The President's Nine Contracts

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If Miss Wen does not resist, I believe it will not cause too much harm to the master, right? Qiyan's logic is very simple, at least Miss Wen's obedience can be exchanged for the peace of mind of the master. Then he would no longer have to be afraid that his master's body temperature would rise sharply again and he would faint. She continued to walk to the black car. "No, it's only for four days!"! Hope for peaceful coexistence, of course, as long as someone doesn't go too far! They knew how much perseverance it would take for her to make this decision? Remembering his sudden fainting last night, the strange reaction of Qiyan and the doctor, and the act of soaking corpses in the water tank, she felt a chill in her heart. This evil spirit would not really have any shameful dark disease, would it? She did not dare to look back at him, afraid of the silver ice pupil, afraid that she could not help the tug-of-war between force and force, because she had to admit that the eyes were really too shocking, and his scarlet appearance also made her inexplicably panic, waving away the strange feeling in her heart, as she walked, she said to herself. "Before I go back on my word, you'd better take this cold beast back to see a doctor, or you'll faint again, and don't blame me again." ———————— Tears ah rush ~ ~ rush to draft seems to be frequent typos, pro on the understanding of the ha, (3) Thank you for your precious monthly ticket Chapter 5: Mysterious Contract 54 Sucking Tears At this moment, she realized how afraid she was to think of the story of the masked devil again, how afraid she was to see the sad picture of blood on her face, which was just a boy who accidentally wore the wrong mask,artificial banyan trees, who accidentally fell into the devil's spell, just like the story in Swan Lake. She couldn't help crying again. She couldn't tell whether she was sad for her mother's death or for the masked boy. This feeling made her chest full of melancholy. The crystal tears were like bright crystals, which congealed in her clear eyes and turned into flowers. Why are you crying? There was a sigh so light and thin that she could hardly hear it. The tall figure of the eagle has stood in front of her eyes, under the mask, that pair of clear ice pupils, suffused with silver light, between the pupils clearly reflected her cold face, black hair light. He pulled the broken and mottled gloves without any trace. Even if he pulled the skin and flesh, his eyes did not twinkle. He did not know what the pain felt like,fake ficus tree, but this time, he seemed to hear the sound of his heartbeat. It was so long ago that he almost forgot that he had a heartbeat. With misty tears in her eyes, her eyes were motionless, afraid that she would burst into tears in the blink of an eye. With great strength, she gazed deeply, and her vision gradually became clear to her. She stared at her reflection and the shock reflected in his eyes. That crystal to the extreme silver gray pupil, bright eyes, like a broken Aurora in the universe, has a very powerful force, as long as she looked at it again, it was absorbed by him, can not argue out. And her long black hair, which rose with the wind, added a touch of strange black to his ice pupil, and the endless black made his deep pupil so amazing! Why are you crying? He asked again, his heart because of her ice crystal tears, broken an outlet, he accumulated in the chest of the cold flame instant condensation, artificial plant wall panels ,faux ficus tree, into a sigh of helplessness, would like to ask her, why cry? His pupil is like a pure beast, looking at her transparent tears, do not understand the tears of women. As if his chest had been hit by some force, his fingertips trembled, subconsciously and curiously brushed her cold and wet cheeks, his fingertips touched a trace of water, and then looked curiously into his mouth, holding the moist crystal, chewing carefully. Originally, the woman's tears are not bitter, but salty taste, let him have a kind of taste again and again. His soft voice, a kind of cold wind blowing cold, but there is a temperature, strange across her heart, raised a warm current. Why are you crying? This answer, perhaps she herself can not understand, just look at the scene, just look at his blood flow into a surge, just think of the past sadness. She opened her eyes wide with tears, only to feel that the bloody mask was getting closer and closer to her line of sight, more and more magnified. Suddenly, a cold thin lip stuck to her eyelids, she panicked too late to react, reflexively buckled her eyelashes, tears squeezed out of her eyes, and fell into this soft lip in a thousandth of a second! He was sucking her tears! Very light and soft, like an animal, with the most primitive but most effective lips and tongues, over and over again, as if showing the "habit" of a pet, licking her long tears. Unlike his cold lips, the tip of his tongue was warm, flexibly wrapped around her curly eyelashes, simply repeating the sucking action, as if the taste was so good that he could not bear to let go of his mouth and wanted to drain all her tears. A sudden jolt of her heartstrings! Never felt so deeply touched! This is the cold beast, the devil who won't let any woman kiss his lips, kissing her face for the first time, giving his stingy lips to the skin above her neck for the first time, mixed with his bloody taste, very cold, but soft enough to make people sigh. There are people who kiss eyelashes and eyes! There are people who eat people's tears! No, he is not a man, he is a beast, he will eat human tears, he will invade human beings, but he will not allow human beings to touch his weakness, his weakness is his lips. Remembering the second night in her mind, when her mouth accidentally touched his cold lips, that night, he invaded like a maniac. Pain, is so clearly across the chest, suddenly, Wen Qing woke up like a dream,large palm trees for sale, this is suddenly enlightened! What exactly did she do? Unexpectedly in front of this cold beast, shed tears of embarrassment! Undaunted, she let this "no one" demon kiss her eyelashes again and again! She must be out of her mind! "Go away.".
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