Are pisces and cancer soulmates

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Pisces and Cancer are highly compatible and make a great couple. From the moment these two water signs meet, something just clicks. Not only are they instantly attracted to each other physically, but they also quickly connect on an emotional level. Both Pisces and Cancer are emotional and intuitive signs, so they’re very in tune with each other and the relationship. With love, care, and support, there’s no limit to the romantic depths of this pairing​
Pisces and Cancer Sexual Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer have excellent chemistry in the bedroom.For these two signs, sex is emotional. When they’re intimate with each other, they connect on a deeper level, and nothing about the experience feels surface level or shallow. Their sex life may lack some of the spark that a more fiery sign would bring, but once Pisces and Cancer are in sync in the bedroom, the sex is incredible.
These two signs enjoy sex the most when things are slow and sensual.

Pisces in the bedroom does tend to be more sexually adventurous than traditional Cancer. If Pisces is tender and supportive enough, Cancer may let their guard down and be more willing to experiment.

Pisces and Cancer Emotional Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer relate emotionally more than most other signs.Since Pisces and Cancer are both water signs, they thrive when connecting on an emotional level. Once each sign realizes the other understands and relates to their emotional nature, they’ll feel seen and be hooked. Cancer will be able to sense what Pisces is really feeling (regardless of whatever positive exterior Pisces is projecting) and provide support. Pisces will appreciate this and return the favor.
It can take Cancer more time to open up emotionally than Pisces. To get the relationship started, Cancer should come out of their shell a little and be vulnerable so Pisces knows how they really feel.

Pisces' intense empathy comes from their two ruling planets, Neptune and Jupiter. Cancer's deep emotional well comes from their ruling planet, the Moon.

Pisces and Cancer Communication Compatibility
Communication comes naturally in a Pisces-Cancer relationship.Once Pisces and Cancer trust each other, they aren’t afraid to share how they really feel. Both signs are great listeners as well, meaning they’re able to have deep, thoughtful conversations where each partner feels heard and understood. These two signs can be moody at times, however, so misunderstandings aren’t unheard of. If an argument does come up, taking a break and then coming back together when both parties have cooled off will help Pisces and Cancer move forward.
Pisces and Cancer Trust Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer usually have an easy time building trust.Because both signs are so intuitive and emotional, they develop a deep bond that’s built on respect for the other’s feelings, which leads to trust. Cancer is extremely committed to their partner and the relationship, and they rarely give Pisces a reason to doubt that. Pisces nurtures and supports Cancer, which helps Cancer trust them and be more vulnerable.
It can take Cancer longer to trust others because of their hard outer shell. When they’re with Pisces though, trust often comes easily.

Pisces and Cancer Values Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer don’t always value the same things.Both signs value relationships, love, and support, but they do have their differences. Cancer values stability and routine when dating.[2] Pisces, on the other hand, loves change and excitement. If either sign feels like the other is pushing the relationship too far in one direction, it can cause conflict.[3]
Cancer should shake things up sometimes so Pisces doesn’t get restless. Planning a date at a new restaurant or taking a spontaneous vacation will help satisfy Pisces.

Pisces should meet Cancer in the middle and help create a sense of stability. Cooking dinner together at home and staying in to watch a movie will help Cancer feel secure and loved. Allow them to smother you a little bit, as they're going to want to be close and to be helpful.

Pisces and Cancer Marriage Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer can have a harmonious, loving marriage.When these two signs decide to tie the knot, it’s the real deal. Their wedding ceremony will be elegant (thanks to Pisces, who has an eye for beauty) and traditional (Cancer absolutely loves to honor tradition). Their home together will be filled with love, laughter, and warmth. If Pisces and Cancer decide to have children, they’ll make an excellent parenting team.
Pisces and Cancer Compatibility: The Bottom Line
Pisces and Cancer are an all-around excellent match.When it comes to sex, love, and marriage, the fish and crab of the zodiac really couldn’t be much more compatible. They do have their differences (every couple does), but overall these two signs will enjoy a peaceful, loving relationship. They might even be soulmates. Once Pisces and Cancer get caught in the same current, they rarely want to swim their separate ways.
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