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Posted by Nurse from the Agriculture category at 11 Nov 2022 12:22:13 am.
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"I bought a scooter on a whim before, but I left it at home to eat ashes. It's not safe for you to go back to take a taxi in the middle of the night. Drive mine first." Guan Han's face was indescribable. Qin Yi raised his eyebrows. "What's your expression?" Guan Han pursed her lips and her eyes flashed an imperceptible smile: "I thought it was for me." "Nice try." Qin Yinong gave her a sidelong glance and said, "Your boss is a cheapskate. You don't know until now?" Guan Han pretended to sigh and put away the key: "I knew it earlier." She is the most stingy to herself. She doesn't look like a superstar at all. Qin Yi smiled. Good night She sent Guan Han to the garage and watched her strike the fire and drive the car out. See you tomorrow Guan Han waved to her from the lowered window and left without looking back. Qin Yinong watched the car drive into the deep night, went to the house, turned off the lights in the living room on the first floor and went upstairs. She took a bath again, scooped up the tablet beside her and held it in her hand. She thought quietly for a while, clicked on the official websites of Maserati, Lamborghini and other luxury cars, and concentrated on choosing. If she remembers correctly, Tang Ruoyao doesn't have his own car until now. Tang Ruoyao was still resting the next morning. She took a bath and sat on the edge of the bed, wiped her hair with a big towel, indulged her thoughts, recalled the content of the half-hour telephone chat with Qin Yinong, and laughed unconsciously. For a moment, she regretted not recording in advance, and she did not expect Qin Yilong to be in such a good mood tonight that she would talk so much to her. Qin Yinong spoke in a gentle and patient tone, which made Tang Ruoyao, who was immersed in it, not know why,PET blow moulding machine, and almost gave birth to the illusion that he was not her lover, but her lover. Tang Ruoyao did not know what to think of, covered his whole face with a towel, shook his shoulders and fell into bed. @ My daily life with Miss Q: [In the evening, at 10:01, I talked to Miss Q on the phone. She praised me for my loveliness and said that she would reserve time to accompany me that day when I finished shooting. Hahahaha] She couldn't hold back and sent several messages in succession. I think she's cute, too,juice filling machine, but I'm afraid to tell her. I want to be with her, crazily, now, especially, to hear her call my name in a low voice. "Qin Yinong, Qin Yinong, Qin Yinong." She spoke clearly word by word, as if to deepen the name already branded in the bottom of her heart over and over again. The input bar was full of Qin Yinong's name. Tang Ruoyao slowed down at the end and solemnly typed: [I like you] Then delete a whole micro-blog in the editing interface word by word. She flipped back through her home page, deleted the shameful one above, propped herself on the bed with her backhand, looked up at the ceiling, and exhaled heavily. She lowered the temperature of the air conditioner by two degrees, pulled out her half-dry long hair, juice filling machine ,water filling machine, dried her mouth, got up and poured a large glass of water, stood in the air conditioner outlet, and the cool wind blew to her cheeks and neck, extinguishing the raging fire from her heart to her limbs and bones. The mobile phone upside down on the cabinet shook. Tang Ruoyao finished the third glass of water and went over to slide the screen open. It's a group chat in the 405 dormitory. Wen Shuxian: First Sister, do you want to eat chicken? @ Yao Ah Yao] Tang Ruoyao: [… Don't you have to shoot? Wen Shuxian: [Finished work, I'm ready to go to bed, play before going to bed] Tang Ruoyao doesn't want to play very much, but she is not serious now. She needs to find something to divert her attention. Then she answers: "Well, is there anyone else?" Wen Shuxian: [Hee Hee, and our beloved old Fu, willing to gamble and admit defeat, come on @ Fu Yujun] Fu Yujun: [Ah, ah, ah, ah [mad]] Tang Ruoyao: [??] Wen Shuxian: [Well, Fu Yujun didn't want to play with me, but I pestered her again. She said that if you promised, she would promise. Now you promise, hahahaha] Fu Yujun: [ [with a happy face.jpg] I have a magazine to shoot tomorrow, just one game.] Wen Shuxian: [All right, let's go online. We are three platoons. Cui Jiaren's performance is a complete success today. The theatre has a celebration banquet. I can't catch it.] Wen Shuxian opened a game room, pulled Fu Yujun and Tang Ruoyao in, and said directly: "I opened it." "Wait.". Tang Ruoyao clicked on the list of friends and found a familiar ID: Guan Maofa. The status display is idle. She devilishly sent an invitation to the other party. Guan Han to the tablet to Qin Yinong's journey, the mobile phone put aside, suddenly popped up an invitation interface. [Y Imperial Concubine Y] invites you to join her team. Accept or reject? What time is it? Is Tang Ruoyao still playing games? Thinking of Tang Ruoyao's game level, Guan Han hesitated for a moment and accepted it. Wen Shuxian agreed to join the team and asked, "Who is this?" Fu Yujun stared at the ID of "Guan Maofa" with a thoughtful look. She called the memory of the person surnamed Guan in her memory, but did not find it for a while, and then according to Wen Shuxian's reaction, she did not know this person, that is, Tang Ruoyao invited. Surname Guan, and Tang Ruoyao has a connection, is it. Fu Yujun gasped, hurriedly opened his micro-letter interface, and found a name in the address book-Qin Yinong's assistant, Guan Han. Guan Han was hesitating to open his mouth when Tang Ruoyao sent her a private chat. [Princess Y]: [Don't say who you are, or they'll be scared away. The other two are my roommates] Tang Ruoyao bit his lower lip and waited nervously for a reply. She is now a bit difficult to dismount, without thinking through the brain, a casual invitation, who knows Guan Han so agreed. It's even more inappropriate to kick her out now. [Guan Maofa]: [OK] "I'm a friend of Tang Ruoyao. My surname is Guan," typed Guan Han. Wen Shuxian was completely unaware of what was wrong. "Since you are Tang Tang's friend,PET bottle Mold, you are our friend," she said. "How is your skill?" Guan Han lowered his eyelids and raised his fingers to rub the tip of his nose. Technology.. Very bad, of course.
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