Red flags do not fall and colorful flags flutter.

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Posted by Stanley from the Agriculture category at 11 Nov 2022 12:27:35 am.
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All the way to write, some friends like this article, some friends hate this article, controversial, but I am very happy to write, as the saying goes, even if Zhou Xingxing is a great God, it is estimated that there will be more than N viewers say, NO, are garbage such words, think of here, my mood will relax, ha ha ha, when the year comes, make a wish. Write an article that you like. It seems that it is about to be achieved. Thank you for your support all the time. PART42 The end Three years later "Ye Hongqi, it will be a waste for you to turn on the air conditioner like this!" It was five degrees below zero outside the house and twenty-five degrees above zero inside the house. I was sitting on the ground playing games in small clothes. Cai Qi was carrying French fries. As soon as I entered the door, I couldn't help frowning. By the way, he bent down and kissed me. "New work habits?" I was so happy that I threw away the remote control stick and showed off to him: "I am the manager of the purchasing department now!" Although it is a small foreign trade company, I am very happy to do it. Because I can learn a lot. Cai Qi handed me a French fry with a half-smile and asked, "How many people are there in your department?" This child, too bad, once hit the heart, once again stimulated my young heart, I bite the fries, hemmed and hawed: "There are about two people!" " Cai Qi finally burst out laughing: "No, no, no, I should ask you how many people in the whole company!" " = = How many people in the company? This question is too sharp. Besides the boss, it's my manager! I could not bear his laughter, and finally mumbled an answer to him. He rubbed my head, comfort: "Do happy, do not understand can ask me!" " Mingming was very tired,347 stainless steel, but the first thing he did when he came back every day was to ask me about my work. I jumped four times, and each time he taught me data, PPT and interpersonal communication. He is very patient and insightful. Every time I benefit from it, everyone can see my progress. Hey, the air conditioner is too high, two people are blowing waste! Finally, he couldn't help it. He picked up the phone and dialed a string of numbers: "Old man, come and see your daughter-in-law!" Puff. Why did you pick such a time! I haven't met Cai's parents until now, but his two sisters have invited me to eat KFC's children's set meal several times in private. I remember Cai Tiantian always liked to grab the gift of the set meal with me. The Cai family are all old foxes! I wonder what kind of person old man Cai, the head of the fox, is? "Don't worry, my father is a gentle and elegant middle-aged uncle!" Cai Qi put down the phone and smiled at me, "but Ye Hongqi, should you go downstairs and buy some barbecue or something to go with Dad?" (O ⊙) Oh, I asked him conditionally: "Is Dad used to eating?" His eyes curved with laughter and he touched my head. "He eats meat. As long as there is meat to eat, everything is easy to say!" Well, uns c68700 ,uns s32760 plate, I scratched my hair, pulled a military coat off the sofa, wrapped myself in it, and ran all the way down. He ran all the way to the outside of the community and finally saw several barbecue stalls. Because of the cold weather, very few people buy, the owner in charge of the barbecue, chubby, while playing while soliciting business. This, this, this. I pointed to a series of things and waited there. The weather is very cold and the meat is cooked very slowly. I was bored and looked around. It was time for dinner. There were not many people wandering outside. I saw two people coming from far away. They were wearing military coats like me. Wrapped and shivering. Close to the one, a face of snot, a face of chrysanthemum petal-like wrinkles. He saw my eyes light up and rushed over. Beauty, look! He pulled open his military coat, and I and the owner of the barbecue stand were shocked. (O ⊙) Oh, vacuum-packed, a lip balm. The owner of the barbecue looked at him with disdain and pride. I despise him with the action, the conditioned reflex reciprocates, clang, also pull open the military coat, frankly opposite. Lao Tzu's chest is higher than his! Puff. I saw that he was stupefied and suddenly ran away. Exhibitionist. He barked as he ran. It is estimated that the excitement is surging, and there are not many good friends these days. Besides, there has never been a shortage of beautiful girls and strong men among the exhibitionists! ╮(╯╰)╭ He ran for a while, turned his head and asked, "Which community are you from? How many buildings are you from? Come and run together next time?" “……” I was petrified, and I was speechless when I remembered that I was wearing a three-point sports underwear. I saw the one in the back, showing his snow-white teeth, smiling sullenly, suddenly stretching out his foot and kicking it on the calf of the wretched man, like carrying a white chicken, and pulling down his military coat. Ye Hongqi, call someone louder than him! I look carefully now, is a middle-aged beautiful uncle, red lips and white teeth, an age, there is a kind of enchanting taste. What a dusty wind. Puff! But how does he know my name. He looked at me in a daze, laughed and said to the wretched man on the ground, "Do you want clothes?" It was five degrees below zero, and the white chopped chicken was shivering with cold and nodding. Tell me the ID number, the name.. The white chopped chicken trembled and reported a long list of numbers. The middle-aged uncle turned on his cell phone and dialed a string of numbers to confirm it. Soon after, he slowly pressed the number and praised him: "Not bad, you have a good job. Why do you want to run naked like others?"! Talent is not good, some sports can not be imitated! As he spoke, he looked at his lip balm. Alas, remember to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses! The white chopped chicken on the ground burst into tears. If you run naked here again, expose your body casually and talk nonsense, I will report your number to the police station! Oh, oh, oh, applause, that's a good idea! "Get out!" The voice did not fall, the man pulled the military coat and slipped away without a trace. Ye Hongqi, your little underwear is very beautiful! He turned and smiled at me,316l stainless steel pipe, with a certain familiarity, sepulchral, a little mischievous smugness.
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