adenosyl Methionine, decided to go to find out he has full confidence will not let these people find, even nirvana monks, as long as it is not the peak of nirvana, he can hide the breath intact, so as not to be found. After leaving the restaurant, Buqingyun quietly escaped the sight of the crowd, and then came to the rubble on the hillside. The ten demonic monks were gathering here, talking about things at the moment. "I don't know who is always sending out some messy news these two days, telling those people lurking in the restaurant to pay more attention." "The three elders have sent word that if the woman does not appear, they will release a message that they will kill Bu Qingyun and force her to appear." "I don't know if the news is true or not, but will it really be here?" So what if they are here? Just catch them all. Buqingyun listened attentively and did not have the news he wanted. He was a little anxious. When he was about to make a move, suddenly a demon monk told him the news he wanted to hear. "The woman has appeared and is said to have come this way." "It seems that the relationship between this woman and Bu Qingyun is as shallow as the Demon Gate said. You met Liu Ruying, the sixth generation disciple of the Demon Gate, outside Luoyang before. Is there any news about Bu Qingyun in her mouth?"? As far as I know, she came out of the seductive door this time, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Glucono Delta Lactone, seemingly for revenge. "Yes, it is revenge, and the enemy is Feng Jieyan." "Oh?"? Weren't Liu Ruying's parents killed by her master? What's the matter with Guan Feng's canthus? "You don't know that Liu Ruying has an unusual relationship with Bu Qingyun, so the head of the seductive Demon Gate came up with this idea.." Step Qingyun heard this, only to understand why Liu Ruying fell out faster than the book, why he asked himself so many things about the hatred of his parents, so everything is for the hatred of lies. He clenched his fists and wanted to tell Liu Ruying the truth, but no matter how he explained it, she would definitely not believe it. A school that raised Liu Ruying for more than ten years, how could she believe that the person who killed her parents was the master who was so kind to her? After discussing for a moment, the ten demonic monks took their tasks and left, waiting at their various passes. In the rubble halfway up the mountain, there was only one monk left. Bu Qingyun still could not hold back, until the other nine monks left, he appeared, ready to subdue the monk. "Who?" The monk of the Demon Way said coldly that his cultivation was no more than the later period of the Royal Sky. He wore colorful robes all over his body, and the patterns embroidered on them were very strange, like people and monsters. Step by step did not waste words, plus will not give the other side a chance to reflect, immediately moved up, teleportation came to the friar behind, and then belong to the breath of the peak of the air, directly imprisoned it. You.. Who are you ?” The man became frightened and changed color. "It's the man you caught in the devil's way." "Huh?"? You are a step up. "If you want to live, I ask, you answer," said Bu Qingyun in a dense tone, with two formidable cold lights in his pupils, which shocked the man's mind. "Where did you last meet that woman?" "In..". In the ancient city of Luoyang The man did not dare to hide anything, especially when he looked at the eyes like the devil, and his psychological defense was already defeated. "What do you want to do with her?" When the demon man heard this, the expression on his face changed one after another, as if he had some scruples and dared not speak out. "Say" Bu Qingyun does not talk with him, directly wring off one of his arms, blood immediately splashed away, the devil was about to scream, but was imprisoned by Bu Qingyun. 'Ah.. My hand, I said, I said. ... This woman has destroyed the altar of our evil way. The three elders seem to want to take her back and rebuild the altar on the basis of her flesh and blood. "With her flesh and blood?" Bu Qingyun murmured to himself, the cold light in the black pupil was everywhere, and his voice became hoarse sharply. I.. I told you Can you let me go? Bu Qingyun was silent for a long time, and then asked some things, but the answer is equal to not say in general, he can guess that then he asked about Liu Ruying, as those people said before, Liu Ruying's parents died in the hands of her master. As for why, listen to this evil way man said,L Methylfolate Factory, it seems that Liu Ruying's parents are the right way, and refused to let their daughter into the evil way, so they were killed.
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