Why Search for Granny Flat builders Campbelltown?

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Posted by SarahAddyson from the Real Estate category at 08 Nov 2022 09:45:50 pm.
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Nowadays, the financial aspect of our decisions can have unexpected consequences that can follow us for the rest of our lives. The real estate market is in a complex process of reshaping and expansion, affecting us no matter what social category we belong to. Whether we are a homeowner, or a person looking for reasonable rent, the amounts we pay and investments we make can change the quality of our lives, and one of these investments can be renting or buying an accessory dwelling unit.

If you're in the Campbelltown area, then you'll probably want to call the best granny flat builders Campbelltown who can handle the entire process of building an ADU from A to Z. And if you're based in Sydney, an area where housing prices are much higher than in other parts of the country, then you'll probably want to call a house and granny flat builder Sydney, for the construction of a secondary dwelling that will bring you extra income. But are there differences between ADUs? And what advantages can they get you? Let's find out together.

A Problem of Costs

Sydney was voted in 2017 as the second least affordable city in the world, which is quite worrying considering that it has overtaken real financial and cultural hubs like Los Angeles and Vancouver. And a good part of this distinction is due to the real estate market, which is also a reflection of the country as a whole. Whether you need a house and granny flat builder Sydney or the services of granny flat builders Campbelltown, most likely along the way, you have at least partially thought about the advantages that an accessory dwelling unit may bring you.

Above all, they are a way for you to earn extra income from a more than reasonable investment. The cost of building a granny flat is significantly lower than buying a new home, but at the same time, the cost of renting an AUD is not substantially lower than a flat or a house, which will always bring you an influx of potential tenants. AUDs can also be ideal if you want to add extra space for a future expansion of your family. Perhaps the house you initially bought a few years ago was suitable for you and your wife, but now that your family has grown, you need a little more space. Granny flats may be just the solution to keep your family comfortable for years to come.

Are Granny Flats Common?

Remarkably so, actually. Whether you call a house and granny flat builder Sydney or enquire about the services of some granny flat builders Campbelltown, they will all tell you the same thing, building ADUs is on the rise, and the growth prospects of this segment are apparent. Approximately 1.4 million homes in Australia have an accessory dwelling unit attached to their property, a figure that denotes the need for affordable housing. And it is, in many ways, a win-win for owners, tenants and the city, as granny flats are cost-effective alternatives to other forms of housing that can lead to increased urban density in areas where it is needed.

The advantages of such a construction may not necessarily be limited to the financial factor. You may want to call on a house and granny flat builder Sydney to build a new office behind your main home, giving you the peace of mind needed to carry out your work efficiently. Or you may wish to call on the services of <a href="https://brickwoodhomes.com.au/">house and Granny flat builder Sydney</a> to finally assemble the man cave you have long dreamed of. The benefits are numerous, and they can, in many cases, be as important to the community as they can be to you.

What are the Benefits of a Granny Flat for the Local Community?

Let's say you live in Sydney, a city where it's challenging to navigate the property market unless you have a high income. Calling on a house and granny flat builder Sydney may be a solution for you and the local economy. Affordable housing units are a necessity in any efficient community, and the cost of renting an ADU is, in most cases, more cost-effective than renting a flat or a house. The demand for such buildings is increasing, so you should have no problem finding a tenant.

A higher density of affordable housing also means an influx of people who can invest in local small businesses. Urban density is the key to long-term prosperity, which would be impossible without sufficient housing development. Communities will become more cohesive, and their economic progress can be anticipated by building more ADUs, which can only be a net positive.

An Extra Income for You and the City

Whether we are talking about granny flat builders Campbelltown or the services of a house and granny flat builder Sydney, there is a current acceptance of ADUs in Australia that is visible to the naked eye, and the main reason for this shift in mindset is straightforward: taxes. Every new build brings with it an additional tax that can be added to the state budget. This can be a property or an income tax for the extra income earned by renting out a newly built extra space. The money goes back to the local community, and for city councils, it is a breath of fresh air that can relieve the burden of building new apartment blocks in government-backed housing projects.

Building granny flats can be a win-win situation for all parties. With an initial investment that will add value to your existing property, you will benefit from an extra income that will likely help you in the future. The city council, in turn, now benefits from the money associated with this taxable income, and tenants get affordable housing options. The local businesses will also benefit from this influx of people, and the general state of the local economy will improve. Is this a simplification and are things not always so straightforward? Of course, but what is certain is that the construction of granny flats brings a net positive for the community, and when you draw the line, it is the first step towards solving a complex series of problems.
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