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"There are male and female, and the servant is male." "Well, you're really a male, just like I thought. You have a future. What does the female look like?" "The appearance is similar, but the color is not." Without us.. Bright.. Akaiwa Okaya suicide entered a certain stage, the whole body began to smoke, "speech" is also intermittent, it is estimated that the suicide is about to succeed. Don't kill yourself. I promise you. It's all right. Chen Fei felt helpless. That is to say, the beautiful mother stone will continue to commit suicide, and this guy is hopeless. Xingjun. You finally agreed.. We're leaving right now. "Don't worry, I have to get ready, alas." Chen Fei's heart is very bitter, and it seems that the promise is too heavy. Brother Yan Zhen, do you know the route to the Anse system? "Are you leaving again, young master?" Chen Fei's expression was so strange that he stood in front of the rockery for a long time, and suddenly came out with such a sentence, Xiaomei and Xiaoli's heart was not good. Of course I know. Hey, brother Chen wants me to lead the way? Yan Zhenxin is overjoyed. I was still thinking about how to deceive a few masters to explore the legendary'Magic Tanonce 'together, but someone came to the door himself. Damn, you can't say you don't know. Really, it seems that you must go. Chen Fei scratched the back of his head bitterly on the surface, but in fact he was overjoyed. Want to know in the superluminal travel, time will stop, if it is Akaiwa Okaya lead oneself to go, because there is no exact route,Blue Bottle Serum, flying saucer can not lock the target, certainly can not use superluminal speed, can only follow behind Akaiwa Okaya slowly drift, this speed, it is estimated that hundreds of years and thousands of years can not reach the Anse galaxy, so Chen Fei did not intend to go to any Anse galaxy in advance. Now is another matter, Starburst Island in a short period of time simply can not slow down to deal with the galaxy, taking advantage of this time, if you have an army of alien races to deal with Starburst Island,cosmetic packaging wholesale, hey. "Master, do you really have to go?!" Xiaomei and Xiaoli's faces changed greatly when they heard this. No, I won't leave tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Don't worry, hehe. Chapter 156 two tigers. Chen Fei did what he said. The next day, before dawn, Xiaoli woke up and rushed into Chen Fei's bedroom. When she saw Chen Fei sleeping in bed, she breathed a sigh of relief and went downstairs to prepare breakfast with great interest. Xiaomei got up earlier than her and was already busy in the kitchen. The most interesting is Yanzhen, this boy has returned to the "real body", copper muscle iron bone, slightly thick black skin, wearing gray shoulder-length linen clothes, knee-length wild linen skirt, barefoot, black hair shawl, about 1.8 meters tall, a pair of shining tiger eyes, rough and straight, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, exudes a strong smell of the wild, like a wild beast. But the corners of the mouth often hang a trace of unrestrained smile, forming a strange temperament that makes people unforgettable at first sight. Last night Yan Zhen did not go into the guest room to sleep, but slept on an old tree branch in the yard, how to look like a savage. But in his own words, "I've been wandering in the void, and I've slept in the magma flow. I'm so spoiled like you. It would be strange if the beautiful girls in the autumn hunting camp would promise each other.". Chen Fei wanted to accompany Xiaomei and Xiaoli quietly for two days, but before noon, his old friend Wu Canglong came to the door angrily. Although his brother is not as successful as Xiaomei in business, the "Cang Xing Party" formed by himself no longer dares to be called a triad gang. Recently, his brother, as the chairman of the Cang Xing Party, engaged in the election of the head of the Heaven Star, and temporarily led his opponent in the number of votes. After the meeting, before Chen Fei had done anything, Wu Canglong flew into a rage and scolded Chen Fei. Finally, he dropped a sentence: "Damn it, if you dare to bully our Jane again, I will fight with you.". Then Chen Fei, who was left stupefied in the yard, turned his head and left angrily. Looking at the baby daughter used to be depressed all day, Wu Canglong knew that the feelings of things can not be forced, only secretly concerned about her daughter, hoping that she can be strong, but last night actually vomited blood into the hospital, his old man is really unbearable, is his own Jane so bad!? Damn it, I've been around for so many years, but I haven't been so angry! "Xiaomei, what did you hear the old man say just now?" After a long time, Chen Fei felt the saliva hanging down to the corner of his mouth and came to his senses. He seemed to say that he wanted the young master to go to Zhao Yike Hospital to apologize to Miss Wu, or he would fight with the young master. Xiaomei also did not understand much, Wu Canglong just regardless of the image, so standing outside the gate of the storm shouted abuse, scolded into the maglev car away, Xiaoli in the side has not yet come to her senses. Damn it, are you kidding me? Where did I offend Wu Zhen? This old guy is probably old and out of his mind. I don't care about him. Chen Fei was so depressed that he wanted to have a tryst with his married daughter. The old man was not only sick, but also very sick. Xiaoli, you go to prepare flowers and fruits, yes, to the best roses, we accompany the young master to the hospital to see Miss Wu. Xiaomei smiled. When Chen Fei and Xiao Li heard this, they looked at each other. Xiao Li was puzzled and said, "Sister, do you need to exaggerate?"! And roses? "Don't ask any more questions, go quickly!" Xiaomei stared. Only then did Xiaoli pout into the room to call Tianxun and reluctantly order flowers. Xiaomei, something is wrong with you, and you actually support me to send roses to others? Do you need to be so grand? If Wu Zhen's husband misunderstands, someone will die! Chen Fei was dumbfounded. Young master, Miss Wu is the big director of Prospect Group, can't people send flowers? Hee hee, why is the young master nervous? Can it be said that he has feelings for Miss Wu? Xiaomei said quietly. Ah I didn't say anything. You can go with Xiaoli. Yanzhen is a newcomer. I have to take him sightseeing. Chen Fei was a little embarrassed. Mr. Yan Zhen's sightseeing has been arranged for a long time, and he has invited a professional tour guide. Young master, you are timid. If there is no problem, why can't you go to see Miss Wu? At least when the young master just came home,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, Miss Wu also came to see you, eh? You didn't really let people guess, did you? Xiaomei's face is full of suspicion.
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