Rebirth refers to the belly for marriage.

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The two men walked slowly forward, talking and laughing. Suddenly, a little servant girl came hurriedly from behind them. When she saw Luo Qizhen, she asked anxiously, "Miss Zhen, do you know where our aunt Luan and the three young ladies are?" Luo Qijun in the bystander not by a daze, heart way, this little servant girl so urgent, is Cai Fu what happened? Luo Qizhen was stunned when she heard this, and then she stretched out her hand and pointed to the front. The little servant girl stood on tiptoe and looked at it, then took a step and galloped. Luo Qijun and Luo Qizhen smiled at each other in wonder, but did not take the matter to heart, and continued to walk leisurely and leisurely to enjoy the chrysanthemums. Luo Qijun and Luo Qizhen walked forward not far, then saw Cai Baoluan with Cai Baofeng, Cai Baoyun and Cai Baoqin hurried over. Cai Baoluan, Cai Baofeng, Cai Baoyun and Cai Baoqin did not bother to say hello to them and passed them by. When Luo Qijun saw this, he carefully recalled the day of Mrs. Cai's birthday. What happened to Cai Fu? She thought about it for a long time, but she didn't remember anything unexpected. She only remembered that she was happily enjoying the flowers with several young ladies of eight or nine years old. The garden was also peaceful. Maybe she didn't see it in her previous life. Luo Qijun thought of this,Edible oil filling machine, then took Luo Qizhen's hand and continued to enjoy the colorful chrysanthemums leisurely and contentedly. When the two of them rounded the winding corridor to rest and entered the pavilion where the young ladies were entertained, they saw that the young ladies were talking in a low voice in groups of three and five. Luo Qijun and Luo Qizhen looked around, but did not see Luo Qijuan, but saw Li Jinxia, Li Jinxiu, Li Jinling, Li Jinyan, and Li Jinlian,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, as well as Yu Zelan and Yu Zemei gathered around a table, murmuring mysteriously. Luo Qijun saw that they were so mysterious that he lost the idea of chatting with them. He took Luo Qizhen to a very remote corner and sat down at an empty table. He heard a whisper in his ears, buzzing like a bee. Luo Qijun didn't want to listen, but the low voice went straight into her ears. She couldn't help but not listen. The intermittent voice kept coming. Slowly, she understood that they were mysteriously talking about the departure of Cai Baoluan, Cai Baofeng, Cai Baoyun and Cai Baoqin, among which Luo Qijuan was vaguely mentioned. Luo Qijun looked suspiciously at Luo Qizhen, and when she saw that her face was full of doubts, she listened attentively. I heard a clear voice whispering in surprise: "Ah, someone has come from the Chu Mansion. That's the in-laws of the son of my uncle in the West Palace. I didn't expect Cai Mansion.." The clear voice was suddenly interrupted, and then a low rebuke was heard. Luo Qijun could not help glancing in the direction of the voice, and saw four or five girls sitting at a table not far from them. A girl with a cloud bun was covering the mouth of a girl with a double bun with her hand, plastic bottle making machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, shouting in a low voice. The other girls also looked around nervously. When they were sure that no one heard them, the girls breathed a sigh of relief. Luo Qijun saw, involuntarily then in the heart aftertaste, suddenly, her hand suddenly clenched, West Palace country uncle? Isn't that the big prince's own uncle? The country uncle's own son's in-laws Chu Fu came, is Cai Fu by virtue of the strength of Chu Fu climbed the Taishi Fu, joined the big prince faction, but Cai Fu how to curry favor with Chu Fu? Is it through Cai Baoluan? Forget it, these children are not important to her, the key is that they want to stay out of it. Thinking of this, she shook her head gloomily. She remembered that Luo Tianyou had said that he moved to Luo Fu to live with them in order to avoid the persuasion of Cai Mujin, the eldest master of Cai Fu. Thinking of this, her heart was nervous for no reason. She desperately recalled what had happened in her previous life to celebrate the birthday of the old lady of Cai Fu, but after thinking about it for a long time, she could not remember it, and secretly complained that she was too simple in her previous life. Luo Qizhen saw Luo Qijun's thoughtful expression and reached out to pull her hand worriedly. As soon as Luo Qijun was pulled by Luo Qizhen, she woke up and saw that she was full of doubts and worries. She held her hand and comforted her with a slight smile and said, "Sister is all right. I just remembered something about the past." Luo Qizhen smiled at her understandingly, reached out and poured a glass of water, gently pushed it to Luo Qijun, and then looked at her quietly. Smiling, Luo Qijun took a sip of tea from the cup and nodded to her with a smile. Then she couldn't help thinking carefully, thinking that Luo Tianyou had said that the party struggle in the court was becoming increasingly fierce, and she felt like she was on pins and needles all over her body. Today, the sixty-sixth birthday of the old lady of Cai Fu must have become an opportunity for the big prince to attract people, right? When she thought of this, she turned her face and looked outside the pavilion, with only a wry smile in her heart. After pondering for a moment, she wanted to go out of the garden to look for Luo Qin. Just then, Cai Baofeng, Cai Baoyun and Cai Baoqin surrounded a girl and came over. Because the distance was a little far, Luo Qijun only saw that the girl was wearing a flying fairy bun, a Jasper butterfly on her head, a light green flower palace dress, and a layer of golden tulle outside. In the sunshine, the golden tulle reflected a touch of golden light from time to time. When they were a little closer, Luo Qijun found that the girl's walking posture was dignified and beautiful, quite standardized by everyone. Cai Baofeng, Cai Baoyun and Cai Baoqin chatted intimately with the girl, and from time to time they glanced proudly at the girl standing by the side of the road and looked at them enviously. The ladies in the pavilion could not help but look straight, and the room gradually quieted down. When Cai Baofeng and the others got closer, Luo Qijun heard the girl who had just talked about Uncle Xigong and couldn't help murmuring in a low voice, "Ah,bottle blowing machine, it's the seventh sister of the Chu family. Why is she here?" The girl who had just covered her mouth asked in a very low voice, "Qing Hong, have you ever seen her?" 。
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