The military wedding is provocative

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It was at that moment that he dispelled his doubts about her from his heart. Until Yi Enron appeared in his field of vision again. He is not a stupid man, the cause and effect of a careful consideration, combined with the investigation results of the Second Department of the General Staff, a lot of things have been clear in mind. Brother Huo, at that time, after you thought she was dead, did you always think of her in your heart? When he said this, Forsythia felt a little sour in his heart. Idiot Pinching her nose, Master Xing smiled. After Yi Enron died, he did not salvage the body, guilt and self-reproach, he once thought he was in love with her. Although it was not unforgettable, he had always been bitter about her death. Strictly speaking, it was because of his pride and self-esteem. A woman died for him. Because of his misjudgment, she died. How could he get through the barrier in his heart? However, seven years later, the dead Yi Enron actually came back to life. On the day she came back to life, his heart suddenly relaxed. No more guilt, no more self-reproach, seven years have not fallen down, that day, finally fell down. Forsythia quietly listening to him, trance suddenly remembered that year, that month,asrs warehouse, on the NUA base on the desert island, holding her fire brother, once said two words to Yi Enron in a red dress. Why are you still alive? Better dead than alive. At that time, as a bystander, she could not understand what he meant. According to the idea at that time, I even felt that the man's heart was too hard and his words were too cruel. Now, I finally realized. But she frowned again. Taking advantage of the good atmosphere between the two of them today, she simply asked all the uncomfortable things in her heart. Some time ago, when she was tidying up the sundry room in the scene,heavy duty cantilever racks, she accidentally found the small blue bottle containing sleeping pills, and asked Xiaowu. At that time, she knew that Brother Huo had been suffering from insomnia before. Finally, from the mouth of Jingli's old squad leader, she traced back to the time when his illness broke out, which happened to be the year when Yi Enron died. What a coincidence! Its acidity, its astringency, can be imagined. After her thoughts had gone round in her mind, she looked carefully at the man with a smile on his lips, and the question was somewhat sour. You were sad because she died, but you couldn't sleep for seven years? Hearing this, Master Xing, who was leaning lightly at the head of the bed, was suddenly stunned. Then he bent his head down and looked at her. He hooked his lips with a rare ruffian feeling. What do you want me to say? With a thump in his heart, looking at his expression, Forsythia felt that it was not far from the answer. Under the taste, industrial racking systems ,drive in racking system, he could not help muttering, "I want to hear the truth." Although the truth sometimes hurts, it's better to know the truth than to mess around in your head. With a light smile, the man's cool and thin lips approached her ear and rubbed it intentionally or unintentionally. He opened his mouth and bit it gently. He said jokingly, "Look at your taste. It's really beautiful!" How perverted, like to see people jealous! However, his sexy and ambiguous voice, this time finally did not interrupt the thinking of forsythia, but also failed to change the topic. Throw him a sanitary eye, forsythia reached out to press his big hand wandering on his body, turned sideways and stared at him seriously, pantothenic acid way. See, acquiesce! With a kiss on her angry cheek, Master Xing's expression was very happy, and he didn't answer the question: "Baby, I just like to see you jealous of this little affectation!" "Jealousy hurts the body, and it hurts people!" "Oh, that makes sense!" So, he has to master this degree. It's almost done. Lifting his big hand up, he tightened her waist, gathered his expression, and sighed, "a lot of things happened that year. Did I tell you?"? What affected me most was not the death of Yi Enron, but the fire in Weilaiyuan. When my mother died, my father took Xing Wan home after seeing her crying for a long time. Nell, you don't know, that's a nightmare for me. So, so. Forsythia bite the lower lip, some despise their own thoughts. Although in his words, it sounds like there is not much sadness except exclamation. But she knew that these knots in his heart were always in the bottom of his heart. Even though Mrs. Shen is back now, she has suffered for thirteen years, and she has been separated from her children for thirteen years. How can he untie this knot? How can I? Love old lady Shen, more love this man, love him when he was not old, but to bear so much. She felt a little emotional shock, and her throat was dry and cramped. Staring at him in a daze, she was so abnormal that she could not speak. It turns out that all the eloquence and eloquence will be within a limited range. Sometimes, organizing language is such a difficult thing. Brother Huo. With a light call, the next second, she rubbed her cheek against his cold face, and the tone of her voice was particularly gentle. It's all over, it's all over, and now everyone's fine. "No, there is no past." With a cold hum, Master Xing suddenly emphasized his tone and said in a cruel voice. Forsythia was startled. "Brother Huo, what do you mean?" Glancing at her lightly, Xing Ye did not explain his words, but changed the subject, half closed his eyes and then recalled: "At that time, I swore to myself that I would never get married in my life. As long as I got married, I would never be like my father.". I will always be faithful to my wife until I die, and I will never fail her. Never let you down. Never let you down. Brother Huo said this more than once, and he was aiming at the woman who became her wife. Hear here,warehouse pallet racks, forsythia can not help but sigh, "if Yi Enron did not die at that time?"? Will you marry her? Would you have married her if I hadn't shown up? "No." Pinching her face, Master Xing spoke firmly.
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