List of fallen angels

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Throughout the entire existence of religions there is a subject that will in general excite the interest of nearly everybody: the Fallen Heavenly messengers, otherwise called "devils" albeit this name wouldn't be in fact right.
Where do they come from? Who were they? What are the most significant? These and different inquiries are what we will attempt to reply.
List of fallen angels
The Fallen Holy messengers are really quite possibly the earliest holy messenger that God made however who got some distance from him and started to address him, which made them be exiled from paradise and, a significant number of them, shipped off damnation. These are known as Fallen Divine beings or Fallen Holy messengers.
Certain religions, particularly those conspicuous in the West, instruct that fallen holy messengers, when unadulterated couriers from God, followed Satan (or Satan) out of paradise and onto the earth in defiance to the Maker.
In this sense, conviction is additionally educated by those fallen heavenly messengers now who rule the realm of the earth as malicious. It is a significant profound clash, to a great extent, and with God's superb blessed heavenly messengers battling the fallen heavenly messengers who are under the order of Satan (or Lucifer) - Satan.
We favor a powerful perspective on fallen heavenly messengers and what they can be in our lives. We should take a gander at a couple understandings to consider.
What is the source that discusses the Fallen Holy messengers?
Chester Beatty XII, fourth century Greek original copy of the Book of Enoch
The fundamental hotspot for finding out about the fallen heavenly messengers is the " Book of Enoch ", an old Jewish strict work, generally credited to Enoch, Noah's extraordinary granddad , which contains special material on the beginning of devils and monsters , the clarification of why a few holy messengers tumbled from paradise, and, surprisingly, a clarification of why the Incomparable Flood was ethically vital.
Studies have assessed that the most seasoned areas of the Book of Enoch, chiefly the " Book of the Watchers ", date from around 300 BC , and the last part, the " Book of Illustrations ", from the first century BC.
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