Utopian & Historic Hotels in Rajasthan for Idyllic Places

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Are you searching for an ideal honeymoon or romantic place in India that will blow your mind? What do you think about visiting the princely state of India – Rajasthan? Wondering whether it will be worth visiting with your better half.

Dotted with beautiful lakes, picturesque gardens, splendid palaces, and majestic forts, Rajasthan increases the curiosity of holidaymakers to discover this magical place. It has lots more charming places such as romantic cum heritage hotels in Rajasthan, India. Even it is referred to as an Ocean of Sand where vacationers can enjoy camel rides.
What Rajasthan is Recognized for Among Tourists?

Rajasthan, India's one of the most colorful states has so many popular attractions to call tourists from all around the world. It has a lively culture with amazing dance and costumes. For example, Kalbeliya and Ghoomar dance, and Chanyacholi attire designed with mirror work and embroidery.

Rajasthan’s famous city Jaisalmer is perfect to enjoy camel riding. Each Rajasthani city has something special to hold the attention of tourists and keep them exploring the hidden gems. If you are a religious person, you'll find several ghats and temples. However, bird and animal lovers also have no dearth of options to enjoy. They can take pleasure in visiting birds and animal sanctuaries.

Whether coming with family, friends, or your loved one, delectable Rajasthani cuisine is what you should not miss. Don’t forget to taste local traditional cuisines such as dal, bati and churma, Bikaneri rasgollas, Bikaneri Bhujia, Ghevar, and Mawakachori.

Most Romantic Places in Rajasthan

There are astonishing romantic destinations to visit, romantic things to do, and romantic cum historic hotels in Rajasthan to have a memorable stay. If you are confused about which is the must-visit tourist city of this royal state, then check out the following list.

1. Chanoud Garh – Romantic Hotel Near Jodhpur
2. Udaipur – the city of lakes
3. Jaipur – the pink city of India
4. Jodhpur – the blue city
5. Nawalgarh - open-air gallery or the living museum
6. Jaisalmer – the sand city of India

No matter whichever city you’re visiting, you’ll find high-quality romantic properties to have a remarkable staying experience. If you want to be treated like a romantic king and queen, book a romantic fort or palace. Chanoud Garh, located amidst the golden sands of the Thar Desert, is known as one of the top luxury hotels near the city of Jodhpur. So, start packing your bag and visit Rajasthan.
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