The Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Regular SEO Audit

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Posted by Jessica Fayre from the Search Engine Optimization category at 10 Nov 2022 12:48:28 pm.
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For many business owners and managers, an SEO audit, and especially a technical SEO audit, sounds like a nightmare. But in reality, it is one of the best things they can get for themselves, their companies, and their employees. That's because this type of audit helps them better understand what they are doing right and wrong. This is important if they want their businesses to grow and evolve and also be able to make a name for themselves in their respective industries.

How Helpful Can Getting an SEO Audit Be?

Evaluating one's business can take time and effort. That's mainly because people tend not to want to acknowledge that they might be doing something wrong. They will always find it easier to blame somebody else or pin their failures on external factors. But that can't work forever. That's because, sooner or later, those problems will add up and overwhelm any business owner or manager. So they will need to come up with solutions to this. Many will try and figure things out on their own. As admirable as that may be, it may not be the best thing they can do. So it is important always to have a plan B to figure out what you are doing wrong before it is too late.

This is where an SEO audit from GAMITSEO comes in. Some say that SEO is just a tiny part of the entire business. And they are correct. A business comprises many parts that must work together to get the best results. But SEO may be more important than you think. That's mainly because SEO is the way almost every company handles its visibility and exposure these days. Also, it is one of the best ways of figuring out what the competition is doing. This way, you will better understand your company's inner and outer workings, so you don't need to blame anybody else.

Also, having an SEO audit is quite beneficial to anybody that wants their business to stand a chance in today's economy. A couple of decades earlier, you could have relied on your wits and a few smartly crafted puns to garnish more clients for your business. Nowadays, customers want more than gimmicky ads and a hastily done website that only lets them do a little. They want to be understood and clear messages crafted especially for them. And for companies to give them that, they need first to understand who those people are. That's why they need this audit more than they need to invest in a new round of windshield flyers.

The Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Regular SEO Audit

One of the main reasons any business should have a regular SEO audit is that SEO isn't something that ends. SEO is a process that is constantly being developed and improved by people all over the world. So it is crucial always to be up-to-date with what is new in this field. Sure, the main principles may stay the same, but there is much more to SEO than simply counting keywords and adding links to a text. The indicators that are being monitored can change, and that is why it is essential always to know what is new and what is relevant to both you and others in your industry.

Another reason to have a regular SEO audit for your company is that you may need to do things differently. When they start, many business owners and managers think they can handle every aspect of their business. That usually includes anything that has to do with SEO. They might bring on more people to handle the SEO needs as time goes on. But those employees may need to be more familiar with what has been done so far. So, an audit is just the right thing. They need to get familiarized with how it is all done. Also, they can even see where things are good and where they can be improved. This audit can tell if you are wasting valuable resources and what you should reconsider.

A regularly scheduled SEO audit for your company can also help you see how you have evolved in your industry and for your clients. That's because you can see the evolution from one audit to the other. This is very helpful in determining the path your company should take and how you create the voice and message of the business itself. Also, you can compare yourself with others from your industry and better understand where you rank by comparison. You can even alter your SEO strategy, if necessary, based on what the audit reveals and make sure that your business is going in the direction you want it to.

So How Often Should an Audit Take Place?

There isn't a set timeframe for each audit; some companies do one every year, while others do it less often. It all depends on what you want to find out and how you feel that your company is doing. So the best moment to do one is when you want to learn more about your business's potential and how you can improve it.

How to Know When You Need a Technical SEO Audit?

A technical SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of the activity of your virtual presence. But don't think that this means simply looking at how many people visited your website and how many left positive reviews about your business. It refers to the technical part of the whole thing. It can be having somebody look under the hood of your website and ensure that things are running smoothly. This usually needs to be done each time you consider it necessary or somebody from your team requests it. That's because, unlike the front end of your website, the backend may need a bit more work to make it do what it is supposed to.

It is sometimes difficult to know when you need a technical SEO audit. Many business owners and managers schedule them regularly. But there might need to be more. Unexpected things can happen. For instance, you can have a cyber-attack and leak your information. Also, you may have different people poking around your website and messing with how search engines index it. There might even be changes to the engines' algorithms to search for specific websites.So, to avoid all these problems, you should always consider having this type of audit each time you feel something is off with your online presence.

technical SEO audit

Who Should Do Your Next Technical SEO Audit?

Some companies that are big enough may have dedicated specialists on staff who can do a technical SEO audit independently. Others may bring in outside help just for this occasion. The common denominator is that they both use highly skilled people that know what they are looking for and how to interpret the results. And then some think that they can do it on their own. This is where things usually get messy. Just because they read an online list of how to do an audit doesn't mean they can do it. They can run into many problems and even make things worse than they already are. That’s because a technical audit can be quite difficult to do properly, especially if you do not know what exactly you are looking for. Some business owners and managers may have a general idea of what such an audit means, but that doesn’t mean that they should go around doing them on their own.

When they need a technical SEO audit, many companies search for a company specializing in these services. This is the best approach for many reasons. Firstly, you know that professionals handle your problems and can provide valuable insight into what is going on with your websites and what you can do to fix things. Secondly, you don't have to allocate your resources or manpower to do this job. This way, you can continue the activity and focus on other issues. Also, people who don't directly work in your company can see issues you might not know if you were to do it on your own or with your employees.

Is It Difficult to Find Such a Company?

Not at all. The quickest way to find one is to do an online search. Just type in what you are looking for and then start going through the results. Just make sure you take your time to carefully analyze what each company is offering to know what you are getting. Also, because most of the job can be done online, you don't even have to worry about the company you pick is from your area. You can pick one from any part of the world you want.

You can even change companies from one audit to another. Just make sure that they all get the access they need to your company and to what the last audit found.
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