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Her earthy beauty and grace. Virgo is a feminine-natured earth sign. She has natural, womanly grace and is soft and alluring. Sagittarius is highly masculine himself, so the polarity is strong here.

Her determination. When Virgo sets her mind on something, she sees it through. She’s analytical, goal-oriented, and a bit of a perfectionist. She zeroes in on all aspects of a project, all the nitty-gritty detail, ensuring that all possible variables are accounted for. Sagittarius admires these qualities, as he may lack focus and follow-through.

Her adaptiveness. Virgo is a mutable sign, which makes her incredibly flexible in the face of changing circumstances. Sagittarius is also mutable, so he’s versatile himself and admires it in others.

Her practicality and keen insight. Sagittarius could most likely use a little more practicality in his life. He is an ideas guy with fantastic, grand ideas, but he can flounder, making his visions reality. He’s fortunate, then, to meet Virgo, who is skilled at bringing systematic order to the people around her. She helps him approach his projects more practically and appropriately. She’s great at business, too.

Her emotional strength. As an earth sign, the Virgo woman is strong and steady. Her stable and steadfast nature means she can handle most anything thrown her way. Sagittarius, who is not prone to large emotional fluctuations, appreciates an emotionally stable partner.

Her intelligence and mental acuity. Sag is mentally sharp and needs someone who can keep up with his mind. Virgo, who is ruled by Mercury, easily matches his mental prowess. Her mind can process and keep up with vast amounts of information. She loves to communicate and structure her thoughts through dialogue, just as he does.

What the Sagittarius Man Dislikes about Virgo Woman
How intensely structured she is. Virgo loves order and hates when things are chaotic. She puts a lot of effort into structuring her life to avoid any disorder from creeping in. Sagittarius thrives on variety and spontaneity and likes a little chaos in his routine. He’s so easily bored that it keeps things interesting to him. While perfect for her, Virgo’s routine might drive him up the wall.

That she can be a worrier. Virgo is the biggest worry-wort of the zodiac, and Sagittarius is often the least. He understands that she likes to be cautious, but he hates when she rains on his fun parade with her cautious reserves or gets herself up over hypochondriac fears.

Her critical nature. Virgo can be hard on herself and has high standards for her partner. With Sagittarius, she may grow critical if he slacks at all with goals and responsibilities. Easy going Sag won’t like any critical or angst-provoking energies.

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When she becomes cold and withdrawn. Fire sign Sag likes to be expressive, passionate, and act on his emotions as soon as they arise. Virgo doesn’t open up quickly, especially in the early stages of a relationship. And she may withdraw deep into herself when hurt. His open and direct nature may clash with her here.

When she’s high strung. Virgo gets wound up sometimes and can have a hard time letting loose. When stressed, her anxiety shows up as high-strung, very critical, and insecure behavior. Sag is far more laid back and may have difficulty interfacing with her stress modes.

Her attempts to dictate his life. Ever critical, you can bet that Virgo will zero in on any shortcomings that Sagittarius has. Although well-intentioned (she wants to help him), she can end up trying to push things on him that he doesn’t like. Sagittarius is mutable and doesn’t mind compromising to work with her, but he doesn’t like his life being dictated to him.

Her tendency towards introversion. Virgo, as an earth sign, favors spending time at home with lots of calm downtimes, while fiery Sag loves to be out on the town and rarely spends time at home. He probably wishes she’d accompany him on more social outings.

What Virgo Woman Likes about the Sagittarius Man
His open-minded tolerance. While a low-functioning Sagittarius can be intolerant of others, the majority of Sags are widely accepting of those around them. This reflects their relaxed, curious, live and let live ideology. He might not agree with someone, his own beliefs are strong after all, but he’s unlikely to hold anything against them for believing differently.
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