Dressed as the Best Actor's Little Wife

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Everyone was excited in an instant, even with their backs to the door, they took out mirrors from their bags and tidied up their appearance with kungfu. The car suddenly stopped, Xiangli stared, and a woman in black pants and white knitwear came down from the driver's seat, with a sparkling diamond necklace hanging around her neck, and then looked down. She was carrying a Hermes kelly25. That's not the point. The point is that she went around the front of the car and went to the passenger side to open the door! A beautiful woman who drives millions of luxury cars, hangs hundreds of thousands or even millions of necklaces and carries nearly 100,000 bags is just a driver?! Xiang Li looked at Jane yuanyuan and always felt that she looked familiar. The next second, the copilot's door opened. The first thing that catches your eyes is a pair of white legs, slowly going up. What is exposed to everyone's eyes is a familiar face that is as delicate as it can be. Li Yining pretended to be surprised and looked at the stunned crowd in front of him. He smiled and asked, "Xiang Li, why are you all at the door?" She raised her hand, revealing millions of PATEK PHILIPPE watches on her wrist and smiling in her eyes: "Did you come to pick me up specially?" You are a genius, one second to remember: NBA novel network, the website is www.nbaxiaoshuo.com. Chapter 4 After wearing the book. As soon as the words fell,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the surroundings were quiet, and even the sound of breathing was much lighter. After listening to what Li Yining said, Xiang Li was the first to come to her senses. Her face was slightly stiff. She managed to squeeze out a smile and nodded: "Yes, we are all here to pick you up." After a pause, she pointed to the luxury car behind her and said with difficulty, "Ning Ning,Heme Iron Polypeptide, is this your own car?" Li Yining pretended to be surprised and said, "Ah," and looked back at the white luxury car: "Car? It's not mine. Hearing this, Xiang Li breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that Li Yining did not have such a luxury car, and the clothes she usually wore were less than four figures. Thinking, her eyes fell on the delicate watch on her wrist, PATEK PHILIPPE. If she remembers correctly, this is a very classic style. Around 1500000, the bracelet is set with 78 pearls, the rose gold decorative links are set with 48 princess square-cut diamonds, the clasp is composed of 55 diamonds, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, and the circle and lugs are all set with diamonds to form a ring pattern. It looks luxurious and temperamental, which is the style pursued by thousands of young girls, and it is also what Xiangli is eager to have. If she remembers correctly, once when she passed by PATEK PHILIPPE with Li Yining, she stared at the poster for a long time, saying that she hoped she could afford the watch in five years in the entertainment industry. At that time Xiang Li recalled that Li Yining smiled and said that she would send her when she was rich. As a result, now -- She wore it in her hand and appeared in front of her. Xiang Li swallowed the saliva and looked at the wristwatch with burning eyes: "Ning Ning, your watch..." "Is it rented?" She asked cautiously. Li Yining is stupefied, followed to look at an eye to Li, smile slightly: "Do you say this watch?" "Uh-huh." Xiang Li said, "This watch seems to be a little different from what we saw before." Li Yining smiled and said the answer she longed for under her expectant eyes. Yes Xiang Li's eyes lit up as if she had been affirmed. She knew that the watch must have been rented by Li Yining. Li Yining put the emotion on her face into her eyes. After a pause, she asked Jane yuanyuan, "Did someone give me this watch or did I buy it?" The smile on Xiang Li's face stiffened, and the words she was about to say were stuck in her throat. Chien yuanyuan smiled and said, "I can't remember. You have so many watches. Who can remember this kind of ordinary one?" Just so so?! A couple of not-so-rich women took a deep breath. Li Yining nodded and smiled: "That's right." She looked at Xiang Li. "Sorry, I don't remember either." People: "… …" Xiang Li's face turned white and her lips trembled to ask something more, but Li Yining had already ignored her. yuanyuan, let's go in. "Uh-huh.". ” Looking at the back of two people wearing "RMB", Xiang Li did not come to her senses for a long time. Instead, a small artist next to him muttered: "Is Li Yining crazy?" "My God, I was just blinded by the RMB. Is Li Yining so rich?" Everyone turned to look at Xiang Li. Xiang Li's face was pale and she was not sure: "I don't know." Li Yining was with her on weekdays, but he didn't show it. One of them sneered, "Didn't you say she was just like us?" Xiang Li: "…" She thinks so! Suddenly, somebody asks: "Should not … …" Did she borrow it at a high price in order to puff up her face? "It could be an imitation." "Right, right, right." When a person does not want a person to be good, even if the real thing is in front of them, they always have an excuse not to believe the facts. It was not until she entered the company that Jane yuanyuan could not hold back her laughter. Did you see their faces? It's so funny! Li Yining bent his lips with a smile and blinked: "What do you think?" Chien yuanyuan "tut" twice, hooked her shoulder and said, "Sister, if you can today, you should let these people who look down on people see the world." Li Yining thought about the description of these people in the book and raised his eyebrows: "I guess.." They should be thinking now that Li Yining may be puffing up his face in order to save his last dignity. Jane yuanyuan: "… …" There's still a little bit of truth in what's going on. Two people go into the hall, the people in the hall after seeing Li Yining appear, the eyes are full of surprise. After touching her dress, we all feel that Li Yining is really a stunning beauty, whether it is figure or temperament, or that carefully carved face,Thyroid Powder Factory, as long as she does not make trouble, there is absolutely a place for her in the entertainment industry. Even if it is a vase alone, it should have tens of millions of fans. This face is so beautiful. pioneer-biotech.com
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