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This female heavenly teacher, who claimed to be Miaojie and God knows where she came from, shook her head slightly, stretched out her hands, and put out a Taoist handprint that looked like a model. She said, "Both Buddhism and Taoism emphasize fighting and turning hostility into harmony. When you come to the mountain village with sharp weapons in your hands, you can really be called ferocious and murderous. How can you have the sincerity to do business?"? In my opinion, if you lay down your weapons and let us manage them, we will not only give you all the food and bedding, but also let you leave safely, leaving your precious lives behind. Isn't that a happy time for everyone? Looking at this wonderful heavenly master standing in the distance and listening to her leisurely talk, Lei Zhen said indifferently, "Listen, do you really think that with the local guns and pitchforks in the hands of these villagers, plus the local cannons that God knows can be fired, you will be sure to win, so you can open your mouth to our lions?"? You see clearly, although we are few, but once the exchange of fire, the guns in their hands can only fire one bullet at most, but we can fire dozens of rounds! Comparatively speaking, we should have the upper hand! "Almsgiver, after all, you haven't jumped out of the evil thoughts of greed, anger and ignorance." Miaojie shook his head and sighed, "How can people like you who are still wallowing in the three realms and five elements understand the true meaning of the boundless Tao and Dharma?"? The villagers knelt down in front of the incense altar for three days and three nights. They sincerely felt heaven and earth. After washing away the marks of the mortal world, they got the Tianshi Fu Shui. They were really reborn. Do you really think that with those lethal weapons in your hands, you can really break the supreme body-protecting magic power given to them by Taishang Laojun? "Divine Skill?" Lei Zhen stared at this wonderful heavenly teacher, even if the two sides were separated by dozens of meters. But his sharp eyes still stung Miaojie's eyes in an instant. When Miaojie Tianshi subconsciously slanted his head slightly, Lei Zhen said in a deep voice: "Now the strong enemy is invading,Portable gold trommel, and almost every inch of the country is swept by the flames of war.". It is because our technology is not as good as the enemy, our weapons are not as good as the enemy, so although the soldiers on the front line fought bloody battles, they are still losing ground, and the whole country is already in a precarious situation. Unexpectedly, there are people like you here to deceive the public! The two Taoist boys, who were following Miaojie, suddenly changed their faces and shouted in a harsh voice, "Be bold!" But Lei Zhen did not pay attention to the two female Taoist boys. His eyes had fallen on the villager with a local gun in front of him. "What's your name?" He asked. Facing Lei Zhen's sudden inquiry, the villager answered subconsciously: "Li Erkui!" "Li Erkui, do you really think that you kneel in front of the incense altar for three days and three nights, draw an amulet on your face, and drink a bowl of cold water mixed with paper ash?". So your body can stop a bullet made of steel? Facing Lei Zhen's sharp eyes to the limit. Li Erkui's body involuntarily trembled slightly, but look at the villagers around him who also held weapons and drew a spell on their faces. Li Erkui managed to straighten his waist and said, "Of course!" Lei Zhen raised his voice. "Have you ever killed anyone?!" Li Erkui replied, gold cil machine ,gold heap leaching, "No." Of course he didn't, otherwise, why did he draw an amulet on his face, drink the amulet water of the wonderful Tianshi, and be invulnerable to bullets? In the face of Lei Zhen, his hands were trembling slightly? "I killed him." Lei Zhen stared at Li Erkui. "My family was ruined when I was 14 years old," he said. "I have killed 141 people since I killed the first Japanese with my teeth when I was 15 years old! As long as the Japanese do not go, I will continue to kill, even I do not know how many people to kill! Absolutely no one dares to doubt Lei Zhen's words! Not only Li Erkui, but all the villagers standing in front of Lei Zhen were trembling all over their hands and legs! Facing Lei Zhen's dark and deep eyes, they felt even more cold in their hearts. Those storytellers who run through the streets and rely on lip service to make a living occasionally come to this remote mountain village because they get lost or for various reasons. When they talk about the romance of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the history of the Three Kingdoms, and the brave generals who have experienced hundreds of battles, they always like to use the word "murderous" to describe it. Murderous look, definitely not with fierce eyes, loud voice, a word of disagreement on the fist can have, can show. If you eat snake meat, especially raw snake meat, and you walk in the jungle and grass, I don't know why, those poisonous snakes who usually like to bite people when they get the chance, just don't dare to attack you again. In the same way, if you kill too many people, a normal person, as long as you look into your eyes, will feel cold, will want to forget you immediately, forget you give him too heavy pressure on the eyes! To put it bluntly, the murderous look is to kill more, naturally have a kind of indescribable, but the real existence of the toy! Have you heard the story of the Dragon King of the Jinghe River? Cheng Yaojin and Qin Qiong beside Li Shimin, the king of Tang Dynasty, killed countless people on the battlefield, so even the soul of the Dragon King of Jinghe River dared not approach them, because even gods, saints and immortals were afraid of people like us! Lei Zhen stared at Li Erkui and shouted, "If you're not convinced, shoot me!"! See if you can shoot me with the gun in your hand! Try to see you kneel in front of the incense table for three days and three nights, and draw a ghost on your face. Can you be more like a God, more like an immortal, more like a saint than the Dragon King of Jinghe River? Chill, heart surge, is the absolute chill! In the eyes of Li Erkui, the man who blooms crazily with a murderous look and focuses all his attention on him is the most blood-eating, crazy and evil incarnation of Shura in the world! "Shoot!" Lei Zhen suddenly raised the submachine gun in his hand. He shouted, "Aren't you reborn?"? Aren't you invulnerable? Didn't you become an immortal, a Buddha and a saint? How can you be so ***ing timid and so afraid of death? If you don't shoot me,coltan ore processing, I'll shoot you first! I have killed Japanese, traitors and traitors in my life, but I have never killed a great God. I just want to see if my gun can kill a great God like you!!! 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com
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