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Reluctantly, Qin watched Miss Ye walk away and looked at Xie Liang. "The shop must have been smashed. Why don't we go to drink with them?" Xie Liang asked with a smile, "Then in the middle of the drink, I performed an animal on the spot." Qin Er: "… …" Who told you to take medicine well! When the waiter saw that they had finished chatting with their friends, he ran over. He was obviously thinking that the guests had taken the medicine, and after returning the belt to Qin Er, he thoughtfully told Xie Liang that they could take people outside for the night. When Xie Liang saw that his chin was red, he felt a little sorry. He took out the reward money and handed it to him: "No." "But you.." said the waiter. Xie Liang said with a smile, "It's just an aphrodisiac. It doesn't matter." Waiter: "… …" Qin Er: "… …" Doesn't it matter! The waiter was a little confused, and after a while he managed to guess a possibility that the young man didn't want to take him back to his residence and wanted to change to a small restaurant. He is a little regretful, but clear procrastinate not to get, be forced to grab the arm of the other side to act like a spoiled child: "That childe is later free but want to look for a family." "Good," said Xie Liang. The waiter walked back reluctantly, and on the way, his legs tripped and fell again. The fall brought tears to his eyes, and then he found that his right leg was out of control. He was so frightened that his face turned pale and he cried, "I.." What's wrong with me? Feng Chu, relying on his good martial arts,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, has been staying inside to watch the fun. Seeing this, he picked him up and pinched him gently on the acupoint of his right leg. Smiling, he said, "It's no big deal. Maybe I fell hard." The waiter moved his right leg, wiped away his tears, and his heart fell back into his stomach. Xie Liang also came to have a look, saw that his forehead was broken,Quillaja Saponin, touched his nose and gave him a sum of money, gently appeased two sentences. The waiter knew that he was now dusty and snotty. Seeing that the childe had no dislike at all, he felt more and more that he had missed it. He looked at him affectionately several times before he went back, and then fell again at the moment he stepped into the door. Xie Liang: ".." Feng Chu: ".." Xie Liang did not approach again, lest he fall to death directly. Feng Chu was still kind enough to help him solve the acupoint. When the waiter saw a peanut on the ground this time, he realized later that he had come over and looked at Xie Liang with red eyes, frightened and wronged, and ran away. Qin Er is confused, just want to ask, see Xie Liang walk back to lean on him. His face changed. "You, you, you …" "Find me an inn, Kava Root Extract ,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer," said Xie Liang in a low voice. Not daring to delay, Qin Er hurriedly took him into the nearest inn and helped him back to his room. "You.." he said anxiously. What are you going to do? "It's all right," said Xie Liang. "Go out." "Huh?" Asked Qin Er. "Why don't you stay and sleep with me?" Asked Xie Liang. "Why should I sleep with you?" Asked Qin Er. Or I'll ask the waiter to pour a bucket of cold water. Don't take off your clothes! He was so frightened that he turned around and ran away. When he saw Feng Chu outside, he felt that he had found the backbone. As a result, without asking, he saw Feng Chu closing the door for Xie Liang and pulling him to drink crazily. He immediately stared, "No matter?" "Someone's in charge," said Feng Chu. "Let's go." Qin Er-suo saw the elite of Tianhe Pavilion on one side. Later, he realized that it was not appropriate to stay at such an embarrassing time. He felt relieved to give the man to them and followed Feng Chu away. As he walked, he asked, "What's wrong with him today?" "You'll know tomorrow," said Feng Chu with a smile. After they left, the room was quiet. Xie Liang took off his robe and threw it aside. As soon as he leaned on the bed, he saw someone come in through the window and said, "Are you finally willing to see me?" Qiao Jiu's complexion was extremely bad, and his tone was not much better. He opened his mouth and scolded, "What's wrong with you?" "I go to a small restaurant, you certainly don't come out, just think of a way to stir it up," Xie Liangdao, "but if I take medicine, you can't sit still?" "Because you don't deserve it," said Qiao Jiu. Xie Liang said with a smile, "You used to say that it was natural for me to like you. I wish I could like you. Now I really like you, but you are avoiding me. Do you know why?" "Who's hiding from you?" Asked Qiao Jiu. Xie Liang turned a deaf ear and continued, "You don't like the way the waiter looks at me twice. Do you know why?" Without waiting for Qiao Jiu to retort, he volunteered, "Because you care about me." Qiao Jiu's tone was even worse: "Don't put gold on your face!" Xie Liang did not answer, frowning and falling on the bed. Qiao Jiu subconsciously took half a step forward, then stopped and stared at him. "No help," said Xie Liang in a hoarse voice. "Can you pour me a glass of water?" Qiao Jiu looked at him a few times and handed him the cup in disgust. Xie Liang seized the opportunity to grab him on the wrist, uncomfortable expression immediately received clean, said with a smile: "lie to you, I did not eat, I am not a fool." Qiao Jiu: ".." Xie Liang took out the box and opened it for him to see. "They must have told you that they saw me swallow it with their own eyes. They didn't lie. I put it in my mouth, but I just pretended." Qiao Jiu was so angry that he picked up a pill and forced it into his mouth: "Play by yourself!" Xie Liang wanted to spit out the medicine and pulled him with a smile. Just as he wanted to say "don't be angry", he forced him to break away and immediately said "Oh". Qiao Jiu's arm was raised a little big, and it just hit him on the chin. He was so caught off guard that he raised his head and the medicine he had not yet spit slipped directly into his throat. The next moment, both men heard a swallow at the same time. Qiao Jiu: ".." Xie Liang: ".." Two people look at one eye, Xie Liang hurriedly picked up the box: "You give me to eat which is..." Before he had finished speaking, he saw the bigger pill in the box. Xie Liang: ".." His life is really bad,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and what he eats is small. The two men looked at each other again. Xie Liang pointed to the door: "Go out." Chapter 066 Qiao Jiu said, "I asked them to ask the restaurant. This medicine will make you feel uncomfortable at most." Xie Liang ignored him. "Don't worry," said Qiao Jiu. "You can't die. Just put up with it." Xie Liang still ignored him. pioneer-biotech.com
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