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The man said with a sneer, "Don't repeat that great principle, Marquis Du. We don't understand it. We only know how to get people's money and eliminate disasters with them. If the big fish and meat in Dongyun Village feed us, we'll have to die for him." Du Yinghao said with a sigh, "In this way, you are just a group of killers who are fed by others. You are not even qualified to be human beings, and you are not qualified to talk about Jianghu morality. Du doesn't have to be polite to you." "I'm sorry, Marquis Du," said the man. "You must be polite to us, because your life is in our hands. I can kill you as long as I put on the medicine line." "You're here yourself," said Du Yinghao. "Those who are barefoot are not afraid of those who wear shoes. Anyway, we are throwing caution to the wind. A life for a life can still be earned. Unlike the Marquis, you have both a title and wealth. Is it worthwhile to fight with us?" Du Yinghao laughed and said, "My friend, don't do that. You should know that my surname is Du. From my debut to now, I have been threatened by others, and I have never taken my life seriously." "Well," said the man in a harsh voice, "you, Marquis Du, are not afraid of death. Do we Jianghu outlaws still care? Let's fight! He moved the fire to light the medicine line. "Wait a minute, strong man," said Yu En nervously. "It's easy to say. It's easy to say." The man said in a deep voice, "I have nothing to say. There is only one condition under which we will let go." Yu En looked at Du Yinghao for a moment, and when he saw that he had nothing to say, he muttered:. What conditions? Tell me about it. "It's very simple," said the man. "Hand over the document you found in the Villa. It's a personal letter from the Villa Leader. Why should you take it?" Du Yinghao sneered, "a private letter?"? That's the evidence of the conspiracy between Haidong and Mo Yun, and it's their confession without a fight. "Whatever it is, we want it,sonicator homogenizer," said the man. Yu En hurriedly said, "This evidence is no small matter. It also includes the conspiracy of rebellion by several princes and officials in the court." "Cut the crap," said the man. "Hand over those papers." "No," said Du Yinghao in a deep voice. "This must not be handed over." "Marquis Du," said the man! Make no mistake about it; those documents will only give us some trouble, and it's impossible to bring anyone down by them. You also know how many people are involved, so many that even the emperor dare not move lightly. It's no good for you to be deadlocked. Du Yinghao also said in a deep voice: "Officials don't dare to move lightly, but Du Mou does. The court can't afford to provoke people, but Du Mou can afford to provoke them. The lamas in the interior and the Rakshas in the north are so powerful that Du Mou alone can provoke them. They still kill them obediently." "That's because you, Marquis Du, are lucky," said the man. "But today is different. Marquis Du, you shouldn't have piled those explosives together. I only need one thread to kill you. Du Yinghao sneered and said, "Du doesn't believe in this evil. Ruohua, give him an arrow and break his arm." Hu Ruohua's arrow was not only fast, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, but also accurate. Du Yinghao's words were just over. Her arrow was already off the string. Oh, it shot through the man's shoulder socket. The crowd turned pale with fright and sought a place to hide. But Du Yinghao laughed and said, "Don't worry!"! Don't worry! This is the medicine line I prepared for him. It can't be blown up. Sure enough, the thread was only about ten feet long, and it automatically put out the fire. Du Yinghao said with a smile, "Next time you want to detonate gunpowder, you must remember to bring your own fuse.". Now that I knew how powerful the gunpowder was, I naturally prevented someone from coming to play tricks, so I soaked a part of the gunpowder line in advance and couldn't blow it up. The man got up discomfited, his right shoulder was pierced by an arrow, bleeding profusely, his shoulder bone was broken by a powerful arrow, and one arm was useless. The black cloth covering his face also fell down. Yu En exclaimed, "Lord Hai, how could it be you?" Du Yinghao also saw him when he was in the Jehol paddock. The man was the head of the Imperial Village, Haidong, so he sneered, "Haidong, you've come yourself, so I won't arrest you. No wonder you're so anxious to get back the evidence. If those documents are sent to the capital, you'll be guilty of destroying the family.". ” Haidong grinned grimly and said, "Don't be complacent, Marquis Du. Haimou gave up his life to come here today. It's not cheap for you." He sprang back. Du Yinghao shouted, "Go after him and catch him alive. Don't hurt him." Shui Qingqing and Hu Ruohua rushed to catch up. A group of masked men who came with Haidong stopped them with knives one after another. Hu Ruohua waved the big bow of the Yellow Dragon in her hand and swept it straight. It was so powerful that it was unstoppable. But the men's martial arts were not weak, so they blocked it desperately. Shuiqingqing joined the battle circle with a double-edged sword like snow, but cut down two people, but the remaining five people still lay down their lives to resist, so that they could not chase in. Du Yinghao caught up with him with his sword and shouted in a harsh voice, "Get back, put down your weapons, and roll as far as you can. How much benefit Haidong has given you? It's worth your life. Do you still have to pay for the whole family?" Du Yinghao's own momentum is scary enough, but his most successful thing is to leave a way out for people. When the men were sure to die, they suddenly had a way out. With a loud voice, they threw down their weapons. One of them said, "The Marquis, Haidong has entered the storehouse. He probably threw explosive powder. Hurry up and find a place to hide." Du Yinghao pointed with his hand and said, "Go quickly and leave me alone. Du swears not to let go of any traitor." The five men fled in a hurry. Du Yinghao rushed into the warehouse, but saw that Haidong had already pulled out a piece of fire and inserted another piece of fuse into the cork hole of the powder keg. Seeing Du Yinghao chasing him in, he sneered and said, "Marquis Du, thank you for reminding me. I brought this fuse myself. It's probably impossible for you to tamper with it again." Du Yinghao stopped and said, "Haidong, you will be captured without a fight. I will give you a chance to turn over a new leaf. As long as you confess all your plots, I promise to keep you alive." Haidong laughed sadly and said, "Hou Ye, once my family is destroyed, why do I still want this life? I think it's enough to perish with you." He lit the medicine line, and the sparks, like electricity,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, burned into the bucket. Hu Ruohua and Shui Qingqing just came over, and they subconsciously threw themselves on Du Yinghao's body, trying to block the thunderbolt of the day's collapse with their bodies. fycgsonic.com
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