When Tubie Meets Turtle _ Pai Pai Novel

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Lu Zhongsheng could no longer bear to see Jiang Xu and Brant whispering intimately, drank Wonton and Noodles soup in one breath, wiped his mouth, and stood up. This police Comrade has broad shoulders and straight back. He knows at a glance that he has practiced. Most people are not rivals. In addition, his face is not good, and he has a kind of murderous momentum. Brant shrank and looked sadly at Jiang Xu. "Ah, he's in a bad mood." Sure enough, Lv Zhongsheng came over and asked Brant, "Have you finished eating?"? Eat and leave! Brant trembled. "Not yet." Lv Zhongsheng snorted coldly, "Li Yingjun, don't play tricks on me!" A mouthful of ginger juice spurted out of his mouth. "What?"? What did he call you? Brant's face was a riot of colour. Lu Zhongsheng drew a paper towel to wipe the juice splashed on his clothes in disgust. He did not say anything. Then he turned out his wallet and paid the money. He urged, "Go quickly!" Comrade Xiao Li looked up at the policeman and stammered, "I haven't finished eating yet." Lv Zhongsheng said succinctly: "Pack up and go back to eat." Comrade Xiao Li did not dare to disobey, carrying a beggar's chicken, leaving a sentence: "Jiang Xu, often contact when you are free..." He was carried into the crowd by the police uncle. Jiang continued with a sad look, not knowing how the police uncle would punish Comrade Li Yingjun tonight. Xiaohu asked Jiang Xu, "Godmother, what's wrong with you?" Jiang continued to wipe a tear of sympathy, "I am suddenly very glad, fortunately, the bald head has no temper.." The voice changed. "Why are you looking at me?"? What do you know, you little piggy! Eat yours! New Year's Day After Christmas,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, New Year's Day came. Chuwu closed the shop and was ready to go home for the holidays. Jiang Xu looked at him sourly, which made Chuwu's heart feel uncomfortable. He took Jiang Xu and advised him, "Why don't you go back with me?" "You want me to go back and annoy my parents for the big holiday?" Chu Wu kissed Jiang Xu on the forehead and was speechless. Jiang continued: "If you go back and tell your parents about us, I will go back with you, at least have a companion..." With a wry smile, Chu Wu lowered his head and held Jiang Xu's lips in his mouth. He left a kiss and sighed, "No.." Oh, or you can go to Lao Liu's house. "No, it's boring. You go back. I'm not a child. I'm afraid of being alone." Jiang Xu did not retain, he did not want to embarrass Chuwu, but his heart was suffocating. Chu Wu reluctantly hugged Jiang Xu and kissed him again and again. He couldn't let go any more. Finally, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,30ml Dropper Bottle, he could only stay alone for the holidays. After dinner at home, Chu Wu called Jiang Xu and asked him what he had for dinner? Jiang continued to answer: "Hamburger." "Don't drink," said Chuwu. "I've already drunk it." "Then don't drink too much." "Good." Two people are silent for a while, Jiang continues to say: "Chu Wu, you go to my home to see my parents." "I went there just before dinner," said Chu Wu. "Your mother made dumplings and asked me to bring them to you.." Jiang Xu didn't speak. The noise of fireworks and firecrackers all around was so loud that Chuwu couldn't hear anything. He covered his ears and walked a few steps into the room. His voice was a little louder: "Jiang Xu?" Jiang Xu's voice on the other end of the phone had a little tone of prayer: "Chu Wu, you come back earlier, come back tomorrow..." Chu Wu scratched his head: "My mother told me to stay until the 3rd and then go back..." Jiang Xu simply cut off the phone this time. When Chuwu was buying cigarettes in the street, he met Su Liang and wanted to hide too late, so he had to bite the bullet and say hello. Su Liang smiled, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Have you been very busy recently?" Chu Wu nodded: "Well, busy." Su Liang said: "I am also very busy recently, the children to the final exam, is to make up a missed lesson is the parents' meeting." Chu Wu said perfunctorily, "Then you should pay attention to your health." Su Liang looked at Chu Wu with a smile and said, "Don't be so polite. I think every time you see me, it's very unnatural. Is it my profession?" "Your occupation?" Chu Wu wondered. I remember when I was a child, you were most afraid of the teacher. When we saw the teacher, we all said hello, and you ran away. ” Chu Wu smiled and said, "You are the top students. Everyone praises you. I am an underachiever. Of course, it's better to hide from the teacher." The tense atmosphere between the two people relaxed a lot. At the beginning, Wu was itching. Su Liang was really a generous and lovely woman. She was durable and gentle. When she smiled, she was full of affinity. It was like a super peach blossom falling on his bald head. No wonder his mother said hundreds of times a day Su Liang Su Liang, but what people say also have to be honest, although he Zheng Chuwu is not a gentleman, but the foot on two boats this kind of thing still can not be done. Remembering Jiang Xu's lonely tone on the phone, Chuwu's heart sank. The future of him and Jiang Xu was dark, or there was no future for them at all. Su Liang did not notice that Chu Wu's face changed slightly. She talked about her children and was very happy: There is a little boy named Hua Yingchao in my class. He is very cute. His exam results are not the best, but I like him best. Once I asked him why he was called Hua Yingchao? He said his grandfather named him Hero Hua. "A spoof?" Chu Wu couldn't help laughing. Yeah, I asked him why he changed it? He said his mother was fascinated by Beckham and changed his name to China Premier League.. "Is there such a mother?" Of course there is! Look at my colleague Jiangnan. She's probably the same as a mother. "This child is really unlucky," said Chuwu with a low smile. "It's not over yet. Then Beckham went to Real Madrid and his mother changed him to Real Madrid." Chu Wu laughed. "Have you changed it?" "No, his father and her mother had a quarrel and didn't change it." Su Liangxiao, lip line half curved, very good-looking. Chu Wu said with a smile, "It's hard to choose a child's name. My name was also chosen by my grandfather. I turned over the dictionary for several days to calculate the eight characters of my birthday.." Su Liang nodded: "I think the child's name is simple and catchy, don't you think?" "Yes, of course. Don't take some strange words. It's difficult to write and read. Some computers can't recognize it. It's troublesome." "That's what I think. Chuwu,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, what name are you going to give your child in the future?" "What do you think?" Chu Wu answered absentmindedly. This sentence jumped out and could not be taken back, both of their faces were a little hot, and Su Liang suddenly became dumb. penghuangbottle.com
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