This is along with a variety of other improvements

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Players who reach the required Renown rank will also be able move freely between Covenants. This is an important change due to the fact that Blizzard at the outset of Shadowlands did a great job of making a fuss over how crucial the choice of a player's Covenant could be, even going as far as to punish players who later switch to another Covenant. With patch 9.1.5. players will be able to change their Covenants to the heart to their liking without any penalty or penalty, which allows for greater exploring different Covenants and not feeling obligated to a particular path.

This is along with a variety of other improvements, including the introduction of brand new character creation choices that come sooner than anticipated, Legendary item recycling, Legion timewalking dungeonsthat are streamlined, unlock requirements for a lot of games' Allied Races, and more.

Not outlined in Blizzard's official announcements is the information, courtesy of PC Gamer, that the patch will remove of all references that refer to the former Blizzard developer Jesse McCree, Luis Barriga and Jon LeCraft, all of who recently left Blizzard as a result of allegations in a lawsuit filed by a state of California lawsuit that accuses Blizzard of fostering the culture of harassment and discrimination against women. A World of Warcraft character sharing McCree's surname will also change in the future as well. Blizzard has already removed references in WoW for former Game Director Alex Afrasiabi. Blizzard did state in its release of the development update that the patch will bring improved visibility of game-specific reporting, as well as more severe penalties for those who breach the game's code of behavior. A public test realm for 9.1.5 which will allow players to have the ability to view all of the changes in real-time will be available at the end of this week.

The changes coming up are too appealing to be true for majority of WoW's players and could be too little, or too to late for some. More than a few of the biggest WoW content creators and streamers have recently stepped away from the game, mostly due to Blizzard's inability to communicate with the community, while some have resigned following the reports of the lawsuit's allegations. The creators who haven't quit the game entirely have at the very minimum diversified their contents to include rival MMOs such as the World of WarcraftV and Amazon's coming World of Warcraft .

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