Why Is a Technical SEO Audit So Important?

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Posted by Jessica Fayre from the Search Engine Optimization category at 07 Oct 2022 12:17:37 pm.
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The goal of SEO is to increase organic website traffic. An SEO audit is an essential part of the whole SEO optimization process, along with keyword research, link building, and the website's optimization. The technical SEO audit is that part of optimization that takes care of all the technical elements of the platform. There are so many aspects to consider when it comes to optimization, all of which are closely related to the ranking factors. An SEO audit takes time and a lot of effort, and it is needy to say that it has to be done by specialists in the area.

Why Do You Need Specialists for an SEO Audit?

A SEO audit is not something easy that you can do in a few hours, and not by someone who has no idea what SEO is all about. If people have businesses and need an SEO audit, they will make things worse if they don't know this domain. There is too much unnecessary technical information that clients cannot understand. An SEO expert can't lose time explaining all the terms or the history of SEO and what it implies. When hiring an expert, you need to leave him space to do his job because it is hard.

Finishing such an audit takes a long time, and losing time is not productive for the client or the agency. To work in network marketing, you need to have an affinity for technical analysis and everything related to technology and platforms. If you like to discover SEO problems and solve them, you are proper for this job, so those who want their website to grow will better choose you. A well-optimized website means increased traffic that could bring a lot of benefits. The best part is that once the strategies are implemented, they last as long as the website and platform exist.

Technical SEO Audit for all Kinds of Businesses

If you have a new business you have just started and are at the beginning, you will want it, whatever the field, to be well promoted to start seeing the profit. It is recommended that if you have a new website, do a technical SEO audit from the beginning to check all the technical elements to see if there are specific problems from the early stage to take measures. Depending on what you discover, you will have all those problems solved in the shortest time. If you want your website's organic traffic to increase, you need to move fast.

What to Analyze at the Beginning?

The first step in an SEO audit is to look at the organic traffic from recent years to see if there are any Google penalties. If you do this, you can figure out if SEO has been done or not or if there were any penalties, and you need to prioritize them. Secondly, you need to correlate the traffic data from Analytics with the data from Google Search Console to see if Google flagged other issues. Finally, it would help if you also analyzed how many pages are indexed and how many are not and looked at why those pages are not indexed.

An SEO audit means you need to look everywhere on your website to get to know everything there is to learn from a technical point of view. You need to know what the problems are to be able to offer a good optimization because you need to have the most significant impact on organic traffic. And to get there, you have to solve all the problems that come your way. That is why you need experts to do it. Because if the audit is not done the way it needs to be, then you have lost time and money for nothing, and your business will not bring you profit too soon.

When you ask for a technical SEO audit, programmers are automatically involved because implementations need to be done. That is how Google can see all the indexing and ranking. However, there are so many cases when it takes a long time for the recommendations to be implemented. Sometimes it can be weeks, and sometimes it can be even months. Therefore, it is necessary to say that the longer the strategy is implemented, the more the business will be affected. So it would be best if you implemented the organic traffic strategies fast because they are essential.

When Do You Need an Audit?

Websites, as so many other things in life, need maintenance, periodic updates, security changes or new content, etc. Maintenance is essential for a website, and a good SEO strategy should be something that any website owner considers if he wants to have a business that increases rapidly. To get as much traffic from search engines as possible, you need a good strategy, which you can get by having done an SEO audit by the book. Even if an audit is an expression with not-so-happy connotations, when it comes to SEO, an audit is a must-have.

What Does an SEO Audit Involve?

In theory, a technical SEO audit includes content strategy, backlinks and link-building strategy, keyword identification and research, on/off-page optimization, etc. However, when it comes to practice, things are slightly different. Many agencies offer SEO services, but not all of them can achieve the same things. The services may be the same, but each business is different, so the same goes for strategies that need to be implemented. That is why when you choose to work with an agency; you need to present your business in detail so that the SEO expert can develop a strategy to help you.

An SEO audit means that after all the search is finished, the experts will develop an elaborated plan that needs to help your business grow, by all means, no matter its field. That plan you will later implement, and it needs to bring better results. The objective of an SEO audit is to provide better optimization, so you need the perfect agency to do that. You can try to promote your business on your own, but sometimes just publicity or posts on social media aren't enough. You need to know that you have a good website that will bring visitors and customers.

Starting from the Scratch

If you have a website, you need a technical SEO audit at the moment when you realize that it is not getting so much traffic and conversions you were hoping for from the search engines. If the SEO strategy applied before doesn't work anymore, you need a new approach. You need proper optimization and can get it if you choose the right agency. It doesn't matter that you had SEO optimization before; the new audit will take care of everything, starting from scratch.

Many people choose to deal by themselves with optimizing their websites if they know this field. But no matter how well you understand SEO, asking for a second opinion is good. Even more, if you have the impression that something is missing, it doesn't get the results wanted, or there is room for improvement. To ensure a strategy is implemented correctly, you should ask for an SEO audit from experts. There are technical details that sometimes you may not give importance to and overlook without realizing it.

Ask for an Audit as a Second Opinion

Therefore, an audit made by experts is a must-have to identify particular problems and solve them on time. When starting an audit from scratch, you will have a report highlighting all the existing issues on your website and problems you need to solve with a well-developed SEO strategy. Asking for expert advice on matters you don't know is the best thing you can do for your business. It is helpful to have someone else to see the big picture in any situation. It is always beneficial to hear an objective opinion. It helps a lot.

Another good thing when you choose to do a technical SEO audit with help from the experts is that you get to compare what you do and know about SEO. This way, you can see what an agency in this field offers, and if, in the future, you need an audit, you will know it is necessary to ask for professional help or handle it yourself. Many people avoid working with agencies because they think it will cost them a lot of money, but experienced agencies will make your business thrive and increase your gains.

Therefore, even if you have some basics about SEO elements, you will not do a better job than a well-experimented SEO agency. Let specialists take care of your website if you want an SEO audit made by the book. In the end, you will be glad that you choose to do so. A well-implemented SEO strategy that can make your website better than the competition is everything you could ask for.
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