The goal of the Madden NFL 23 owners is to attract

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It is also worth noting that Madden NFL 23 has also made an offer to change the practices and the offseason programs in the same manner as it did for the 2011 CBA. The new program includes a five-day acclimation period for training camp, more days off with fewer pads and a shorter time in the facility from April until August.

I'm in a unique position. I was a part of eight seasons with the Madden NFL 23 and three in the "old" CBA and my final five in the current CBA which is scheduled to expire following the 2020 season. I've been able to witness firsthand changes in the training camp schedule (no longer two-a-days plus the addition of more vacation days) and also the offseason schedule (fewer weeks and hours in this facility). It's a lot easier on the body, there's no doubt.

But, and pay attention the fact is that it hasn't reduced in the Madden NFL 23 the rate of injuries. Actually, the majority of the medical side would concur that shorter practice times have led to more injuries during games because the bodies of players aren't equipped to take on the massive physical demands of playing on Sundays.

Madden NFL 23 owners are aware they can convince some players to accept reduced practice time and more games, but most retired players, like myself, would've paid more money for an increase in time for practice.

The goal of the Madden NFL 23 owners is to attract players with smaller amounts of everything before the start of the season begins, I believe this shouldn't be one of the reasons Madden NFL 23 players decide on 17 games.

Health and financial benefits are the things that players must fight for

Players see themselves as equals in this arrangement and moving from 17 to 17 games increase the likelihood of injury and the possibility of a shorter career. They are looking for more than the owners have offered -48.5 percent of the revenue split 48.5 percent share of their revenue- to make it happen. I think an increase of 49 percent might get them to settle for 17 games and 50 percent will surely ensure a deal is reached.

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