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Scar Wolf used the method of splitting the mountain incisively and vividly. He split it again and again. He was sweating and panting. Ling Fan stood in front of him calmly and said with a smile, "Why, I'm tired of splitting. It's time for me to do it.". I said if you're going to die today, you're going to die! "Silence Finger!" Ling Fan softly crooned, although speaking with a gentle smile, but listen in the ears of Scar Wolf is like a devil, and then in the incredible eyes of Scar Wolf, a fingerprint directly from his forehead through?? If you haven't collected it yet, please collect it. Thank you. [Text Chapter 41 The Spirit of Attributes (for Collection)] Scar Wolf slowly fell to the ground in his unwilling eyes, and with a "boom", his strong body fell straight to the ground. Then the divine light in his eyes opened and scattered, and slowly lost his vitality. Crouching behind the bushes peeking minions saw that Scar Wolf had been killed, scared out of his wits, and ran in the direction of Mocheng with trembling legs. Ling Fan naturally saw the minions, shook his head and sighed: "a nest of snakes and rats, keeping it is also a scourge." Then he kicked Scar Wolf's broadsword hard with his right foot, and the broadsword passed through the minion's body with a whoosh as fast as lightning. The minion's running body immediately stiffened, and then he fell straight to the ground. Where did that broadsword come from? Scar Wolf didn't seem to have this broadsword before. Ling Fan looked at the broadsword that directly penetrated the minions and said doubtfully. Suddenly,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, Ling Fan glanced out of the corner of his eye and found a ring on Scar Wolf's right hand. Is it the precepts? Ling Fan took the ring off Scar Wolf's hand, and then his mind began to concentrate on the ring. Sure enough, it was Na Jie. Ling Fan said happily. Generally speaking, the spirit will not have a ring, although the ring is not what high-end goods, but the general spirit can not have, he did not expect that Scar Wolf has a ring. A storage space used to store things. Generally,Small Geared Motors, only the user of the ring can take out and store things from the ring. However, when the user dies, the ring will become ownerless, and then others can use the ring. The man in black who assassinated Ling Fan also had a ring, but after killing the man in black, Ling Fan was seriously injured, and worried that another assassin would come, so he was not in the mood to see what was in the ring of the man in black. Now Ling Fan was naturally in the mood to see what was in Scar Wolf's ring. After entering the ring, he found that there were not many things in the ring, but there were a lot of golden coins, which made Ling Fan very happy. He had only ten thousand gold coins left in Dan Pavilion. He was crying for money. Unexpectedly, Scar Wolf sent it up by himself. Ling Fan happily put the gold coins in the Scar Wolf Ring into his own Ring, and then put a few bottles of elixir into his own Ring. This kind of elixir can be used in battle. It is an elixir that can make his spiritual power rise suddenly. However, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,brushless gear motor, this elixir has little effect on Ling Fan. Ha-ha Walk !” Ling Fan laughed happily, and then performed Shenxing, jumping up and down in the jungle. Now I finally have money. Ling Fan estimated that these gold coins should add up to hundreds of thousands. For people like Scar Wolf, Ling Fan took his gold coins without any psychological burden, saying that these gold coins were robbed by Scar Wolf from others, just like robbing him because of money. After Ling Fan walked for a while, the shadow flashed in front of the body of Scar Wolf. The shadow fell in front of the body of Scar Wolf and touched it. "The body is still warm??" Then it disappeared. Ling Fan displayed his magic and scurried through the jungle, asking, "Voldemort, you can speak now." "Hey, boy, don't worry.". Listen to me slowly, the spirit fire is the most violent fire attribute flame between heaven and earth, these spirit fires are different fires between heaven and earth, perhaps it is the lava fire calcined in the volcano for tens of thousands of years, or perhaps it is the nine days Gang fire formed by the mutation in the nine days Gang wind?? Anyway, these flames are very violent. The power is also very strong. If a person can absorb a kind of spiritual fire, it will be of great help to him in the battle. But normally speaking, each person can only absorb one kind of spiritual fire, because the spiritual fire is too violent, the human body simply can not accommodate two kinds, if forced to accommodate two kinds of spiritual fire will only explode and die. "But if you can absorb the kindling, you can absorb one more kind of spiritual fire, because the kindling has the ability to evolve, so it does not exclude other spiritual fires, but it can only absorb one more kind.". If we want the fire to continue to evolve, we must absorb other flames. Although the spirit fire is the most violent flame, there are also some special flames that can compete with it. "Hey, having said all that, these actually apply to most people.". But if you can absorb the spirit fire, there is a big advantage. Although the spirits between heaven and earth are not divided into attributes, they themselves are interested in some treasures representing various attributes, especially the spirits of attributes! When you communicate with Lingzi, you always take the initiative to communicate. As long as you can absorb the spirit of one attribute, the Lingzi who is close to the spirit of that attribute will take the initiative to communicate with you and get closer to you. Hey hey, listen clearly is the spirit son to take the initiative to communicate with you, when the time comes your strength can absolutely soar several levels. And as long as you absorb the spirit of this attribute, you can definitely improve the speed of communication with the spirit of this attribute in the future. "So good!"! What is that? The Spirit of Attributes? Ling Fan asked. The spirit of attributes is the most wonderful foreign body of heaven and earth in every natural attribute. Spirit fire is only one of the spirits of attributes. There are six other spirits, such as spirit earth, spirit thunder and so on. "If I absorb the spirit of these six attributes, then I don't know how high my strength will be??" Ling Fan shook his head and couldn't imagine that he didn't think there was such a way to improve his strength quickly by practicing the Yin and Yang Sutra of the Book of Changes. He used to think that if he wanted to improve his strength,Gear Reduction Motor, he had to communicate with Lingzi in a regular way, but now he knows that there is such a way to improve his strength quickly, and Ling Fan has finally found the goal of improving his own level. ichgearmotor.com
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