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Hua Hanyu then explained, "When Xiao'er went to cheat the young master, I was secretly asked out by Mr. Liu." What did he tell you? "Li Le asked urgently.". Hua Hanyu said, "He took me to Jianfeng. I met my mother and knew that my adoptive father was the enemy of our family. He was also the sword demon. Then I came down the mountain to find Zhou Sen." "What else did Liu Shuangqing say?" Qu Yige asked hurriedly with his eyes wide open. "Where did he go later?" Now only Liu Shuangqing can explain it, so he is a very key person. He didn't say anything, and when I went to Jianfeng, he left without saying goodbye, so I don't know where he went. "Flower language is very regretful tunnel," I was only concerned about their own life experience, forgot to ask him specific matters. " "It's not your fault. It would be the same for anyone." Li Le comforted her and said, "Actually, all this was arranged by Mr. Zhao on purpose, so this young master now agrees with Qu Yige's point of view." "What point of view?" Song of a song even do not know what their own point of view. Li Ledao said, "Mr. Zhao is probably not dead." "How should we do now?" The flower contains language to also do not have an idea now, her heart is too confused, feel the brain of oneself is dazed only, the thing in reality, the blow to her is too big. "Of course I'm going to find Mr. Zhao," said Li Ledao. "I'm afraid we can't find Mr. Zhao." "Who is he?" The song asked? He wants to hide. We definitely can't find it. Now we have to find Liu Shuangqing. Maybe there is hope. "I'm afraid I can't find it either," Li Le said sideways! Don't forget. Now not only us, but also Zhao Xiandi, Jian Yong,micro gear motor, and Long Jin of the Iron Dragon Gate. They are all looking for Liu Shuangqing. "What do you think we should do?" The song asked. Li Le pondered for a moment and then said, "We should go to a restaurant." Hua Hanyu asked in surprise, "Go to the restaurant to inquire about the news of Mr. Zhao?" Hua Hanyu thought Li Le was simply wishful thinking. Li Le shouted, "I'm not going to find out about Mr. Zhao, but to have a big meal in a restaurant." With a sound of "Chi", Hua Hanyu couldn't help laughing. Thanks to Li Le, he can think of eating to fill his stomach at this time! Hua Hanyu felt that it was a very easy and pleasant thing to be with them. Because they never take difficulties and hardships as the same thing, they face everything in front of them with a happy heart. This is a kind of elegant and chic, a great love of life, even close to the "Zen" truth. Only this kind of person who is not frightened by honor or disgrace and who is not afraid of life and death is a truly wise and wise person. Hua Hanyu wanted to go with them, but finally said, "I can't go, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Planetary Gear Motor, because I have to go to find Xiao'er." "What's wrong with Xiao'er?" Asked Qu Yige. She's missing! I haven't been back for two days and one night. 。” There is infinite worry in the tone of the flower. "What does it matter if such a big man doesn't come back for a few days? Maybe he wants to go out to play like me." Hua Hanyu was not angry and had a smile on her face. She knew that Li Le was comforting her, and she now knew that they were all people who liked to joke. In the past, she would have kept a straight face. She suddenly felt that it was better for people to live easily! "No!" Hua said, "she has never come back at night. Even if she doesn't come back, she will say hello to me. Something must have happened to Xiao'er, and she doesn't know her life experience, let alone that Zhao Xiandi is a sword demon. She is in danger now!" "Xiao'er must be in Zhao Xiandi's place!" Li Le said angrily, staring at his eyes. "But now even Zhao Xiandi has disappeared," said Hua Han. "Oh?" Exclaimed Song One in horror. "No!"! He must have abducted Xiao'er. And Mr. Zhao must still be alive. Once this truth is strung together, it will suddenly come to light. Zhao Xiandi was the first to pay attention to whether Zhao was dead or alive. He was invisible. Naturally, he knew that Zhao was still alive. He was afraid that Zhao would find him. His favorite girl was Xiao'er, so he would not be willing to give up Xiao'er and run away. Li Le looked at the song. "I'm not going to the restaurant first," said the song. "Why?" Said Hua Hanyu? It's to help me laugh. ? It's all right 。 Zhao Xiandi didn't dare to show up when he didn't know the exact whereabouts of Mr. Zhao, so I just went to check it out. Li Ledao: "I will not go to the restaurant to eat, although hungry for a day, but I still decided to check with you." "Oh?" Hua laughed. "You're not hungry now?" Before Li Le opened his mouth, he sang a song on his behalf, saying, "He's very hungry, but if I don't go, he won't have any money. So even if he's going to die of hunger, he won't be able to go." "Then you'd better take him to dinner first!" Hua said. Just as he was about to sing a song, Li Le shouted, "He won't go, because if you don't go, I only have a few coppers on me, which is only enough to buy two Rao cakes, and it's the kind without sesame seeds." Hua Hanyu's eyes widened. It turned out that they had taken a fancy to the silver in her pocket when they said they would go to the restaurant for dinner. This is not a restaurant, but it still has wine and food. Although the food in this small restaurant is not half as good as that in Zhuangyuanlou, for Li Le, he eats no worse than any meal in Zhuangyuanlou. Four main Tang, four big Lai, four assistant Lai, and four Qingsu Lianglai. A total of 16 dishes, plus a large jar of wine. The four main dishes are just braised pork, steamed carp, dry cut beef and the only rooster left in the boss's house to announce the dawn. Li Le had already eaten one of the dishes before he could wait for Lai Shangquan. He cried out and looked at Hua Hanyu with squinting eyes. For Hua Hanyu,small geared motors, this was the worst meal she had ever had, so she was very sorry and said, "I really didn't expect that the food in this restaurant would be so bad. I will make up for it next time. Please go to Zhuangyuan Building to have a big meal." 。
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