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"Zi, Zi, Zi" burst of melting sound sounded, the body of the dark giant actually began to be burned, his day over and all people are not the same, all the emperor immortal king of the day over are lightning thunder down, of course, the dark giant's day over unexpectedly has infinite light, this light is everywhere, directly into the body of the dark giant, To burn the darkness of the dark giant in an instant. Dark giant has been integrated with the darkness, at this time once the darkness of his body is burned by the light of heaven, that is to burn his whole person to ashes, under such heaven, once he can not hold up, it is also the same body is dead, the same is ashes! "Don't forget that you have thrown yourself into the darkness and will never appear in the world!" Li Qiye said with a faint smile. "At this time, the dark giant roared, his eyebrows were bright, and the shadow of the coffin emerged. The shadow gushed out the light, which enveloped the coffin in an instant, just like a chain of laws locking the coffin." Clang, clang, clang "the sound of a chain sounded, the dark giant forcibly pulled the coffin over, the twelve laws were pulled tightly stretched!"! There was a bang, and when the dark giant pulled over the coffin, the coffin was opened,24v Gear Motor, swallowing the heavenly death from the sky. Come here- "Li Qiye also roared, the dead book turned the page, the original life of Taichu was brilliant, and the endless power burst out in an instant!"! Hearing the sound of "clang-", the twelve mandates of heaven were tightened in an instant. Hearing the sound of "rolling", the coffin of death was pulled and displaced. Once the coffin of death, which was originally swallowed by Tianzhu, was displaced, a small part of Tianzhu still fell into the body of the dark giant. This small part of Tianzhu penetrated into the body of the dark giant in an instant, burning the darkness in his body. Open- "Dark giant roared,gear reduction motor, all the blood gas instantly turned into darkness, heard a loud" boom ", the dark sky, turned into the wings of eternal darkness, with endless dark power of the dark giant suddenly strong to carry this small part of the day. This dark giant is too powerful, the complete Tianzhu he is unable to carry, but this small part of Tianzhu he can carry! "Today, we are not only killing you, all your things belong to us!" At this time, the dark giant was furious, and his eyes gushed with endless dark light, which seemed to be like refining Li Qiye. This time the dark giant wants to make a move, not only to behead Li Qiye, he also wants to forcibly take away everything of Li Qiye, like the original life of Taichu, such a thing is worth his salivation! "With you?"? You might as well think about how to get out alive. Li Qiye smiled and said, "Do it!" As soon as the words fell, there was a loud bang, and the twelve rules were to pull the coffin to death, Vending Machine Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, and the dead book refined the coffin! At the same time, his blood gushed, the power of the road was vast and boundless, and the power of the true self opened up a new field and turned into a vast and endless battlefield. Although the dark giant can borrow the power of all people, including the Great Emperor and the Immortal King, Li Qiye is an exception, because he owns the Thirteen Life Palace, he jumps out of everything, nothing can bind him! "Hum-" a loud noise, in this moment, this has become a mirror of the Academy of God actually turned up a small mirror, this is a jade mirror, this jade mirror is very white, spotless, as if this mirror is the most primitive light in the world. When the jade mirror appeared, all the great emperors and immortals appeared one after another, and they were in charge of the jade mirror together. Swallowing the Immortal Emperor of the Sun, the Immortal Emperor of the People's Virtue, the Fairy Emperor of Mu Tian, the Fairy Emperor of Fei, the Immortal King of Tao Shou.. The immortal emperor and immortal king made a loud noise, and their destiny was instantly injected into the jade mirror. The Sun-swallowing Immortal Emperors suddenly appeared in the Tianshen Academy, which also surprised many people. Before that, the Sun-swallowing Immortal Emperors had already left the ancient world, and now they came out of the Tianshen Academy. So it seems that what they had done before was just to cover up, and it was just a play. With the sound of "boom", between the stone fire and lightning, the jade mirror gushed out a pillar of light in an instant. The pillar of light was very pure. It was the most primitive light in the world. It shone directly on the body of the dark giant and penetrated into his body in an instant. Hearing the sound of "Zi, Zi, Zi", it burned the darkness of the dark giant. In an instant, the power of the dark giant was weakened a lot. The original stone of light! Being locked in the body by such light, the dark tycoon's face changed, and he did not expect Li Qiye to find such a thing. Yes, the original stone of light, although only a small piece, is enough to deal with you! Li Qiye laughed and said, "Who is playing chess today?" At this moment, the face of the dark giant changed, because he was dark, and the most feared thing besides Tianzhu was the original stone of light. Bright Stone? What is this Even the Great Emperor and the Immortal King don't know what it is. A legend, no one has ever seen, did not expect to be found by Lord Yin Crow. The emperor, who had a high position, could not help murmuring. At this time, even the emperor, who was born in the three clans of gods, demons and heaven, respectfully called him "Lord"! Rumor has it that at the beginning of the opening of heaven and earth, heaven and earth were in chaos. Later, when heaven and earth split, there was light and darkness, and the light was contained in an original stone. Later, the light shone everywhere! Li Qiye spent countless years and painstaking efforts to find the original stone of light. Of course, this is not the original stone. What he found is only a small part of the original stone, not a complete original stone. Even if this is only a small piece of the original stone, its light power is also very terrible, Li Qiye polished it into a light stone mirror, left in the Tianshen Academy, with the destiny of the immortal emperor to urge. Now, kill- "Li Qiye gave a long roar and roared wildly." The sound of "crackle" sounded,12v High Torque Motor, and Li Qiye, in charge of Tianzhu, turned into the supreme arrow of Tianzhu and blasted straight at the dark giant. ichgearmotor.com
June 2023
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