I cultivate immortals in the entertainment circle.

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Eric, who revealed his identity early, was destroyed by Guan Yujue and Du Zihao. Eric lost two supplies, he looked a little speechless at the compressed biscuit that Gu Mingjia had bitten a few mouthfuls, "If I had known, you wouldn't have eaten so fast." Gu Mingjia took another bite, then stretched out his long legs and kicked Eric aside, saying, "Useless man!"! Here, let me do it! Eric stumbled twice before he stood firm. And then I couldn't help it, as if who wasn't a man! The netizens are laughing crazily again. This is a session of guests with a strange style of painting. I like sister Gu more and more! V587! Full of offensive power! "The blonde brother must have lasagna in his heart. Why can you be so good when everyone is a man? Ha ha ha ha." "Ah, ah, ah, my brother Rui is on!" At this time, Guan Yujue, who had won a game, came down and replaced Lin Rui. In the second group, Gu Mingjia wanted to play, but was overtaken by the supermodel Vichy, who had longer legs. Gu Mingjia was very upset and wanted to struggle. As a result, Vichy said lightly, "I am the group leader.". Gu Mingjia:.. He hates it! Why didn't you mix with Lin Rui at the beginning,Magnesium Oxide powder, so that you could find a famous brand earlier! And the third group here is Du Zihao. In the face of two beautiful women with strong aura, Du Zihao swallowed a mouthful of spit. Why, did he have a bad feeling? Facts have proved that sometimes, men's intuition is also very accurate. Du Zihao, who was suppressed by the powerful aura of the two beauties, was soon defeated and lost two supplies. And now, the game is about to start the fourth game. The rain outside the window had stopped, but when the night wind blew,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the rain on the leaves fell down. Yunze walked among them without a drop of rain falling on his body. A layer of transparent boundary, well guarded in the side of Yunze. Other than that, no one can see him. And his eyes were full of worry and eagerness. Also A trace of excitement and sweetness. Just as Yunze approached the house where everyone was resting temporarily, their card game was already in the ninth round. Chapter 1241 powerful and dangerous breath. Lin Rui was still sitting there, opposite Gu Mingjia, who had a face of vegetables, and Ye Mu, who also had a face of vegetables. Both of them are the last players in their respective groups. Before them, the members of their own team had lost to doubt their lives. Especially Ye Mu, originally the game is his strong point, his hand speed is extremely fast, his memory is superior, his reaction ability is also first-class. As a result, I wanted to show it in front of the goddess Ruan Ling'er, but I met the big devil Lin. Brother Rui is really great. He is the best in everything he does. "Why did I see the sword when it was very simple to fight the landlord?" "Pity me, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate price, Ye Shen, who lost so much that his sleeping bag was useless." It was late at night and the guests were tired, so after the game ended, the live broadcast was temporarily suspended. Although the rain stopped outside, it was very cold. The game was a game, but in fact, everyone gave the few sleeping bags to a few ladies. But when Lin Rui came here, Lin Rui refused. She said to Guan Yujue, "Teacher Guan, you need a sleeping bag more." Although Lin Rui did not say it directly, Guan Yujue inexplicably felt that the other party seemed to be taking care of an older person like him. In fact, Lin Rui really didn't think much about it, because she felt Aze's breath! Actually, Yunze should have been here for a while. I guess they didn't finish their live broadcast in the room, so he didn't show up. Lin Rui is suspicious. What's Aze doing here? Although I don't know why Yunze came, I found that he came alone, that is to say, he used magic. Then Lin Rui will keep quiet for the time being. Late at night, everyone fell asleep, after all, a day of tossing and turning. Even the cameraman is exhausted. You know, those cameras are more expensive than themselves, not to mention, they are very heavy. Although this dilapidated village looks quite scary. But in advance, the program group has come here to step on the spot and clean up all the dangerous factors. At most, it's just a few mice or something. But when Yunze approached, Lin Rui had not yet moved, but Qi Hanjiang, who had fallen asleep, suddenly got up. He was like a ghost, and his figure quickly disappeared into the shadows. He was already an ordinary person, but he didn't disturb the people in the room at all. Even the staff outside didn't know. It seems that although the devil has become an ordinary person, there should still be something left behind. Lin Rui narrowed her eyes, waved her hand, and a boundary wrapped the guests and cameramen in it. The crowd slept more deeply. Except for one person. Lin Rui first went to Guan Yujue's sleeping bag and said in a low voice, "Teacher Guan, you can sleep a little longer, and I'll call you later." Although Guan Yujue is also very sleepy, but still let oneself wake up quickly. He understood what Lin Rui meant, so he nodded. Lin Rui looked at him and said, "Have you decided which personality to let go?" "Mmm." Lin Rui did not talk nonsense, nodded slightly, then turned around and went out. Guan Yujue looked at her back quietly. Not a word. Here Lin Rui has gone out of the house where they rest, the sky is overcast, no longer raining, but the air is very humid. Although there are no wild animals here, there are still some rats and night birds running around. Lin Rui's body has a wisp of Yunze's divine consciousness, so it is not difficult for her to find Yunze. As we walked along,Magnesium Oxide powder, the scenery gradually changed. It was no longer a small village in the wilderness, and the lush bushes became towering trees. The most important thing is that besides the breath of Yunze, there is a very powerful and dangerous breath! Chapter 1242 judicial field. Lin Rui narrowed her eyes and walked quickly to the front. The surrounding scenery has completely changed. stargrace-magnesite.com
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