Unlimited bankruptcy crisis

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Posted by JeanRDeanda from the Agriculture category at 11 Nov 2022 05:47:56 am.
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If you miss the best opportunity for promotion, you are doomed to mediocrity in your life, so why bother yourself? Is it not good to admit that you are an ordinary person all your life? A new job, a new environment, a new start, and no longer as desperate as before. It is easy and pleasant to live with peace of mind, and ordinary is a blessing. …… Learning is too hard and tired, Feng Jinghua is afraid that one day he will lose all his fighting spirit. She asked the system to remind her when she was relaxed. She must get a higher certificate, and no one or anything can stop her. The host's will to change its situation is so strong that the system readily agrees. From then on, Yunluo warned the host several times a day, "There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, to still love after recognizing the truth of life." At present, everything is going smoothly and carefree. But once someone in the family gets sick or is dismissed in an economic crisis, leisure will cease to exist. If a man does not have long-term plans, he will have immediate worries. Without accumulating enough assets, there will be no strength to resist sudden crises. "You must be rich in order to avoid your daughter's suffering and suffering when she grows up." You are strong enough to be your daughter's support. You are not strong enough. In the future, your daughter will not only struggle for herself, but also take care of you. Hold on! In the future, you will certainly thank yourself for working hard now. …… A sentence, a word,glass cream jars, like a sharp knife inserted in Feng Jinghua's heart. She clenched her teeth and dared not slacken. But self-study is too difficult. Some knowledge points can not be conquered by hard work alone. Even if you recite it repeatedly, you can't understand what it means. Feng Jinghua is very upset. Just at this time, Yunluo suggested that "the host can buy online video tutorials and follow them." Feng Jinghua hesitated, "Those tutorials are hundreds cheaper and thousands more expensive." Yun Luo: "If the host can get the certificate, the monthly salary can be increased by two or three thousand." Feng Jinghua could not refute it. After two days of hesitation, she saw that there was no progress in her study, so she bit her teeth and bought the tutorial. With the explanation of senior people, the original boring and difficult knowledge points immediately become simple and easy to understand. In order not to waste money,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, Feng Jinghua watched it over and over again. Finally, I watched the whole set of videos more than ten times, and the content was almost recited backwards! Whether it is the intermediate accountant examination or the CPA examination, it is once a year. The intermediate accountant will register in March and take the exam in September. CPA registration in April, comprehensive examination in August and professional stage examination in October. For a whole year, Feng Jinghua gave up all leisure and entertainment, thinking only about learning. When she finished filling out the examination paper and walked out of the examination room, she knew that she had passed the exam. Because CPA has six subjects, she was afraid of wasting the registration fee by failing, so she only applied for three of them. Wait until the end of the results come out, a look at the results, all more than 80, the test is quite good. At this point, the intermediate accounting qualification certificate is finally in hand. For certified public accountants, Glass Cream Jars ,oil dropper bottle, the results of subjects are valid for five years. As long as you pass the general examination within five years, you can get the certificate. After the results came out, at Yunluo's signal, Feng Jinghua mentioned it to the company. Result! Get a promotion and a raise now! Salary changes to 5500 in seconds! Personnel also said that when Feng Jinghua became familiar with the new job, his salary would continue to rise. In an instant, Feng Jinghua's eyes were red, his nose was sour, and he almost cried. She suddenly felt that it was worthwhile to torment herself and force herself to study hard for the past year. It's hard to study, but it's really hard to have no money when you need money. On New Year's Day, during the school holidays, Feng Jinghua took her daughter out to buy clothes. She couldn't remember the last time she bought a new dress for her child, perhaps back when her father was still alive. After that, she exhausted all her strength just to maintain her daily life. In the clothing store, Feng Jinghua took several down jackets for her daughter to try on. Feng Qiuting is white, tender and well-proportioned. Wearing a slim down jacket, she looks more and more charming and lovely. The more Feng Jinghua looked at it, the happier he was. "This one is not bad either. Here, try it on." Feng Qiuting didn't answer. She pulled the corner of her mother's clothes and whispered, "Mom, the clothes are so expensive." What is poverty like? Probably walking into the clothing store, facing the desired clothing, looking at the price, even dare not try it on. Feng Jinghua felt sad in her heart and said with a strong smile, "Be good, mom is rich.". No matter which dress Tingting likes, Mom will buy it for you! "Really?" Feng Qiuting was overjoyed and somewhat uneasy, deeply afraid that she had misheard. Really, go and pick out the clothes. Feng Jinghua urged. With a cheer, Feng Qiuting took another down jacket and ran excitedly into the dressing room. Feng Jinghua said, it's good to be rich. When you meet the clothes you like, you don't have to hesitate to buy them. If there is no money, price becomes the first consideration. Even if the heart likes again, considering the dry wallet, sometimes I have to reluctantly give up what I love. After the New Year, Feng Jinghua obviously relaxed. On the one hand, the intermediate accountant qualification certificate has been obtained, and on the other hand, the six subjects of CPA have passed three subjects. In any case, the pressure is much less than the previous year. This time, even Yunluo could not say anything. With the current state of the host, it is not a problem to live the rest of his life in peace and happiness. Without the pressure of survival, not everyone is so motivated and wants to live a better life. In the twinkling of an eye, it was March. The company hired a new basic accountant. It was a girl, twenty-three or twenty-four years old, just graduated from university, just in her prime. It is to do things slowly and inefficiently. Inadvertently, there is a backlog of work on hand,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and it is necessary to work overtime every day. Feng Jinghua had no work at hand, so he looked at the poor little girl and wanted to help her. Yunluo appeared at the right time to stop it. "You can point out, but you can't do it." "Why?" Feng Jinghua doesn't understand. Yunluo: "Think of Han Ying. Helping a lot of things becomes your job." 。 penghuangbottle.com
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