Crows in dreams

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Dreaming of crows can bring up dark and ominous feeling, especially if other elements of the dream are spooky. Crows are historically associated with dark magic, occultism, psychic powers, and death, so it is not uncommon for people to wonder what a crow in their dream represents. However, crows can have many meanings and are often messengers of positive changes.

crow in dream

Spiritual and Symbolic Meaning of a Crow Appearing in Your Dreams

The symbolic representation of birds is usually associated with the element of Air because birds are creatures of the air. Air is also associated with Spirit, so birds have strong ties to the spiritual realm and are used to represent energies in the spiritual dimensions.

Crows are no different. They are strongly associated with spiritual energies. We often associate spiritual energy as positive, light, and pure; however, there are also dark, hidden and mysterious spiritual energies that are just as important in the process of spiritual transformation and inner discovery.

Crows represent unseen and often avoided side of spirituality, which is the shadow.

In alchemy, crows are said to represent the “great work of the soul.” Marked by their “nigredo” or darkness, alchemical texts use the crow to show an ugly yet essential part of the transformation process: death, decay, and decomposition. Alchemists saw that deep spiritual work required that we face the deepest and darkest parts of our soul in order to attain true knowledge of self and higher wisdom. This where the Divine phrase “know thyself” takes a dark and twisted turn.

The purpose of a crow is to serve as a guide in the process of navigating life’s mysteries and to accept the challenges that lead to deep inner transformation. Crows bring the subconscious to the conscious so that you can work through them once and for all.

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