Mislead the Chief Bad President

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Suddenly, Suya Lan had a flash of inspiration, this daughter is too clever and strange, perhaps really want to find a strong man, can suppress her strange temper, to die and live, who said that marrying into the Binteng family is not a wise move! "Ji Zhen, do you have any feelings about this Binteng going to the island?" Suya Lan's dim eyes shone brightly. This Ji Zhen hardly thought about it and answered, "Cut, I won't be interested in this kind of explosive and irritable iceberg. Mom, don't think about it. It's impossible for me to be with that iceberg. Although this bastard does look like a charming woman, he's cold and bad-tempered. He's not the ideal man I want in my heart. We don't match with Ben!" Is it really impossible? As she pondered, Suya Lan cast her eyes on Ji Zhen. When Ji Zhen mentioned the man, she frowned deeply and looked disgusted. Perhaps, even she didn't realize it. Her rose-red lips raised a faint smile. Mother's intuition, usually rarely wrong, this elf's worrisome daughter, and that Binteng on the island is really impossible! With her mother's intuition, she felt that Ji Zhen had a big chance with this mysterious and overbearing man! Perhaps, this man is the other half of Ji Zhen's destiny! The old man was anxious to marry his granddaughter-in-law and embrace his great-grandson. Binteng went to the island in a hurry to deal with the old man's entanglement. Ji Zhen paid his mother for the operation. Under the planning of three people with their own ideas, a wedding full of calculation and farce finally opened the curtain. As soon as the news of this mysterious business figure's wedding in China came out,Theobromine Powder, when countless ladies from famous families who were full of fantasies about this man of career and wealth sighed, major newspapers, television stations, and the people launched a comprehensive follow-up report on this grand wedding that attracted worldwide attention. With a magnificent and magnificent hotel as the background, the host changed his movements, and finally in an elegant and appropriate posture, he smiled at the camera with a charming and excited smile, took a deep breath,Thyroid Powder Factory, and began a routine prologue with a strong tension. The chief executive officer of Japan's Xingyu Group, Asia's most concerned gold single noble-Bin Teng Shangdao, a legendary figure who has accumulated wealth, power, elegance and domineering in a man, announced his marriage a few days ago. Today, the wedding ceremony was officially held at the Van City International Hotel. I believe that Mr. Bin Teng made this sudden decision, which made countless women drown in tears. It also makes people very concerned about which beauty, peerless beauty, finally touched the heart of this business man of the hour, between them, there is a soul-stirring love story, the truth is waiting for you to reveal with me! With the nervous tone of the host, the camera changed, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, and thousands of expensive cars slowly drove into the crowded international square. For the first time, a luxury black Cadillac sedan has been modified and decorated. Bang, bang, bang! My heart is beating so fast! Just play the drums! Originally thought that only put on the wedding dress, even if the appearance of marriage, how can there be so many people, there are so many reporters! The most exasperating thing is that a complicated wedding dress, almost can not even walk, pure gold inlaid diamond necklace, heavy almost did not break her neck, but also sit well, put on a relaxed look. She wondered if Binteng, who had come to the island to pick out this necklace of pure gold with diamonds, had deliberately punished her, but it was unheard of to punish people with a necklace of pure gold with diamonds. Damn! Backache, the waist is almost broken, more uncomfortable than bowing to the guests all day! Moved the stiff body, was about to change a relaxed posture, a sharp look coldly swept over. Chapter 14: Who fell into the trap (3) Moved the stiff body, was about to change a relaxed posture, a sharp look coldly swept over. Sit still and don't move! Although it's a fake marriage, you're still my bride, and every move is covered by the media. I don't want people to take pictures of your ugliness and say that I have no vision on the island! He reminded coldly. The three-piece dark suit with unique design sets off his strong and tall figure, a pair of dark dark eyes, a little less sharp, a little more lazy and scary, but the words still hurt people's self-esteem, and the thin and light lip line evokes a mocking radian. Don't think that the wife of Binten's Nagato is so easy to do, even if it's fake, you have to make an appearance for me! "Why?" Ji Zhen glanced discontentedly at the man beside him. He casually leaned on the dark palm of the man sitting in the seat, carelessly pillowed behind his head, and a lock of short hair hung unruly in front of his forehead. On the basis of being strong and overbearing, he added a wild and free and easy feeling. How could he feel that this man was not the same as before? And I'm going to sit like a fool! "Because.." He shook his head in a natural and unrestrained way, and his deep black eyes flashed a few times, settling on her delicate and beautiful but angry face. "A man is free and unrestrained enough, and a woman is dignified and steady enough to be called a lady!"! I want to show the reporter's handsome side, and you naturally have to show the lady's side in front of the reporter, so that you are qualified to be my wife on the island! "We're not real!" The delicate and charming red lips complained of dissatisfaction, "It's just a play!" "You are still my bride for the show!" Without warning, the chiseled handsome face suddenly approached with absolute strength. She had no time to react. The powerful long fingers of the male had passed through her hair and clasped the back of her head. The deep and gloomy eyes looked straight into the depths of her eyes, word by word, "So, you'd better do your part in the play!" Pu sharp lips, a few rub on her delicate skin, hot breath, on the face of Ji Zhen, two people can almost hear each other's heartbeat. Ji Zhen,Sex Enhancement Powder, who had always ignored this irritable man, was surprised when he caught a smile on his lips. The narrow space in the car added a sense of depression, which made him panic!. pioneer-biotech.com
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