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He soon pulled himself together. He was satisfied with this, like a wild animal, who would lick his wounds until they healed. So is he. But overnight, he told himself that Li Mang had not really become the leader of the tribe, even if it did, it did not matter, he would wait until the right opportunity to turn the situation back. It has never been more urgent to get the support of him and his father, and the most direct way is to let him spoil his children and really become his woman. He had never been pregnant, either with Li Mang before or with himself later. But he didn't have a problem with her, because there was no other woman in the tribe who looked better suited to produce offspring. He believed that as long as he worked hard from now on, he would bear his fruits like a crop field. So he relied on his previous experience and asked her to go to the stream outside the woods when the time was coming. She was still unhappy and a little angry with him, but it didn't matter. She soon succumbed to his attack, just like before. When he was about to leave, he found her hiding behind the grass. At that moment, he dared to bet with ten snakeskins, and he saw panic and fear in her eyes. But almost in the twinkling of an eye, those emotions disappeared,75 inch smart board, and she did not seem to be very afraid of him. Almost subconsciously, he blocked her appearance and took her away before he found out what was wrong. He later recalled his almost subconscious action and finally came to the conclusion that he had become interested in her, and the corresponding fighting spirit followed. And, he almost mischievously guessed, if Li Mang knew that the woman who originally belonged to him and would only sleep with him had been taken away by himself, what kind of reaction would he have? Will this be a blow to his face and self-confidence as the next leader of the tribe? This thought made him feel so excited that even the blood in his veins seemed to flow faster. He has always been an energetic person, always full of interest and fighting spirit for unknown new things. Just as when he was a teenager,65 inch touch screen, he wanted to know what the world outside the forest was like, and encouraged Li Mang and the people in the tribe to hide it from him. They leaned on their sharp spears and walked downstream along the broad river across the forest for nearly a month. Finally, they came out of the dense forest and saw the river flowing into a vast wilderness. There, running free, are tribes that are constantly moving around with the seasonal migration of animals. The people in the tribe told them that after this field, the river would eventually flow to the residence of the sun God, where the water was as vast as the sky, truly boundless. They have never been there, and everything has been handed down from their ancestors for generations. From that moment on, he had the idea of trampling the land under his feet. Ekah saw the woman walking in front of him suddenly quicken her pace and was about to return to the colony through the woods. As soon as his heart moved, he could not hold back. He caught up with her and grabbed her shoulder with one hand, forcing her to turn around and face him. The other hand was already on her chest from behind. Almost at the moment when he turned around, smart board for conference room ,smart board interactive whiteboard, Muqing slapped him heavily in the face. Women's underwear can't be taken casually! Women's breasts can't be touched casually! Here's a little lesson for you! Muqing said coldly, shaking off his hand, which was still on his shoulder because he was stunned, and turning quickly to the settlement. She was sure that he would not dare to do anything to her, because the man behind her was Li Mang. With one hand still in the same position as before, she covered one side of her burning and painful face with one hand and looked at her quickly disappearing figure in some disbelief. He could not understand what she was saying just now, but he could understand the disdain and disdain in her black and white eyes when she looked at him. 19 19, Chapter 19.. When Muqing went back, it was almost time for dinner. In the open space of the settlement, smoke was curling up in front of every fire. Naduo saw her, her eyes lit up, beckoned her to sit beside her, said a word, Muqing only grasped the two syllables of "Li Mang". She looked around, and did not see Li Mang, then guessed that Nado should say that he went to find himself. As the sky darkened, the soup in the earthen pot was licked by the flames and gradually became shallow. Muqing added some water and slowly boiled again. When the firewood was dark, Muqing lifted the lid on the jar and let it cool naturally. When the boiling soup was finally cold enough to enter the mouth, she saw the figure of Li Mang coming back in the distance, looking as if he had just come out of the woods and was hurrying this way. The light around her was a little dim, and at such a distance she could not see his expression clearly, but she could still feel that he looked a little anxious. Muqing was about to wave at him when he suddenly remembered that the last time he went to look for himself like this time, he was so angry that he almost broke her wrist. I don't know if I will lose my temper with her this time. He hesitated for a moment, and his hand, which had been raised, slowly came down. Li Mang soon saw her and seemed to relax. To her surprise, he did not lose his temper when he strode over, but crouched down in front of her, put his hand on her shoulder, pulled her body almost close to his eyes, and then looked at her carefully, with a trace of concern in his eyes. No words, just such a simple action and natural eyes, but the bottom of Muqing's heart is a little soft in an instant. She remembered that in the afternoon, when he was surrounded by his clansmen and kept looking back, he must have noticed that she seemed to be out of her mind at that time, and then he did not see herself in the settlement, so he went out to look for her. Muqing raised his hand, pulled a lock of his long hair that fell in front of his forehead, and smiled at him. Li Mang did not seem to expect that she would make such a move to herself,touch screen whiteboard, and looked at her in a daze, not responding for a moment. When there is a chance to coax him to shave off the beard on his face, he should not be very ugly.
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