Except for the fallen flowers that here we meet again.

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The third thing? What is the happiest thing first? Ruoye sat in a comfortable position in the water with her eyes closed and asked lightly, although it was a pity that she could not see the expressive face of the fireworks, but the sense of tiredness that came over her made her lose the strength to open her eyes. Of course, I have Xiaojie by my side! Fireworks have a happy expression that is sweet to the heart. What about the second thing? Wakaba then asked. Eat! Fireworks answered well, "and eat what Ruoye made!" "Wow, Fireworks Sister, you really flatter me!" Ruoye chuckled. Of course, Wakaba's cooking is the best in the world! However, compared with our Xiaojie, you can only be wronged in the second place! "You two are so close!"! Sister Fireworks! Ruoye said. From the day they knew Fireworks, the two of them were together. Although they would tease and occasionally quarrel, Fireworks could not help being a nymphomaniac when he saw a handsome man. Baishi would be angry and say that he would not care about her any more, but in the end, they would make up. That feeling is real and sweet. Yes, we are childhood sweethearts! When he was a child, he was super cute! A lot of girls hit his idea, if not my fireworks have peerless beauty, virtuous and virtuous, beautiful and intelligent. Ruoye closed his eyes and felt his body getting lighter and lighter, the sound of fireworks getting smaller and smaller, and his consciousness becoming more and more blurred. "Ah-" Unexpectedly,x52 line pipe, there was a sword dojo here. Sanada, who had just come back from sword practice, suddenly heard a woman's screams. Who would it be at this time? After a moment's hesitation, Sanada walked in the direction of the voice. Whoa- "Sanada was hit by a soft cotton thing before he reached the place where the sound was made.". As soon as Ding Qing looked at it, he hurriedly turned his head to one side. The woman in front of him was only wrapped in a bath towel, with wet hair and bare feet. It seemed that she was running from the soup pool in a panic. Ah, it's Sanada from Rikai University! It's great to meet you! Cried the woman excitedly. Eh? Sanada Jian eyebrows slightly wrinkled, the corner of her eyes swept her face,x60 line pipe, although not Qingguo Qingcheng, but also comely, not too tall, this face has no impression, but the voice and the way of speaking, it is a little familiar, by the way, should be with Wakaba, the manager of Sakurazawa High School, called, called fireworks, "fireworks?" Sanada asked cautiously. Yes, yes, I am fireworks! Sanada, come on, 321 stainless steel sheet ,x52 line pipe, come on, follow me! Fireworks said and took Sanada's hand and walked inside. Hey, fireworks, what are you going to do? Sanada shouted hurriedly, his body pushing back against the force of the fireworks. Help! Ruoye fainted in the pool! Fireworks said anxiously, "It was fine at the beginning, but she fainted when she spoke!"! I can't move her alone! "What did you say?" Sanada stared and asked, "did you say Wakaba fainted?" "Yes!" Fireworks replied, this Sanada how silly, no wonder so strong strength can only be a deputy, the original is the problem of IQ! "Really!"! Tell me where it is! Sanada anxiously grabbed the fireworks and asked. In, in there, go to the end, turn left. Fireworks Leng Leng looked at Sanada hurried to the figure, "just a reluctant look, now how to run so fast, is really a strange guy!" "Ruoye!" Sanada rushed into the hot spring room and saw Wakaba sitting there with her eyes closed, her head tilted to one side and her face pale. Wakaba! Sanada cried with heartache. He reached out and carefully carried her out of the pool, took off his coat, wrapped it around her, and then carried her out. It's too far from the dormitory. It's windy at night. She will catch cold. He carried her into the nearest room, put her carefully on the bed, and touched her head. It was a little hot. It should be the temporary lack of oxygen in the brain caused by the high temperature in the room. In this case, put it in a place where the air is circulating, and you will wake up when the temperature is lowered. Sanada opened the window gently. It was a little windy at night. She could feel the wind when she met a little. She took off her coat carefully and kept her breathing smoothly. Yes, water. Sanada immediately went out of the room. Where were the fireworks? She had to come and help. Sanada said in his heart. When Sanada took the water back to the house, he could not help but be stunned there, in front of Wakaba closed his eyes tightly, the original pale face gradually had blood, and the innocent sleeping face like a baby was full of fatal temptation at the moment. The body is only wrapped in a white bathrobe up to the chest, with a graceful neck, sexy shoulders and slender legs exposed to the outside. The faint moonlight outside the window will bring a faint halo to the snow-white skin. The slightly wet hair is close to the face, and the ends of the hair that are longer than the ears are scattered on the sexy cordbone. Such a picture becomes very fragrant in the silent night. Sanada felt a fever on his body, and finally. Two sticky red liquids slowly slipped down from the straight and handsome nose, only to see that he immediately turned around and rushed to the bathroom. In the sink of the bathroom, Sanada immersed his whole head in the cold water until he could no longer hold it. Then he raised his head, gasped for breath, and then soaked in the water again. He repeated this several times. He raised his head, put his hand on the opposite wall, gasped for breath, and let the cold drops of water fall from his upright and handsome face. I can't believe I had a nosebleed just now. It's the first time I've had a nosebleed because I looked at the person I like. Looking at his slightly red face in the mirror, I couldn't help smiling bitterly. Should I celebrate this special day today? Only then did I discover that I was so fond of Ruoye that I really, really liked her! But how did she feel about herself? During the day, the scene clearly emerged in front of me, and my heart was in pain for no reason! Why is it that the person who stays by her side is not herself? Why! Wakaba.. "Uh-huh." Faintly heard the voice of Ruoye, Sanada immediately wiped the water on his face, rushed out, only to see the people on the bed,x56 line pipe, slightly open their eyes, hit the pair of some hazy purple eyes, just pressed on the impulse to come up again. lksteelpipe.com
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