Police use jammers for law enforcement

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A jammer is a mobile communication device that transmits in the same frequency range as a cell phone, creating strong tower jamming and blocking cell phone signals and call transmissions. Jammers are used in gas stations, schools, various examination rooms, cinemas, and advanced shielding products serve many customers such as examination rooms, gendarmerie, and secret meeting rooms. Jammer device are also used in prison facilities to strictly monitor inmates' conversations. Finally, if necessary, police can use cell phone jammers to fix sensitive areas or intervene.

On August 3, 2017, a hostage-taking incident occurred at a construction site in Shushan District, Hefei City. Several suspects set up multiple gasoline tanks and gas tanks in a room, and spilled gasoline everywhere. The suspects took several hostages and confronted the police with kitchen knives, lighters and other items. The scene was extremely dangerous. After six hours of negotiation to no avail, commandos from the special police detachment of the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau, with the cooperation of multiple police types, stormed the scene from two far apart windows, using stun guns (stun guns will not produce electric sparks). Several suspects were knocked down and all the hostages were rescued. The mission was a complete success. The entire storming process lasted 12 seconds, and there were no casualties or property losses at the scene.

There is such a detail in this incident. Various media outside the crime scene set up "long guns and short cannons" to broadcast live or live reports on the incident, and many people also picked up their mobile phones to take pictures. At this time, in order to block the suspect's communication with the outside world and prevent the live broadcast of the scene, Hefei Xianchuang Technology Co., Ltd. cell phone jammer for sale to the Hefei Special Police EOD Brigade, and carried out high-power broadband blocking frequency interference on the crime scene. The communication of the suspect was cut off, and the live broadcast was also cut off, but the on-site command was not affected. From this case, it can be seen that frequency jammers, which are often used for defensive jamming of remote-controlled explosive devices, can play a role in many major policing activities.

Police use more drone blocker, they use drone jammers to catch criminals. Let's see how the police catch criminals who use drones. On the morning of April 25 last year, he took a package of contraband (cigarettes and possibly legal drugs) on the plane in the cheap quadcopter made in China. Below, fly over the walls of Swallester Prison on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Unfortunately, he overestimated his luck: he ended up being jailed for 14 months, becoming the first person in the UK to be penalised for drone-related legislation.

Whether it's airlifting illegal supplies into restricted areas, spying on others, hindering emergency services, or disrupting wildlife and aircraft, the threat posed by drones has grown and now police are building new forensic investigations. Use wifi blocker to thoroughly investigate drone-related crimes. But figuring out the operator of a remote-controlled drone isn't always easy. Today, consumer drones are cheap, easy to operate, and ubiquitous. The government is speeding up the development of laws to deal with emerging crimes.

Of course, drones also pose such a huge threat to personal privacy that some people will shoot them with guns. The use of such weapons may pose a variety of public safety threats. A drone operated by a Mackler customer was shot dead by a neighbor. In this case, we can use a multi-function gps jammers to interfere with the drone. A federal judge acquitted the gunman as McKellar tried to clarify drone airspace laws. U.S. law does not clearly define the extent of airspace for occupants and the extent of civil airspace governed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Mackler said.

If we use drones wisely, it can do us a lot of good. For example, police will use drones for arrests, drug searches, and finding lost children. According to reports, in January 2018, Tianhe Public Security was designated by the Provincial Public Security Department as a pilot unit for drone ground law enforcement, and formed a professional drone application control team of 30 people, equipped with 25 sets of industry-leading drones drone. Human-machine devices, ranging from palm-sized micro drones to medium-sized drones over 1 meter in diameter.


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