The Barbarian is your formidable melee class

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"It could be a fun game of cat and mouse when playing PvP aggressivelyhowever, if you are the shark, and you become violent and you start killing players for a prolonged period it becomes the Vessel of Hatred and the game becomes harder to maintain," he explained. "Other players can see you on their map as well, and you'll then become content in the eyes of others.

It's a fascinating mechanic which, in a sense places the "gankers" at a disadvantage, however they could be proud of this. We have very skilled people on the team and they're not afraid to promote something like, "Hey, here's the Vessel of Hatred And everyone will gang up on them" because they're able of taking the challenge of 3v1 or so."

Returning to Diablo IV will be the +SkillRank affixing system, which allows skills to increase in "potency" as more points are put into them. If a player finds an item with a skill that they don't have yet acquired but they're able to make use of that skill in the future. There are also special legendary powers by using items, including armor or accessories. These are not tied to particular unique items. This means you have an increased chance of actually getting the ability you're interested in rather than in the past.

As players accumulate skill points, they'll unlock additional game titles that are available on the Paragon Board. There are many kinds of tiles ranging between "Normal" to "Legendary," with only one of the latter available on every board. Also, Socket tiles with special Glyphs in addition to one Glyph tile that can be used to unlock an additional Paragon board, which is linked to the previous.

The Barbarian is your formidable melee class, which uses polearms, swords, and various two-handed and one-handed weapons. The most recent addition is an arsenal system, which provides Barbarians with four weapon slots and allows them to swap them quickly. Barbarians can be very effective with AOE attacks and dash strikes.

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