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Time in this kind of ambiguous atmosphere a little bit of the past, finally, Lala's communicator suddenly rang, she hurriedly picked up, from inside the sound of the rainstorm, "good daughter, we have arrived at the periphery of the immortal legion station, do you ask them to withdraw the mountain protection array?"? Otherwise we can't get in! "All right!" Lala promised, and then said to Fang Qingshu, "Dear, my father is here with people. Do you think we can let them in?" "Of course not!" Fang Qingshu then immediately waved his hand and said, "Withdraw the big array protecting the mountain." Ruoqin did not say anything, but waved his hand. The people below, though reluctant, could only do so. As a result, the immortal legion's mountain protection array soon disappeared on the ground. The Orc Legion has more than 6000 people this time, all of them are |: Rainstorm and Storm. They were split into 30 Atlantean transports, each carrying 200. Seeing the disappearance of the mountain protection array, the rainstorm sneered and said, "Go in and get ready for battle. After arriving at the transport array,ultrasonic molten metal, start immediately!" "Yes!" With the end of the murderous words, 30 transport planes began to move towards the ground. The mountain protection array of the Immortal Legion is very big. How big is it? Almost more than 50 miles thick, 30 transport planes lined up in a row, plus the distance between each other, but only a few miles long, just in the middle of the journey, these transport planes suddenly stopped, and then slowly fell to the ground automatically. These transport aircraft are unmanned,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as long as you say the coordinates of the destination, it can automatically drive the past, very convenient, orc warriors have been used for more than two months, has never had any failure, but why today has become so disobedient? A shadow flashed through the heart of the rainstorm. However, he still picked up the communicator and reported to Lala Hui: "Lala, our transport plane suddenly stopped in the middle of the journey. What's going on?" After Lala listens, also ate one surprised immediately, ask hastily: "Dear, why did the transport plane that my father takes stop suddenly?" "Because I suddenly changed my mind!" Fang Qingshu said lightly. At this time, he returned to the style of the past, no longer that kind of leering look. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Section 312 Burning the Base "What do you mean?" Lala couldn't help turning pale with fright. Devour novel net meaning is, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, hey, I, do not accompany you to play! Fang Qingshu finished and said to Ruoqin with a smile, "Kiss your wife. You can start now." "Garrulous!" Ruoqin gave Fang Qingshu a white look with shame and anger, and then suddenly shouted: "Start the mountain protection array immediately!" "Wait!" When Lala heard this, she was so anxious that her face turned green. She hurriedly took Fang Qingshu by the hand and said, "I can't start. My father is still in battle. Isn't starting now going to trap them?" "Oh, sorry!" "I just want to trap them," said Fang Qingshu with a smirk. "Ah!" As soon as all the people present heard this, they were both surprised and delighted. Those who were smart already understood why Fang Qingshu had pretended to be stupid these days, and those who were stupid also saw some clues. The people below, no matter what Lala said, immediately started the magic array again after Ruoqin ordered, and directly trapped the 6000 orc army. Repeatedly urged Ask Lala what the hell is going on. Lala was so angry that she stood up and asked loudly, "Fang Qingshu, what the hell are you doing?" "I'm putting you out of your misery!" Fang Qingshu laughed and said. Fang Qingshu! Lala said angrily, "Don't talk nonsense. You must give me a clear explanation of what happened today." "Confess?" Fang Qingshu smiled disdainfully and said, "What is there to explain?"? You didn't have a good heart. I just did it ahead of time! "Nonsense!" Lala was furious and said, "I am sincere to you.". It's all right if you don't appreciate it. Why do you set up my father? Is that how the immortals treat their allies? "Immortals naturally don't treat their allies like this, but they don't have to be polite to jackals with bad intentions!" Fang Qingshu sneered. Are you calling me a jackal? "What am I sorry for you?" Lala said angrily. "You are right for me." Fang Qingshu laughed and said, "The first time we met, I was given a god-level charm. I remember this gift in my heart!" "Ah!" As soon as all the people present heard this, they suddenly realized that they finally understood why Fang Qingshu was so abnormal. If it were another person. If you are exposed on the spot, you will be shocked on the spot, so that you will be exposed. But Lala obviously has a very high quality of the heart, her face did not have any change, directly angry way: "You this is slander, God level charm power is infinite, even if the top master of level 18 can not use it, let alone me!"! Besides. Look at you. Do you look like you've been seduced by a god-level charm? Don't tell me you're immune to divine enchantment, huh, unless you're a God! "Oh, Miss Lala's strength is so strong that I have a pretty good idea. I'm sure you absolutely have the strength to perform god-level charm!" Fang Qingshu then smiled. "As for me," he said, "I don't have the strength of a God. However, there are also other means that can be immune to god-level charm. It's just that, in order to see what tricks you're playing, I pretended to fall into your tricks so as to lure the snake out of its hole! In fact, Fang Qingshu really had a narrow escape from death this time. God-level charm how to say is also a very terrible spell, even if it is Kongming, left ci met. You will suffer a great loss. Originally, with Fang Qingshu's ability, it was certainly unstoppable, but who told him to get the wisdom of the immortal king smoothly last month? In this inheritance of wisdom, although Fang Qingshu mainly acquired the wisdom of the immortal king, in the process,ultrasonic generator driver, his spiritual power and primordial spirit were greatly enhanced, and he had already reached the level of a primary God. That's why it can resist the weird spiritual magic of god-level charm. And by the insight of the Immortal King, he discerned the trick of Lala.
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