Empty Fragrance Valley-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

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Wen Yuxun stayed for a while and followed him. Bi Duan led the way, only to see him turn right every three steps, such as one did not walk for long? The two men are out of the tree array. Wen Yuxun secretly imagined such a simple way to get out of the array. I didn't think of it before. It serves to show that there is no end to learning. If it weren't for Bi Duan leading the way, I'm afraid I'd never get out of this array! On second thought, Bi Duan arched his hand and said, "Goodbye!" Said, turned and strode away! Wen Yuxun was stunned for a moment, thinking where were Qiongmei and Kengdi? Why don't you see them? He looked around, but still saw no sign of the two men. He was greatly surprised. He walked along the road for a while when he heard a shout coming from the forest on his right. As soon as Wen Yuxun heard this, not only did Shangguan Qiong's voice, but even Ouyang Keng's voice sounded over there. He no longer hesitated and flew away! Near, I saw Shangguan Qiong and Ouyang Keng join hands to fight a white scholar, Wen Yuxun a look, big drink a way: "Stop it!" Three people heard Wen Yuxun's voice and retreated one after another! Ouyang Keng shouted, "Well, Brother Wen is here. Do you dare to bully this bad boy?" "Don't talk nonsense, Brother Keng," Wen Yuxun shouted. "They're all our own people." Ouyang Keng pointed at the scholar in surprise and said, "Brother Wen, do you think this bad boy is one of us?" Wen Yuxun hurried over and said, "What's going on?" Shangguan Qiong saw Wen Yuxun appear, originally in the heart big set, and listen to him say that the scholar is one of his own, immediately have a kind of feeling of great grievance,x70 line pipe, wow a cry out. The woman's tears were really worthless, but when Shangguan Qiong cried, Wen Yuxun cried silly. He was in a daze and looked at the scholar and said, "Nan Yan, what on earth are you up to?" It turned out that this scholar was Lu Nanyan in disguise. Lu Nanyan had a special feeling for Wen Yuxun in her heart. At the moment, when she saw Wen Yuxun coming out, she helped Shangguan Qiong. She was so angry that she turned around and left! As soon as Wen Yuxun was in a daze, he quickly stopped him and said,316 stainless steel plate, "Nan Yan, what's the matter with you?" "It was your sister Qiong who bullied me," said Lu Nanyan. "Go and ask her." Wen Yuxun's tone was a little wrong, but he wouldn't have expected anything else. He turned around and asked, "Sister Qiong, but you bullied her?" "When did I bully her?" Asked Shangguan Qiong angrily. "If you hadn't bullied me," said Lu Nanyan, "how could I have fought with you?" She put the blame on Shangguan Qiong, but Shangguan Qiong was so angry that she pointed at Lu Nanyan with a livid face and said, "Aren't you angry enough with me?"? Shall we have another fight? "With you," said Lu Nanyan coldly. Wen Yuxun shook his hand and said, "Nan Yan, don't fool around. This is Miss Shangguan Qiong." "There's no need to introduce her," said Lu Nanyan. "I already know her name." Wen Yuxun frowned and said, "If you already know, why do you want to find Shangguan Qiong's bad luck?" "Why do you help her with everything?" Lu Nanyan said angrily. Ouyang Keng interrupted, "Although Brother Wen helped Sister Qiong, uns s32750 sheet ,uns c70600, it was you who started the whole thing." After a pause, he turned to Wen Yuxun and said, "Brother Wen, this man is not to be hated. He said he knew how to get in and out of the tree array. Sister Qiong asked him to help bring you out of the array, but he made an unreasonable request." "What unreasonable request?" Asked Wen Yuxun. At this juncture, Lu Nanyan could not help but turn around in his heart, and thought to himself that he should let the boy tell the truth, so that he could understand my mind. Ouyang Keng said, "He asked what was the relationship between Sister Qiong and you?" Wen Yuxun blushed and said, "What nonsense!" Ouyang Keng gave a snort and imitated the tone of an adult. "Sister Qiong told him, and he still wants to ask Sister Qiong whether you are intimate or not." As soon as Wen Yuxun raised her eyes, she lowered Nanyan's head. After all, she felt a little embarrassed. Wen Yuxun secretly took a breath, thinking how can this be, he is the daughter of the elder brother, my generation is uncle and nephew, must not, must not! In a flash of thought, he said, "Nan Yan, weren't you with your father?" "I don't feel very free with them," said Lu Nanyan. "So can't I go out alone?" After Lu Nanyan saw Ouyang Keng telling the truth, Wen Yuxun did not respond. He was jealous and was reluctant to speak. Wen Yuxun didn't take it amiss either. "Your father will be worried if you are so naughty," he added. Lu Nanyan snorted, "I'm about the same age as you, and I'm not a child. What do they have to worry about?" Lu Nanyan's words meant a lot. Wen Yuxun couldn't hear them. He never expected that Lu Nanyan would fall in love with him so much. He had the intention to persuade him a few words, but for a moment he couldn't say that Shangguan Qiong was as careful as hair. After careful observation, he saw that she was disguised as a man. He couldn't help sneering: "Brother Wen, when did you know her?" Before Wen Yuxun could answer, Lu Nanyan said, "At least earlier than you!" Shangguan Qiong said in a resentful voice, "You're such a clever girl that you've almost deceived me. Now I'd like to ask you, what's your relationship with Brother Wen?" "You don't deserve to ask," Lu Nanyan snorted. "I must ask," snorted Shangguan Qiong. "Then you're overreaching yourself," said Lu Nanyan coldly. Shangguan Qiong opened her eyes and said, "Are you saying so or not?" "So what if you don't?" Asked Lu Nanyan. Shangguan Qiong great anger, shout to a palm attack in the past! Wen Yuxun hurriedly crossed his body, stretched out his arm, and put on Guan Qiong's palm. Shangguan Qiong gritted her teeth and said, "Brother Wen, are you still protecting her?" "Don't talk nonsense, Sister Qiong," said Wen Yuxun hurriedly. "I have no intention of doing that." Shangguan Qiong said bitterly, "You said there was no such intention. The fact is right in front of you. Why should you quibble?" This really makes Wen Yuxun jump to the Yellow River can not wash, hesitate, Shangguan Qiong is a palm attack in the past. This time, if Wen Yuxun parried again, he was afraid that Shangguan Qiong's anger would be even greater. Between hesitations, Lu Nanyan had already turned over his palm and hit back hard. Two people just fierce fight for some time, Shangguan Qiong's skill is slightly inferior to Lu Nanyan, Lu Nanyan a round of fast break,uns s31803 sheet, Shangguan Qiongdeng only defend. Ouyang Keng shouted, "Brother Wen, help Sister Qiong!" 。 lksteelpipe.com
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